Top 10 New Cannabis Consumption Devices

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Finding the best way to consume Oklahoma medical marijuana can be an exciting journey and learning experience with so many new bongs, vaporizers, rollings papers and more available in the market today. Furthermore, there are relatively new products in the Oklahoma medical marijuana market such as wax, shatter, and other cannabis extracts. With that in mind, we thought it would be a great idea to dive deeper into the many different ways to enjoy Oklahoma medical marijuana. We will look at 10 innovative and new products available to help you properly enjoy your medical marijuana. Let us dive right in!

Puffco Peak Portable Dab Rig

The Puffco Peak Portable Dab Rig brings a whole new level of convenience for those looking to enjoy cannabis extracts such as wax or shatter. The Puffco Peak comes in a variety of fun color schemes and a traditional black and white version of the device. This device has exploded in popularity among extract lovers and folks who were longtime fans of dabs. The great thing about the Puffco Peak rests upon the device’s ability to imitate a traditional dab through a torch and rig. Yet, it’s far less intimidating to enjoy a dab with the Puffco Peak than it is to use a traditional oil rig. The device sells for $379 but the company does offer a 4-cycle payment plan, interest-free.

Glow-in-the-dark Bong

This sweet bong by Empire Glassworks actually glows in the dark! The beautiful piece of art is from a reputable artist and offers not only a functional glass piece but also a beautiful piece of art. The rig comes in at a height of 8 inches tall and supports a 14mm female joint. If you decide to purchase one, it also includes a matching 14mm male bowl. This device also could work easily as an oil rig or a flower bowl which offers consumers a nice versatility. You’d just need to purchase to be a concentrate nail, which only runs about $12 for a traditional titanium nail. This piece comes in at a price point of $320.

Exxus Snap VV Cartridge Vaporizer

While vaporizer cartridges have soared in popularity over the last few years, a few companies have gone above and beyond the traditional simple batteries available, known as Slim Batteries for cartridges. With that said, Exxus has released a wonderful snap battery which, as the name suggests, also the cartridge to snap back into the battery after usage. This makes transportation of the vape easier and also allows for a more discreet experience. Furthermore, this vaporizer battery comes in at a great price point of only $40. While you will still need to get a cartridge to put on this battery, it will look great once you do! Again, while this may be a fancy upgrade to a cheaper vape battery, if you use the Oklahoma medical marijuana cartridges often, it may be an investment worth making for yourself!

Quartz Insert Banger 25mm Bucket with Bubble Cap

One of the most popular trends in the cannabis sector has been dabbing. The dabs, extracted directly from the cannabis plant, are extremely potent versions of cannabis and also require more advanced equipment to consume properly. With this in mind, you will often see an Oklahoma medical marijuana patient enjoying their dabs with a torch and bong. This combination has become known as a dab rig. While the dab rigs gained popularity about 5 years ago, the next big innovation coming from the oil rig game has been inserted. These inserts allow people to more easily clean the portion of their bong which actually comes in physical contact with the oil. These are certainly best for the most frequent Oklahoma medical marijuana patient who may already be enjoying cannabis extracts. These Quarts inserts will help give your dabs better flavor though and certainly make sure that your rig is in better shape to handle the delicious extract hit.

Bestie Heady Bong

The “Bestie” Heady Bong

Do you have a smoke buddy you like to relax with while consuming medical marijuana? If so, this bong may be the perfect device for you! The “Besties” bong offers two mouthpieces headed in opposite directions to easily accommodate two friends enjoying a hit together. While you certainly shouldn’t share your medical marijuana with someone, it is nice to see there are fun options like this which may be more appealing to look at than to consume with! All and all though, we love this Besties bong from Mav Glass and for a $220 price point, it sure sounds even sweeter! We also can say that when your friends come over to your place, they will have never seen a bong like this before. Seriously, who can say they have a bong where two people can hit it at the SAME time? It is pretty amazing!

Grasshopper Vaporizers

Enjoying a concentrate without a hefty oil rig has never been easier than with the grasshopper vaporizer offered online. This vaporizer works well for patients looking to have access to a more discreet smoking experience due to the pen’s sleek appearance which makes the device easy to conceal. Furthermore, the device has been made available with some of the highest quality products in the world including titanium and stainless steel. The popular news outlet Vice described the pen by saying, “If NASA made vaporizers, I reckon they would look like this. Fits in your top pocket nicely heat up within seconds.” We are big fans of these vaporizers and if you are looking for a higher-end vaporizer to enjoy while traveling, this may be your champion!

Sticky Brick Vaporizer

Sticky Brick Junior

This innovative vaporizer offers Oklahoma medical marijuana patients access to a legitimate vaporizer while still sporting a portable feature. Many of the vaporizers for pens and extracts are technically atomizers because they have some form of combustion in their systems. With that in mind, the Stick Brick Vaporizer has a wonderful offering with a true vaporizer. The difference is the vaporizer will not completely combust the cannabis product, thus leaving behind vaped weed to be removed after consumption. The stylish Sticky Brick also comes with a sweet design which feels simple and discreet. This vaporizer comes in at a nice price point of $150.

420 Science Kargo

This glass bong actually has a “kargo” container inside of it so that loading your bowls will be easier than ever. This nifty invention allows you to carry around your bong and flower with ease! While that may not have been a problem for you, to begin with, it certainly is a pretty neat little innovation. Developed by 420 Science, the kargo bong comes in at a price point of $150 and also includes a nice little silicone cap so your nuggs do not go flying away!

Shine 24K Gold Papers

24k Gold Papers by Shine

Famous musicians, movie stars, and others have been seen enjoying one of these gold-covered papers. These papers truly exist for those who are truly trying to smoke the best. There are Shine 24K gold papers! These exciting papers are truly covered in 24K gold and burn down as if a member of the royal family is enjoying it. Ha, in all seriousness these are pretty sweet papers if you are trying to have a wow-factor with your Oklahoma medical marijuana. While it may be pretty amazing, they come in at a whopping $10 for a single paper, though it is king size.

Fruit Pipe

Banana Pipe

In closing for the Top 10 New cannabis consumption devices, we thought we would throw a fun one on here with the banana pipe! The great thing about this piece is it really is free if you have a banana heady. The downside though, it will probably be rotten after a few hours. All and all though, you do get a banana after you enjoy your bowl, which is the best part of all!

As always, if you ever have any questions about the benefits of each of these different consumption devices, we with The Peak Dispensary are always happy to help where we can. Stop by the store and ask a member of our staff for assistance anytime!

Until next time friends, stay well!

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