Top 8 of the Best Recipes for Homemade Edibles 2019

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The Oklahoma Medical marijuana sector has brought a great variety of new perks to the Sooner state. This includes the ability of Oklahoma medical marijuana patients to cook their own edibles at home as they would like. This wonderful opportunity has hopefully empowered you to be a bit bolder in the kitchen!

We feel the wonderful world of edibles can be a real treat to enjoy. Cooking with cannabis certainly can provide a more exciting experience, especially at the point of the process where you actually eat and enjoy your creation! To properly enjoy an infused treat, you will want to ensure you have a good grasp on your medical marijuana edible tolerance. After we review this point, we will then highlight 8 of our favorite infused treats which you can make at home.  Furthermore, we have even included a bonus recipe with an exciting but more challenging recipe of infused whipped cream. That being said, let us dive right in!

Understanding Cannabis Tolerance

Edibles can be a bit trickier when you are baking them from the comfort of your home. Without the medical marijuana testing which is offered to Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensaries and other cannabis industry businesses, it is far more difficult to know the dosage of your edible creation. That being said, you want to be extra safe when using homemade edibles. Be sure to follow a few key guidelines.

  • First, start with a low dosage when making edibles. This will help ensure you can zero in on the perfect dosage of each batch of new edibles that you make. 
  • Remember, each batch of edibles can be different. Just because you utilize the same amount of cannabis does not mean that it is the same potency as before. Since edibles are measured in milligrams for their dosage, it is easy to see a large change in edible potency based upon differences in the input cannabis’ potency level.
  • Always use tested edibles until you firmly know your preferred dosage. Again making edibles at home can lead to a wide variety of potency within your final tasty treats. Therefore, it is best you learn your preferred dosage for edibles based upon products which are both bought from an Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary and properly tested.
  • Fourth, only eat edibles when you are good to sleep at the location your at, especially for homemade ones to start off with. When you first start off with edibles you want to make sure you are in a good spot if you eat too much.
  • Finally, as a reminder: be sure you lock up your edibles well so they are not mistakenly eaten by someone else, be it a loved one or a pet!

Cannabis-Infused Butter

Many of the below recipes will use a cannabis butter as the main ingredient to infuse the product. This can be created fairly easily with a crock-pot or even on top of the stove. The trick to making a good cannabis butter is patience. To this point, you want to keep the temperature fairly low while making the butter. When baking at-home cannabis butter, remember you can keep your crockpot on low and let it simmer for many hours. This will give ample time for your cannabis to turn the butter not only a beautiful green-hue but also be packed with THC goodness from the infusion process. 

After the process of cooking the cannabis into the butter is complete, you will then want to pull any plant material out before making a final product. This can be done easily with cheesecloth which can be fastened on top of a bowl. Then you pour the cannabutter into the bowl through the cheesecloth. During this process, the butter will seep through the cloth and the plant matter any stems or buds which are left in the butter will catch on the top for easy removal. Remember that the butter will be very hot while melted so be sure not to touch any of it during this process. To make this process a bit easier, it is best to fasten the cheesecloth on top of the bowl. 


Brownies will always be a staple to the medical marijuana edible market. the great thing about making brownies is that you can infuse butter and look for a recipe that includes butter in the brownies. Furthermore, there are very simple brownie recipes which only call for oil to be added with the ingredient list to make brownies. Olive oil and other oils can be easily infused in a similar manner to that of butter and then used in a variety of different foods to make medical marijuana treat out of just about anything. 


Cookies of all different varieties including peanut butter, sugar, and chocolate chip cookies can the infused with medical marijuana butter to truly Pack-a-Punch. You can make just about any type of cookie with medical marijuana-infused butter. These include a fun variety of cookies that can be made with infused butter such as ginger snap cookies. The great thing about making cookies and brownies for that matter is that you can make them into smaller portion sizes to help lower the cannabis dosage in each cookie. 

Peanut Butter – Firecrackers

Firecrackers are an extremely simple edible which can be made in a hurry without many ingredients. All you really need are some crackers, peanut butter, and your cannabis flower. First, you will grind your flower up to ensure it is a fine quality. Then you will spread the peanut butter across the crackers and sprinkle the flower on top of this to finish it off. Once you are done with this you simply need to bake the crackers in the oven for a few minutes (exact recipes can be found online.) After this is done, you will have your very own Oklahoma medical marijuana-infused firecracker ready to eat! The greatest part about this particular recipe is its ability to be made from scratch within twenty minutes or less.  

Medical Marijuana Tea

This can be a bit trickier than other edibles on the list because you need to make sure of a few things in the process of creating this relaxing infused treat. This tea will also have to be “English style” which will include cream or milk in it so that we can infuse the cannabis to something. To make this recipe, simply infuse your milk or cream with cannabis and then add this to your favorite batch of English tea for a double relaxing drink.


The tincture can be powerful medicine for Oklahoma medical marijuana patients to consider. This can be made at home as well simply by soaking cannabis material in the proper solution of alcohol or another tincture solvent. To this point, the cannabis will be extracted into the solution and then can be added to other drink sot make a wonderful infused cocktail. 

Apple Pie

Another very exciting recipe which will bring the wow factor after making, an infused apple pie! This is a perfect treat for the holidays- or should we say holidaze? Ha! All puns aside, you can make an infused apple pie with cannabis butter and simply following any pie recipe. You will want to make your own crust as then you can use the cannabis butter as the foundation to the entire pie. For bonus point on this recipe, consider making at op for the pie crust to go over the filling. This will make each bite of your infused apple pie pack that much more of a medical marijuana punch!

Bonus – Whipped Cream

This can be an extremely challenging edible to make but certainly something that brings a bit of a wow factor! Since cannabis must be infused into a fattie compound, the cream with whipped cream is perfect. The trick to this recipe though is to have an electric mixer otherwise it is nearly impossible to whip by hand!! The trick here with the cannabis aspect is to infuse the cream with cannabis. To this point, Martha Stewart has a wonderful blog on how to make infused whipped cream and we must say- we could not say it better than her! 

In closing, we hope that you learned something next time you want to make an Oklahoma medical marijuana edible at home. When you are looking to do so, remember to keep The Peak dispensary in mind for your flower and extract needs to go into that wonderful homemade medical marijuana edible. Furthermore, remember to be extra cautious when making and enjoying homemade edibles since the dosage will have to be discovered with trial and error before you know how each batch turns out. To that point, we thank you reading about the edible recipes today with The Peak. Until next time, stay well!

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