Top 4 Best Ways to Clean your Bong and Pipes

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Even though it can be a dirty subject, we are excited to be talking about bong and glass cleaning today. This is an important aspect of keeping your medical marijuana experience the best possible experience it can be. With that in mind, we have cleaned tons bongs, rigs, vaporizers, and accessories over the years. There are a variety of different solutions which one can use to help get their glass piece back into good shape. With that in mind, we will review our top four favorite ways to clean a bong or pipe. Before we dive into these tips though, we want to take a brief moment to describe the dangers of using isopropyl.

Recently we’ve realized the many flaws in the practices we used for cleaning bongs in the past. We, as many others within the cannabis community have traditionally used an isopropyl cleaning method with strict rinsing requirements with water. However, we now feel it is important to spread the word that Isopropyl is dangerous for you and the world around you! We will take a closer look at this topic today and also dive into some of the best cleaning products in the market for your glass. We also find it important to stress how effective it can be to follow a regular cleaning habit which can help make the process easy each and every time. Finally, we will discuss how to clean other cannabis accessories such as dab tools, grinders, and acrylic pieces.

After reading this we hope you have a better understanding as to how to keep your cannabis consumption devices in a clean state. Let us dive right in!

Dangers of Isopropyl Alcohol

Isopropyl is a common glass cleaner used by the cannabis community but it is also more dangerous than most realize.

Science would suggest that Isopropyl is highly toxic to humans. Even after a strict rinse policy after cleaning with isopropyl, we felt it best to seek new cleaning methods which took into account our customer’s and even our own health. Furthermore, the same report suggests the environmental impact of using Isopropyl to clean your bong is extremely higher than public perception really give sit credit for. Especially as many people use this harsh chemical to clean their glass devices which we then use to smoke and consume products directly into our lungs. There are high temperatures often involved with using a glass pipe to, it is vital to completely clean it out of your bong completely and thoroughly.

Where do most of the isopropyl go once the bong is clean? There are also environmental issues that can arise from using isopropyl alcohol. This harsh chemical can leak into our water systems and should be disposed of properly. We can certainly agree that letting a harsh chemical go directly down into our community water systems and water tables is problematic.

With these two negative impacts of Isopropyl to clean a bong, we decided it best to find a new cleaning solution. Enter a variety of different solutions which can be a healthier or safer option than using traditional Isopropyl alcohol.

Formula 420 Cleaner

Formula 420 Cleaning Solutions

One of the most recognized brands of cleaners in the cannabis sector is Formula 420. This brand has been a staple for cleaning supplies for folks who do use their own isopropyl and salt mixtures. The great aspect of the formula 420 cleaner is the solution has a thick abrasive nature to get even the tough spots on your glass pipe. We recommend using a large plastic bag and Ziploc your glass in the bag with the solution. This helps keep the process clean. Then make sure to rinse it well and your glass should be as good as new!

Resolution Caps and Gel

Resolution Cleaning Caps

Resolution caps and gel are a wonderful new addition to the glass cleaning offerings. We especially like the caps that come with it and help keep the process as clean as possible. You can truly get the dirty glass clean with the caps in place on your large bongs too. The thicker cleaning solution which comes with the Resolution Gel has a wonderful effect on the glass as well. Being a new company, they are not as well known but certainly offer a wonderful cleaning product, one that is fairly unique with their silicon-based caps.

Klear Kryptonite

Klear Kryptonite cleaning solution

Enter a new variety of cleaning solution with the slick Kryptonite. This product offers consumers a solution, as the others do, to keep your glass ‘klear’ and looking new. The unique bottle certainly brings about the spirit of cleaning your bong and we are a big fan of the unique green color. The green liquid helps you make sure you clean the solution completely out of your device. This product also works great when used with a Ziploc bag. Again make sure you clean it out completely before enjoying your clean glass.

Hot Water and Regular Cleaning

Another easy method is to keep your piece clean on the regular. The most difficult part of cleaning a pipe is when it’s become too dirty and needs stronger cleaning solutions to get the resins removed properly. This method does have some risks as using hot water can lead to a broken bong. To avoid this, first, make sure your hands will not be scolded by the hot water. Using gloves can help with this but it is also great to have an oven mitt handy that you do not mind getting a little wet just in case you are dealing with scalding hot water.

Furthermore, it is important that you do not bring the glass piece directly from a colder temperature into something hot. This can easily lead the glass piece to become broken from the heat shock. So, we recommend starting at room temperature and warming the glass up along with the water. Finally, this method does not always get all of the resin out of the piece it may be at a point in which you need an abrasive solution. Salt is not always the best option because it will dissolve in the water but it certainly can help if you want to take a completely natural approach to your bong cleaning protocols. All and all this method works best when done on a regular basis.

Cleaning Electronic Vaporizers, Atomizers, and Accessories

Another challenging aspect to one of the healthiest forms of cannabis consumption, vaporization is that it can become dirty and even more dangerous than glass alternative while dirty. A vaporizer, in particular, can start to grow mold if you do not keep it clean on a regular basis. This is a huge health risk and we highly recommend cleaning your vaporizer at a minimum bi-weekly to ensure it is in a healthy and clean state for smoking, well vaporizing technically.

In terms of cleaning a concentrate vaporizer, these can be a bit easier especially if you are able to replace the heating element within the device. Then soak the non-electronic components in your favorite cleaning solution. Just make sure not to get any electronic components wet! We also have seen great success from burning off the atomizer to give the devices a mild clean between heavy usage.

Many accessories can be cleaned with a variety of different methods. Titanium pieces, for example, can be cleaned with what and a paper towel, just remember to be extremely careful not to burn yourself! Plastic accessories will need to be cleaned in a more careful manner. Some stronger cleaning solutions could destroy a plastic accessory and we find it best to simply use water and a pipe cleaner to get the plastic grinders or other items back to new.

As always, we with The Peak Dispensary are happy to answer any questions you may have! Until next time, stay well!

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