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The world of cannabis continues to change constantly with new innovations and products hitting shelves all the time. With that, cannabis extracts such as wax, shatter, and resins have exploded in popularity over the last few years. These trends continue to show that interest in cannabis extracts is growing. With this growing interest in cannabis extracts, more and more companies are creating unique versions of extracts to further enhance user experience through the effect or flavor. It is an exciting time to be an Oklahoma medical marijuana patient! As more of these products become available, we will do our best to have them available. With so many new innovations hitting the cannabis extract market though, we felt it would be a good idea to give a complete run through of these products.

Bubble Hash

Bubble Hash example

Perhaps the oldest form of the extract on the list here, bubble hash has been a staple to the world of cannabis for generations. Many countries are formerly famous for producing hash which includes Libya, Morocco with Moroccan hash, and many other unique regions of the world which famously produced bubble hash for generations. Today though, we see bubble hash produced locally with the hemp of bubble bags and ice. Because this extraction process only uses ice to create the hash, many holistically-minded individuals are attracted to it.

Through the process of extraction, the cannabis flower is cooled dramatically sometimes with dry ice to increase the efficiency of the process. Then the frozen and now brittle THC crystals fall off the plant matter and go through a variety of different sizes in the bubble bag’s mesh. These measurements are in microns which dictates the different sizes and thus qualities of the bubble hash extracted. After the flower material has been processed, the extractor will then separate the different sizes of bubble hash, dry them, and the products will be ready for consumption. The great thing about bubble hash is the potency of the product and the ease of use when consuming it. There is no special equipment required to consume bubble hash, it can be put in a special bowl or it can also be consumed mixed with flower in a bong or a joint.

Butane Honey Oil (BHO) – Wax, Shatter, & Budder

Shatter example (photo from Massroots) for Peak Dispensary

The wonders of BHO extracts have been popularized with the varieties offered such as wax, shatter, and budder. BHO extracts use a process of blasting butane through a tight container (which can be extremely dangerous and should only be done in a licensed processing facility with the proper security measures taken). Then the solution is purged of the butane. The final product, depending upon the strain and processing method, will result in either wax, shatter, or budder. These different products can range in potency from 60-90% THC. BHO extracts truly pack a punch, even though they do not test the highest on the list, the products will certainly do the trick for even a heavy cannabis consumer.

Another great aspect of butane honey oil extracts is the flavor it can often provide consumers. Although again, these products are not as flavorful as perhaps terp sauce or live resin, which are produced in a more high-quality manner than honey oil. Nonetheless, the flavor profiles found in a properly extract wax can be far better than the flower itself. All and all, we are big fans of BHO extracts and think they will be a staple within the cannabis extract selection process for years to come.

CO2 Oil

CO2 Oil example Photo from marijuana bud depot

Carbon dioxide can also be used as an extraction solvent for cannabis. These products are often thought of as a healthier option than BHO but it should be noted that many CO2 extraction techniques use a secondary extraction solution such as hexane, which is far more dangerous than its cousin butane. Nonetheless, a proper extraction method will purge these dangerous chemicals out of the product regardless if butane or hexane is used. With that said, CO2 oil can be a wonderful product. It is used as a common edible ingredient because it makes measurements of dosaging very easy. Many types of CO2 oil are already activated and can be cooked into an edible with ease. All and all, we see CO2 oil as remaining a staple in the edible marketplace and thus should be readily available to consumers directly for them to enjoy as an extract.


Rosin oozing out of a press from Go Pure Pressure

Rosin has boomed in popularity over the last few years. This product is created with only the use of heat and pressure, thus making it the prime choice for holistically minded individuals looking to enjoy cannabis extracts. Furthermore, the flavor profiles can often be unbelievable compared to extractions methods using more extreme procedures for their productions. All and all, rosin is still a new product in the young world of cannabis but we have seen wonderful results from this new cannabis extract.

We also see rosin becoming more popular as growers learn more about the types of cannabis plants which produce more resin and thus make it more economical to produce this product. We see the rosin trends as a subcategory of the cannabis sector which mirrors the whole foods movement and increased holistic awareness in general. We find this exciting and cannot wait to offer rosin to Oklahoma’s medical marijuana patients.

Live Resin

Live Resin from Concentrate Supply Co.

Next, we dive into the world of live resin, which again is a newer type of extraction method. Live resin is one of the more fancy types of extraction for cannabis today. The process involves freezing the cannabis plant immediately upon harvest inside a specialized freezer. Through this process, many of the flavors and compounds within the cannabis plant remain intact and are not damaged as they may be during a traditional harvest. Furthermore, the plant is closer to a “living state” when it is frozen and thus the name, live resin. A great aspect of live resin is the fact that the flavor profile of the plant will truly pop. Through this, we personally love to purchase live resin for a special occasion or when there is a reason to celebrate!

THC Crystals & Terp Sauce

Crystals & Sauce from

One of our personal favorite new innovations when it comes to cannabis extracts certainly is THC crystals within a terpy sauce. This product is the most exotic on the list, with a longer processing time and usually lower yields than other types of cannabis extraction. Yet, the flavor and effect of this particular product truly seem to soar to the top of our favorite list. The THC crystals are pure THC which have become so purified that they actually condensed into crystals. These salt-like compounds can bring real pleasure to users who get to enjoy breaking them as a miner would break off a bit of gold, at least the concept is the same in theory. Yet, as much fun as it can be mining away at your THC crystals, the true treat from sauce comes from the runny liquid these crystals are suspended in.

Terp sauce is a core component of this extract. With that in mind, the product packs a wonderful flavor as the terpenes will be the single most important factor the cannabis flavor profile in general. This product though takes the concept and importance of terpenes within the cannabis plant a step further than any other cannabis extract through the addition of a runny, syrup-like substance known as terp sauce. The sauce is literally terpene juice which has been concentrated into a delicious tasting and potency variety depending upon the strain you select. While this particular cannabis extract may be unavailable for some time in the young Oklahoma medical marijuana market, we do believe it is only a matter of time before a producer comes to the Sooner state to spread the joy of THC crystals floating inside a tasty terpy sauce.

The world of cannabis extracts will continue to grow as the sector becomes more legitimate. The new products which seem to be constantly hitting the cannabis industry should be a bit easier to understand after reading through this post. We hope it provided you with a wonderful overview of the cannabis extract market and what the differences between each of these unique products truly is. With that said, we with The Peak Dispsensary are excited to continually be offering the best in class for what the Oklahoma medical marijuana market has to offer. If you ever have a question regarding cannabis extracts, feel free to let one of our staff members know and we are happy to help where we can. Until next time, stay well!

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