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The world of infused edible treats have come a long way from baked goods such as brownies. Today with legalized medical marijuana, the world of Oklahoma edibles offers more variety than imaginable, with tons of fun products for patients to choose from.

With that in mind, we thought it would be helpful to dive deeper into the world of Oklahoma edibles. Today we will look at some of the more unique edibles in the Oklahoma edible market. First, though, we will also dive into dosing information to ensure you are properly prepared before taking a cannabis-infused edible. Then in closing, we will run through some of the more common edibles you would expect to see in the Oklahoma edible market.

This way you will have a better idea of what to expect when visiting The Peak Dispensary next! All and all, we hope you will have a better understanding of edibles and the options available to you in the market. With that said, let us dive right in!

Oklahoma Edible Dosing Information

Edible dosages can be a bit tricker than smoking cannabis because there is a delayed onset for effects. Smoking can be felt within moments, whereas an edible will take upwards of 2-3 hours before being completely activated. This makes the edible dosage you choose particularly important. For beginners to edibles, it is a good idea to start low and slow. Get a low dosage such as 5 milligrams or 10 milligrams. Remember that you can always eat more but you want to wait at least 3 hours. Edibles are a great treat but they are best when you have the right dosage so the effect is not too little or too much.

With this in mind, we believe even heavy smokers may want to start with a low edible dosage when starting out. Edibles create a new psychoactive compound through the digestive system. Specifically, THC becomes a different chemical version of the famous Delta 9 compound that is found with smoking the cannabis plant, compared to when it is digested. The digested version of THC is also a magnitude of 5 to 10 times stronger than the smoked version.  It is vital to keep this in mind when enjoying Oklahoma edibles and cannabis products.

Another interesting fact about edibles is that somewhere around 15% of the population does not feel anything from an edible. While we say this with mild hesitation, we will add that it is important to wait a few hours before having a second dosage of edibles. Nonetheless, you may, in fact, be one of the few people in the world who are not affected by edibles. With that said, let’s dive into some of the edible choices for the rest of the 85% of us who do feel the wonderful impact of edibles.

Oklahoma Edibles Available 2019

Peanut Butter Dip

Infused peanut butter

A personal favorite around here, the peanut butter dip offers a tasty and versatile infused treat. Those looking to enjoy the Oklahoma edible market will find this product works great as an ingredient to be cooked into other treats or simply enjoyed raw. This product by Korova offers patients 250 mg of THC per package and surely will pack a punch. For low dosage consumers, feel free to mix this infused peanut butter with regular and non-infused peanut butter to get a perfect dosage while still enjoying a treat for yourself.

Beef Jerky

Beef Jerky offers a salty and savory treat which breaks from the normal sweet treats available in the Oklahoma edible market. While this salty treat comes in a nice variety of pieces, it can still be a small challenge to zero in on the perfect dosage while enjoying this savory treat. With that said, start slow and just enjoy a little until you experience the product, always good advice with trying a new edible. As long as you follow the package instructions, then you should be good to go. If all else, remember to bring some non-infused beef jerky along so you don’t eat all of this when your munchies arrive.

Cold Press Coffee

A more unique offering on the list, cold press coffee and it certainly packs as much of a punch as you can imagine a cannabis-infused coffee drink would. We are a big fan of this drink since it is especially easy to get a smaller dosage from it. With it being a liquid, simply mix it with normal cold brew coffee and you will be off to the races, quite literally. While there is a nice buzz to the coffee from the infusions, it also packs a mild caffeine kick to bring a new experience for cannabis consumers.

Olive Oil

Another more unique offering within the edible space is olive oil. This product again gives patients the added benefit of being able to get a more exact dosage for their infused good. Furthermore, we are huge fans of health factors of olive oil compared to many of the other edible treats in the market. When choosing an edible, it can be difficult to find a healthy-minded edible and olive oil completely solves this niche in the Oklahoma edible market. Furthermore, this product also offers consumers easy dosaging with 1mg of cannabis being equal to 1 mL. All and all, we are big fans of olive oil infused with cannabis!

Fruit Chews

Diving into the more classic sweet treats, we start with fruit chews. These are kind of healthy with at least have some fruit in them, right? The fruit chews are also packed with sugar which makes for a very tasty treat. You can find a variety of flavors within the fruit chew category as a nice variety of different fruit flavors exist with this popular option.


Diving into the sweeter treats, we start with cookies. There are a good variety of cookies to choose from in the market with one of our favorites being the powerful All-pro cookie which is a powerful 125 mg edible. Not for the faint of heart, there are more cookie options available to consumers looking for a lighter dosage. Cookies will always be one of my go-to favorites when selecting an edible to splurge.

Hard Candies & Lollipops

Another sweet treat comes through with hard candies. While these are a sweet option, they do offer patients with a desire to have a gluten-free or dairy-free product and still enjoy an edible. There are a variety of hard candies and lollipops with each offering consumers access to their own personal favorite. Lollipops and hard candies can be a great way to get a longer-lasting edible experience in terms of enjoying the actual food since they are closer to a lozenge.


A classic infused treat comes in with gummies. The Oklahoma edible gummies are no different and they offer patients another wonderful sweet treat to give patients access to a nice variety with their cannabis-infused treats. The gummies come in a variety of sweet or sour so patients can find the gummy snack which they prefer best. Interestingly, we find the sour gummies seem to be some of the most popular in the market.

Chocolates & Treats

Next, we have classic chocolate. This delicious treat brings another classic edible product to patients with professional infused chocolates. These come in a nice variety such as milk, white, or dark chocolate. Furthermore, many treats also have chocolate mixed into them providing an extra sweet taste for patients looking for a tastier edible to enjoy.

Brownies & Rice Krispies

Moving on to the next sweet treat, the always classic infused brownies, and rice krispies. We had to mention these edibles on the list as they are both classics. While they can be hard to keep fresh and in stock, these treats have been stereotypical as the go-to edible for many decades. With legal medical marijuana here in Oklahoma, we are thrilled to offer these classic treats with a professional infusion process.

Banana Chips

Finally on the list, last but not least we have banana chips. These delicious treats bring another unique and somewhat healthy edible product to patients. These are a great alternative for a healthy snack while still being somewhat sweet. The naturally sweet bananas make for a wonderful cannabis-infused Oklahoma edible chip.

All and all, there certainly is an edible for everyone. With versatile products such as peanut butter or olive oil, you can even create your own infused edible treat at home with precise dosing and professional-grade infusion techniques. Always remember to go slow and start low with regards to enjoying Oklahoma edibles. There are a plethora of wonderful choices in the market and a perfect selection is available to all. Remember we with The Peak Dispensary are always happy to help where we can. If you ever have any questions, feel free to stop by one of our stores and ask a member of our staff.

Until next time friends, stay well!

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