Top 7 Cannabis Myths Debunked

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Debunking Cannabis Myths

The world of cannabis has quickly emerged from prohibition to a legal status across many parts of the country. We here in the Oklahoma medical marijuana market saw how quickly this change can take place once it starts. With these quick changes to old laws, there are quite a few cannabis myths that exist today. Prohibition helped fuel many of these myths and now that there is a legitimate medical marijuana market here in Oklahoma we believe it is high time to bust some of them.

The myths range in severity from the concept of getting extra high from coughing to marijuana killing your brain cells. These myths have crept into the mainstream and many still persist today. Riding along the wave of green legalization and medicalization efforts the country has seen in the last decade, these myths should be debunked! So today, we pulled together a few of our favorite cannabis myths and felt you as an Oklahoma medical marijuana patient should be ‘in the know’. Let’s dive right in!

Holding in the Smoke

Holding in Cannabis smoke does not get you higher.

A very common tactic of a cannabis consumer will be to hold in their hit as long as the can. The logic, with this practice, you will get more of the THC seeping into our lungs if you hold the hit. Yet, the reality is slightly different. Cannabis is absorbed into the lungs within a second or two from a patient taking a hit.

So you do not absorb more THC while holding the hit. Instead, while holding in the smoke, users are getting a lack of oxygen to their brains. Thus, holding the hit in does indeed make you feel higher but this is mostly accredited to the lack of oxygen than extra cannabis being taking in by the lungs. This particular myth can help you actually cough less while smoking too since you will not need to hold in the hit for so long, which can induce a coughing fit. All and all, we think this particular myth is a great one to share with your friends! You do not need to hold the hit, you will not get any higher!

You Don’t Get off Till you Cough

This particularly interesting theory, which is grounded in a scientific explanation, has existed for some time. Everyone has heard the saying as the let out a big hit of cannabis and start coughing, “you don’t get off till you cough.” -Laughter ensues.

The reality is, the coughing you experience while consuming cannabis has more to do with getting a big hit, which in turn makes you cough. Thus, this myth spawned from this correlation. A few small hits of cannabis, which would not make you cough, would also accomplish the same effect for you. So next time you are enjoying your Oklahoma medical marijuana and start to cough, remember that does not help your high! It probably just means you should take smaller hits or consider cooling the smoke down further with a bong or bigger pipe.

Edibles Work for Everyone

The most interesting thing about edibles, not everyone can feel their effects. Even heavy cannabis consumers, sometimes simply cannot produce THC through their digestive system, which is what happens when you consume an edible. Rumor has it that around 15% of the population cannot get high from an edible for this reason. So, if you find yourself not feeling an edible, perhaps you are in this small portion of the population who cannot enjoy Oklahoma medical marijuana edibles. With that said, it is important to be extra cauctious with edibles. If you are starting with edibles, remember they can take up to 3 hours to activate and for you to feel them! So don’t assume you are in the 15% of edible-immune right away. Instead, a low dosage of cannabis edibles and going slow is always recommended.

Cannabis Prohibition is Effective

Cannabis prohibition has proven ineffective

Something that has helped erode prohibition is the fact that- it simply does not work. Many countries and now many states across America have proven this time and time again. Particularly with the non-lethal cannabis plant which has been unjustly prohibited for decades. The drug war, in particular, has helped spread this myth across the world, which promised for many decades that with the illegality of cannabis becoming common among the world that would lead to the consumption disappearing as well. Not only was this incorrect but prohibition also helped fuel illegal consumption by minors and gave rise to powerful drug organizations. We now know that a regulated market is better at keeping children away from cannabis and keeping profits within the state to allow for proper use of the cannabis “drug profits”. With this in mind, we are thankful for the Oklahoma medical marijuana market which has at least given access to the wonderful world of cannabis as a medicine despite the federal prohibition of the cannabis plant still in effect.

Marijuana Kills Brain cells

The concept that marijuana kills brain cells has certainly been something that spawned during the aggressive anti-cannabis rhetoric of reefer madness. MIT reviewed this particular myth and acknowledge two interesting points. First, the government used this myth to indeed suggest that cannabis killed brain cells. Furthermore, they also acknowledge that this myth is not true. With that in mind, there may be adverse effects from the consumption of cannabis through smoking it. With that though, cannabis certainly does not kill brain cells with safe and responsible consumption in mind. All and all, take heed from our earlier busted myth, holding in cannabis smoke in your lungs makes you higher, and realize the only way you will kill brain cells with cannabis is if you are holding your breath while doing so!

Amsterdam has legal cannabis

Amsterdam does not have legal cannabis, it is tolerated though.

The reality is that Amsterdam does not have legal cannabis. Instead, the city has taken a very relaxed approach to enforcement which has to lead to the stigma that Amsterdam is the cannabis capital of the world. This myth has died down somewhat with the advent of truly legalized and regulated adult-use cannabis markets opening in America but nonetheless is still a common cannabis myth today. The Dutch government even went as far to ban tourist from cannabis cafes in Amsterdam during 2012. Today, the best legal cannabis markets operate within federally opposed states in America. Furthermore, we could argue this makes the Oklahoma medical marijuana market more open and accepting than that of the famous Amsterdam cannabis coffee houses.

Marijuana As a Gateway Drug

The concept that marijuana leads to harsher drug usage is another fallacy from the drug war. Again MIT reviewed this particular myth and found it to be untrue. The reality is that other countries with cannabis consumption do not share this trend with America. Perhaps even America never had this occur and it was completely fabricated by government officials with motivation to see cannabis made illegal. All and all we believe this particular myth has been destroyed by the many examples of successful medical marijuana in the country, including our own market with Oklahoma medical marijuana.

In closing, Oklahoma medical marijuana patients should now be better equipped to deal with old misinformation about their medicine. With this, we hope you have enjoyed the top 5 cannabis myths we outlined today. Together we can bust cannabis myths and make the world a little bit more knowledgeable about cannabis. If you ever have any questions about a cannabis myth or something along these lines, feel free to let our staff know and we with the Peak Dispensary will do our best to bust that myth with you!

Until next time friends, stay well!

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