The world of Oklahoma medical marijuana continues to move forward at a wonderfully fast rate of speed. With this in mind, 2020 is poised to be a fantastic year to be apart of the young Oklahoma medical marijuana community. As we look forward to the new year and new decade, we felt it would be a perfect time to review a handful of top cannabis-themed New Year’s Resolutions.

This fun resolutions can be seen as a great way to start your new year off on the right foot. With that said, medical marijuana patients who would like a cannabis-themed New Year’s Resolutions should find a goal which fits their lifestyle and personal areas of improvement. This could mean trying new products which they haven’t before- you never know if a new product will become your new favorite until you try it!

Furthermore, some patients may find they need to get a better grip on the balance between relief and functionality, sometimes a challenge with regards to medical marijuana. Another fantastic goal for the new year may be to slow down on your consumption to help with your tolerance. 

With that said, let’s dive in and take a closer look at how Oklahoma medical marijuana patients can create a cannabis-themed New Year’s Resolutions this 2020.

Top New Year’s Resolutions for Cannabis Consumers

Trying a New Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Product

The world of Oklahoma medical marijuana has never been such a diverse market before. With nearly two years of innovation, the Oklahoma medical marijuana market has exploded with interesting and fun cannabis products. This includes exciting edibles such as ice cream, freeze-dried bread, patches, lotions and even liquid forms of THC. Through the development of so many different products, many Oklahoma medical marijuana patients may be missing out on their new, yet to be discovered, cannabis product. 

A great place to start for patients hoping to try new products from their favorite Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary, The Peak Dispensary would be with exciting edibles in the market. Today there exists a huge variety within the edible market. Lollipops, brownies, and cannabis-infused cookies have now been joined by freeze-dried bread, other baked goods, and even ice cream! 

Another fantastic edible to choose for patients looking to try new products comes from cannabutter. Cannabutter, although traditional has come to the Sooner State to offer patients complete control over their cannabis experience. This can be added to a huge variety of different recipes to make an infused food of your personal choosing. This opens a wonderful list of nontraditional edibles such as gravy, almost any type of sauce, and any other recipe which requires butter.

Find Balance between Functionality & Relief

Patients of the Oklahoma medical marijuana community have to be able to find a balance between relief for their medical marijuana and still being able to function. Depending upon the precise ailment which you are treating with products from an Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary, patients may find that they do not get enough functionality from their current medicine. Luckily, there is a huge variety of products available which means patients should be able to find the perfect balance between relief and functionality. 

To this point, patients who need a higher amount of functionality while still utilizing medical marijuana may find that patches, tinctures, and other nontraditional cannabis products are best for their needs. For example, many cannabis lotions and salves will not actually get the patient high will still providing a nice amount of relief. Finding the balance between functionality and relief can be a critical component that determines a patient’s success in the Oklahoma medical marijuana community.

Tolerance Break

Taking a break from cannabis or more commonly known as a tolerance break can be a great idea for heavy consumers of the Oklahoma medical marijuana community. To this point, as patient consumes more and more cannabis, they will slowly but surely need more products to reach the ‘same feeling’ each time they consume. Because of this, patients are said to have grown a tolerance to the plant. Yet, if patients want to and are able to take a break for one to three weeks, this will drastically drop their tolerance. After a tolerance break, this can be an empowering moment for the patient and help lead to consuming less medicine while still get the same effect.

Share Medical Marijuana with another Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Patient

While Oklahoma medical marijuana users must have a valid patient card approved by a doctor and issued by the state licensing authority, there are now over 100,000 Oklahoma medical marijuana patients across the state today. With this in mind, odds are high that patients know a few other members of the Oklahoma medical marijuana community. That being said, patients should be sure not to share their medical marijuana with those who do not have a medical marijuana card.  

That being said, sharing is caring and patients can help one another learn more about the complex cannabis plant when they enjoy their medicine together. Understanding what type of products work best for different ailments can be a valuable lesson to learn from another patient who has been through that learning process firsthand already. To this point, knowledge is power and when you are able to share the medicine with another, they’re more likely to return the favor with knowledge about the cannabis plant.

Create a More Healthy Routine for Your Cannabis Consumption

Patients may find that their consumption habits for Oklahoma medical marijuana slowly but surely grow to be more than they originally intended. This may mean consuming medical marijuana prior to starting your day, which although necessary for many patients, is also unnecessary for many others as well. To this point, finding a healthy routine for your cannabis consumption can be an important task for Oklahoma medical marijuana patients. 

Understanding that cannabis can become a more intricate part of your life than other medicines is a great place to start with this goal. Cannabis and Oklahoma medical marijuana can be a more robust experience than other types of medicines. That being said, it can also be easier to let this robust experience creep into other aspects of your life which you did not originally intend. With that in mind, 2020 can be a great year to establish a healthy consumption pattern for your Oklahoma medical marijuana. This may go hand in hand with finding a balance between relief and functionality making both another great cannabis-themed New Year’s Resolutions.

Share the Benefits of Cannabis with a Friend or Family Member

Even though the world of Oklahoma has boomed in the last two years, many people who may benefit from the cannabis plant simply remain uninformed about the wonders medical marijuana can offer. With that in mind, patients may find they can help a friend or family member who does not currently know the great benefits plant medicine can offer them. To this point, share your experience with products from an Oklahoma City medical marijuana dispensary. You never know, you may be able to help another person benefit from the wonderful and versatile cannabis plant. 

With that in mind, older generations may benefit the most from these conversions. Ironically, even though the older folks who may benefit from the cannabis plant the most, oftentimes they do not understand cannabis well since prohibition lasted for so many years. With that in mind, be kind and generations who grew up with the propaganda that was reefer madness for so many years. They did not have the internet and mass communications tools which we are blessed to have today. With that in mind, the older the individual is, the more likely it is that they have not been introduced to cannabis in a modern light with the nonsensical reefer madness put aside. 

In closing, remember that New Year’s Resolutions can be as fun or as serious as you choose to make them! There is no right way to create a resolution and that should be especially true if you are creating a more fun cannabis-themed resolution for 2020. It may be the perfect year to do so as well since April 2020 will be an entire month of 4/20. All and all, we simply hope you enjoyed this read and have a wonderful start to your new decade!

Finally, remember the team here at The Peak Dispensary is always happy to help where we can. If you ever have any questions about Oklahoma medical marijuana, feel free to stop by one of our many locations and a member of our staff is happy to help where we can.

Until next time friends, stay well.