What to Expect from Oklahoma Medical Marijuana in 2019

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The world of medical marijuana in Oklahoma has had an exciting first year, which is coming to an end faster than it feels possible. With 2019 here, it is as an exciting time as ever to be a medical marijuana patient in Oklahoma. The Oklahoma medical marijuana state regulators have recently passed new edible regulations which should be in full effect by the first or second month of 2019. With this, The Peak Dispensary will also have more products to choose from than ever before as we get a positive increase to our variety of medical marijuana products available for patients. Furthermore, we are exciting to be opening a couple more stores in the first few months of the new year. Hopefully, this will mean there is The Peak Dispensary close to you so we can have the pleasure of helping you find the best medical marijuana in the state of Oklahoma. All and all, 2019 is poised to be a wonderful year for medical marijuana in Oklahoma!


The state has recently passed new rules regarding medical marijuana-infused products which should mean everyone’s favorite snacks are about to become far more readily available. Edibles, which in all seriousness should not be eaten as snacks but rather should be taken as guided by a doctor. On that note, maybe save the non-infused snacks instead for the next time you have the munchies! The edibles should bring patients a new way to take their medicine. Many Oklahoma medical marijuana patients will find edibles to in fact be the best solution for them depending upon the ailment they are using medical marijuana for. Edibles tend to last longer and pack more of a punch since our digestive systems process the THC rather than our lungs when the cannabis is smoked. With this, we are very excited to have a larger and more robust edible selection available very soon in store.

More Product Choices

It is important to remember that the Oklahoma medical marijuana market is just starting out. With this, big changes should be expected. We believe as more grows and processing companies come online within the young Oklahoma medical marijuana program, we should see a great increase in the variety of products available. This will certainly include edibles, as noted above, but should also include a wider variety of cannabis strains, concentrates, and hopefully ancillary products as more and more processors come online within this young industry.

More Store Locations

We are very excited to be opening more locations to serve you the best medical marijuana products in Oklahoma. In 2019, The Peak Dispensary will be opening new locations in four cities across the Sooner state. These locations will be the cities of Norman, Stillwater, Paul’s Valley, and Mcalester. These new locations will bring you the same great service and medical marijuana as our other stores already proudly do. With this, we hope there is a store location close to you so that you can enjoy some of Oklahoma’s finest medical marijuana offered by The Peak Dispensary.

All and all, 2019 should be an exciting year for the Oklahoma medical marijuana patient and sector. The expansion of this young program should bring amount more products for patients and hopefully it will help you find the best application of medical marijuana to help you with your particular ailment. We believe medical marijuana should put the patients first and with these three big changes coming in 2019, we are certain the industry is well on it’s way at putting Oklahoma’s medical marijuana patients first.

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