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The Easy Questions about The Peak

Where are you located?

The Peak Dispensary has many locations throughout the great state of Oklahoma. We have a few locations in Oklahoma City and a couple more and the Oklahoma City metro area as well as in a couple of other cities within the Sooner state. These include a Noble medical marijuana dispensary location. Furthermore, if you need a Lawton, OK medical marijuana dispensary, we have you covered!  You can find a complete list of our locations online via The Peak website

What are the store hours?

All stores open at 9 am daily and close at either 7 pm or 8 pm. You can get exact store hours on The Peak website

Do you allow in-store consumption of medical marijuana?

While we would love to be able to do this it is simply not allowed due to regulations at the state level. Medical marijuana needs to be consumed on private property with the consent of the landlord to ensure that these rules are followed. 

Can I find the menu online?

Yes, absolutely! At least for one of our locations which can be found online at The Peak Website. Other stores offer a similar menu but if you are looking for a very specific product, it is always best to call the store to make sure they have it in stock.  

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Questions

How do I become an Oklahoma medical marijuana patient?

To be able to shop at one of our stores you must first acquire a medical marijuana license. To do this you can visit your primary care provider or a specialized Oklahoma whom you can discuss your particular needs for medical marijuana with. You will then submit an application into the state who will upon your view return a medical marijuana license to you upon approval.

The process requires a little bit of regulatory oversight as the state of Oklahoma keeps a fairly loose but still present level of oversight Oklahoma medical marijuana patients and industry. Luckily even after the short year that the Oklahoma medical marijuana industry is operated, we’ve seen protections for patients come about which have shielded them from 2nd amendment conflicts of interest with having cannabis and a gun. While there are minor things the state needs to work out for the Oklahoma medical marijuana system still, generally speaking, things have been going wonderful for space thus far.

What type of medical conditions qualifies someone for medical marijuana?

There’s a great variety of different elements which people can have to qualify. The state has why they left this up to the discretion of your individual doctor or primary care provider. This is great news because medical marijuana can have a host of different applications beyond what is traditionally thought of. As more states across America have legalized the use of medical marijuana similar to what we have done here in Oklahoma, we’re seeing more and more use cases for cannabis. 

Is there a limit on how much cannabis I can purchase?

Yes, the state has imposed limits on the amount of product and individual can purchase. An individual with a valid Oklahoma medical marijuana license can purchase up to a 30-day supply of medicine in a single visit to a dispensary. This breaks down to approximately three ounces of cannabis flower. If you are purchasing concentrates or other infused products there are equivalence which can be used to equal the same amount of these products compared to their higher potency.

What if I am interested in becoming a vendor?

That’s exciting! The Oklahoma medical marijuana industry has a ton of one of the things to offer those interested in getting involved in the space. The state of Oklahoma does have a fairly stringent list of requirements to qualify for a license. If you are interested in becoming a vendor, you will first have to go through this license application process. After which we would love to discuss with you any potential offers you have. 

Can I purchase medical marijuana if I”m from out of state?

The state of Oklahoma does recognize out-of-state medical marijuana cards. Patients will need to apply for a special permit when looking to use an out-of-state medical marijuana card within the state of Oklahoma. 

Oklahoma Cannabis Dispensary Questions

What’s the difference between Indica and Sativa? 

This is a great question to get you started on the path of finding the proper medical marijuana strain for your needs. The indica and sativa difference is a very broad and generic classification for the two main types of product which is available. A good trick to remember the difference is that indica will put you on the couch. sativa, on the other hand, is the opposite which is thought to be more uplifting and energizing. Hopefully, this little trick love you remember the difference between the two. Also, know that there is a third type which is known as a hybrid. This isn’t always easy to identify precisely, though estimates exist. It is easy to remember as it is in between refers to providing a nice blend of effects.

What Edibles are available?

We offer a great variety of different infused products which are available. These include products infused gummies, chocolates, and many other candies. We even offer edible options which are more of the salty and savory snack type.

What’s a proper edible dosage?

We recommend starting off with somewhere between 5 and 10 mg. Remember that it can take a couple of hours to kick in and that it is always better to have a little bit, not enough then to have too much. That being said, depending upon the type of metabolism that you have, it can greatly change the type of dosage that works best for you. 

What other cannabis products do you offer?

We have a great variety of cannabis extracts which come by the gram in the form of wax or shatter or through a cartridge. These products each can be utilized with an oil rig or battery, respectively. Their products have boomed in popularity in part because of their higher dosage amount per gram but also because they are very easy to utilize, especially the vape pens and cartridges. We will take a closer look at Oklahoma medical marijuana dabs down below. 

Another great variety of cannabis products to emerge with the medicalization of marijuana include topicals such as lotions and salves. We also see a ton of patients going towards the tincture route which is a liquid version of THC which is highly versatile in how it is used. There are a high number of ways to utilize medical marijuana, pun-intended. Ha! In all seriousness, these different applications of cannabis can help patients find the right balance between relief and functionality to ensure they are getting the best usage of their medical marijuana.

Can you explain a dab to me? What are cannabis concentrates?

Cannabis concentrates have boomed in popularity over the last decade or so. Coming on to the scene of cannabis many years ago though, the rise in popularity with cannabis concentrates may be something to do with the overall cannabis movement gaining popularity too. That being said, cannabis concentrates or dabs are simply extracted forms of cannabis. These come in varieties such as wax, shatter, live resin, and many others as the medical marijuana industry continues to discover new forms such as rosin and sauce.

Is there a way to determine the quality of cannabis?

Yes, there are even professionals who grade cannabis for its quality these days! Just like they would with a glass of wine, cannabis professionals can find the subtle highlights that make each strain unique. As you are getting started out with Oklahoma medical marijuana, remember to try a good variety of different products. You never know what you may fall in love with until you try it!

That being said, for cannabis flower, there can be a decent amount of variety from harvest to harvest. When you are looking for a cannabis strain to purchase, remember one simple but the important rule- the nose knows! This simply means if you like the way it smells, odds are you will enjoy the way it smokes. You’ll want to keep this rule between the confides of an indica or sativa selection but otherwise let your nose lead the way. 

Are THC and CBD tests completed on the products?

There are a variety of tests which are required as per state regulations. In 2018, the state passed regulations which required testing to be completed. A summary of which can be found from a local news story regarding the passage of these regulations. These rules are now requirements as of 2019 and are found with an in-depth overview from the state website.

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