Trying CBD for Health & Fitness? – Here’s everything you need to know

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We strive to achieve a healthy body and mind to prolong our life span and avoid any health complications. For that, we do a lot of stuff – change our diet, exercise daily, meditate, take supplements, etc. Why not try CBD? 

The medicinal properties of cannabis are creating a buzz around the health industry. It is changing the way people earlier assumed that the herb’s only purpose was recreational. In Oklahoma, medical marijuana patients have to apply for a license if they wish to buy and use marijuana products, or grow the plant. It regulates and confirms the usage of the herb is safe. 

Among 100 chemical compounds in the plant, CBD grabs the attention of enthusiasts due to its therapeutic benefits. Let’s dig into the details of how CBD can aid your health and fitness goals.

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What is CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol is an element within the marijuana plant that is non-psychoactive. Unlike THC, which is another compound abundant in the plant, it will not get you high. Cannabidiol is likeable due to its anecdotal properties. The marijuana industry is infusing it with all forms of products, such as lotion, pills, balm, and tinctures. Users are finding relief after using CBD to alleviate issues like anxiety, pain, inflammation, depression, eczema, glaucoma, insomnia, appetite troubles, and digestion. To improve the quality of life, patients are inclining towards this herbal method of treatment. The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority has 3.5% of the state’s marijuana patients’ enrollment since its formation. Lower restrictions on qualifying patient conditions are allowing immense participation.    

How does CBD work? 

Hemp CBD for Health & Fitness


CBD resembling cannabinoid also exists in the human body. These are endocannabinoids which our body synthesizes. These lipid-based neurotransmitters, along with cannabinoid receptors, enzymes form the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS regulates our physiological process- sleep, digestion, mood, memory, metabolism, reproduction, movement, and body temperature.

What CBD does to your body is it interacts with the ECS to meet any deficit disrupting the immune system, digestive system, and regulates pain receptors. It acts together with the system to minimize every possible complication in the body. A proportionate dose of cannabidiol in your routine can control anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and helps manage weight.

Some Benefits of CBD on Health

Reduces Risks of Diabetes and Obesity- CBD can help manage weight by controlling appetite and reducing the risks of diabetes and obesity. It can help lower body mass index, and increase your metabolism by enhancing the digestive system. Studies support CBD can convert white fat into brown fat, which helps burn calories.

Prevents from Cancer Risks- Cannabidiol has the potential to prevent the formation of tumors. Some studies show that it can decrease cancer cell growth in animal models. Research also promotes its efficacy in reducing the risks of metastatic breast cancer. As a supplementary treatment, CBD is beneficial in alleviating symptoms accompanied by chemotherapy.     

Prevents Cardiovascular Disease- Evidences suggest that the plant molecule is a natural treatment for high blood pressure and helps in preventing cardiovascular disease. Since the natural cannabinoids influence the metabolic system of the body, it can also modulate cholesterol levels. Balance of cholesterol and reduce in obesity can consequently, reduce the risk of developing heart diseases.     

Hemp CBD for Health & Fitness


Maintain Brain Health- These cannabinoids can considerably promote brain health. It can combat different forms of anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and improve mood disorders. It boosts the brain functioning and supports the hippocampus, which regulates emotion and memory. Medical trials also prove that CBD oil is a natural treatment of epilepsy and seizure disorders.  

Prevent Bone Disease- With age, people experience loss of bone density resulting in Osteoporosis. CBD works as an agonist to CB2 receptors of ECS, which are predominant in bone-resorbing cells. It can help the process of bone metabolism. CBD blocks the enzymes responsible for affecting bone-building compounds in our body.   

Alleviates Chronic Pain- CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, thereby making it viable for relieving chronic pain. People with arthritis, back pain, migraine, and neuropathic pain have started using CBD oil and other products to alleviate the symptoms. The European Journal of Pain published a report that indicates that CBD gel can reduce joint swelling, pain, and inflammation. People with chronic pain can buy weed online from an authorized store having the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority license. 

Treats Indigestion- Several health complications originate from your gut health. CBD is a viable natural treatment for treating digestive issues. It supports gut motility, encourages healthy metabolism, promotes good bacteria, and strengthens the digestive health. 

CBD and Fitness

Health enthusiasts are leaning towards CBD product inclusion that can harmonize well with any other supplements they might be taking. It can help improve exercise recovery and achieve better fitness results. Since CBD has anti-inflammatory properties, it can combat inflammation caused after intense exercisings like HIIT or weightlifting. Athletes find CBD a natural therapy to alleviate pain. By reducing the inflammation and fitness induced pain, CBD can enhance performances. Remember to check the labels before purchasing any CBD product. Products may be isolate or full spectrum. Isolate products include only the CBD compound, and full-spectrum products have extracts of all the compounds, including CBD.

How to take CBD?

Primarily, there are four ways of consuming CBD:

Inhalation- The method further includes two ways- smoking and vaping. Smoking involves a high concentration of CBD and does not take much time to kick in. Vaping is preferably a better choice as it does not include harsh smoke.    

Topical- Topical application of CBD oil is becoming a popular choice of marijuana use. You can use a CBD balm or ointment and place it over the affected area. Conditions like acne, sore muscles, migraine can benefit from the topical method. 

Sublingual- It involves directly administering CBD oil under your tongue. CBD tinctures come with a dropper to facilitate the process of use. A few drops of oil can have long-lasting effects.  

Edible- Using CBD along with your food, offers a discreet way of consuming marijuana. Also, there are numerous options to make CBD edibles. Beverages, cookies, smoothies, salad dressing, brownie, gummy bears are some popular choices among users. Even different types of cannabis seeds are a popular edible choice of daily diet inclusion.


From CBD protein powders, muscle rub to supplements, you will find a variety of choices in the market. Do your research well before purchasing any. It is also suggestible to consult a physician before incorporating marijuana in your lifestyle. 

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