Vape Sales Slow in Medical Marijuana Markets

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As the country deals with national concern over vapes, the national news may be affecting local markets selling medical marijuana. To this point, the state of Oklahoma’s medical marijuana shows signs of a direct impact on cannabis vape sales which are down. Luckily other products exist to help Oklahoma medical marijuana patients at a state-licensed cannabis dispensary.

With that in mind, today, we will look closer at how the national conversation around vapes and the troubling illnesses starting to be associated with vape users. Luckily other products available from The Peak, Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary are available to help patients who prefer to avoid vapes at this time.

Furthermore, we will take a closer look at other cannabis products available to those who want to avoid vaping altogether. While the public waits for more research and guidance on vapes, there can be some assurances when shopping within a licensed dispensary for your medical marijuana vape versus a black market vaporizer. With that in mind, we will highlight a few other options available to patients.

With that said, let us dive right in!

Medical Marijuana Vape Sales Down

The national trend of vape illnesses is impacting medical marijuana markets, according to Muskogee Phoenix News of Oregon. More than likely, this trend will also affect the Oklahoma medical marijuana market, leaving a surplus of vape cartridges on the market. We will need to wait to see the monthly reports from the Oklahoma medical marijuana industry to know how much of an impact the vaping epidemic will have on cartridges. 

As new technology emerges, the side-effects can be hard to see initially. That appears to be the case with these vapes causing illnesses in particular. Some reports have shown many of the problems people are experiencing may be due to black-market cartridges which were tainted with potentially deadly chemicals. That said, be sure to purchase your Oklahoma medical marijuana vapes from state licenses stores. Remember as well; there are many other products available to medical marijuana patients in Oklahoma, which we will take a closer look at next.

Other Non-Vape Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Products

Oklahoma medical marijuana tincture

For patients who use to use a vape but would prefer to hold off on until more research is completed, luckily there are a variety of products that can help replace a vape. Local news station, TulsaWorld covered this topic earlier this week with an exciting highlight of a range of different products available at an Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary. These included patches, tinctures, and a proper tabletop vaporizer to use with medical marijuana flower. All of which can offer patients an excellent alternative to a vape. 

That said, depending upon what feature of a vape you like the most- portability, lack of smell, or activation time being nearly instant, there is at least one product that covers each of these features. For those looking to have an alternative to a vape, there are great options available. Patches are discreet and odorless like a vape. On the other hand, a tabletop vaporizer has the same activation time as a vape but with far more health benefits since you are genuinely vaporizing plant material, unlike a vape cartridge. Finally, a tincture can help patients who need a portable solution to their medical marijuana needs. All and all, making sure you can get your medicine precisely the way you need to!

In closing, remember to always purchase your vape products within a licensed Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary if you are to use these products. That said, there are a wide variety of products that are available to patients at The Peak Dispensary. Remember to take advantage of this diverse product selection, and perhaps you will even find your new favorite Oklahoma medical marijuana product while trying something new!

Remember if you ever have any questions about Oklahoma medical marijuana products, our team is happy to help where we can! Find one of many locations online at The Peak Dispensary website.

Until next time, stay well!

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