The top 10 Cannabis Valentine’s gifts for 2019

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Cannabis Valetine’s Gift Ideas 2019

Cupid’s favorite holiday quickly approaches this year, bringing cannabis consumers around Oklahoma a first-time opportunity to give a special medical marijuana patient in their lives a cannabis-themed gift. This certainly does not need to be cannabis buds or dabs directly. Due to regulations, you may not be able to purchase cannabis if only your partner has a medical marijuana card but there still are a host of other gifts which would make a perfect fit for an Oklahoma cannabis patient. Today we will dive into the top ten favorite gifts we have found to give to our “significant other stoner” to make the cupid holiday a bit more special. We have chosen a list of cannabis Valentine’s day gifts which can work for non-medical marijuana consumers and come in with a huge diversity of pricing so you do not break the bank on this year’s love-themed holiday. With that in mind, let’s dive in and take a deeper look at the best cannabis-themed Valentine’s day gifts for 2019!

1. A Vaporizer

Nothing is more flavorful or economic when talking about cannabis consumption than a vaporizer. These cannabis consumption devices offer consumers a unique experience while not combusting the plant material to create a unique high. A vaporizer also offers consumers a healthier smoke, so this can make sure you help keep your special Valentine happy and healthy while they consume their medical marijuana. The great thing about a vaporizer is that they can be cheap or extremely expensive, each with their own pros and cons. With that, remember even on a tight budget you can still purchase a wonderful and inexpensive vaporizer which your cannabis valentine will surely love!

Chocolate, always a good Valentine’s Gift.

2. Chocolates

Every stoner loves chocolates! As much as they may deny it, surely they too get the munchies from time to time. Hook your Valentine date up with a wonderful treat of chocolates or something sweet as it’s proven cannabis does indeed cause the munchies. This can be something somewhat healthy too if you aim for chocolate covered treat such as fruit or nuts which add a mild balance to their deviously tasty nature. Plus, what cannabis consumer does not love a little bit of chocolate now and again? We can not think of one!

3. Gold Coated Joint

It is truly amazing what you can buy to enhance your cannabis experience these days. That includes a 24 carrot covered joint! These can be purchased online and then your Valentine can pack it with their favorite Oklahoma medical marijuana to showcase their royal status in your life. This gift is a fancy one with more flash than utility but still such an unquestionably unique option to gift to your Valentine. With this option, it is no doubt your cannabis Valentine will be starstruck by your gift!

4. CBD Massage Oil & Lotion

Another great romantic gift is CBD oil which can be purchased online and shipped directly to your house. Many dispensaries across the country, depending upon local regulations will carry THC infused lotions and oils. Either way, since even the THC infused lotions do not get the applicant high, they both are amazing options to rock your cannabis Valentine date’s experience. This can be another gift which may benefit the giver as well as it is great to have a pleasant CBD lotion handy for the drier months in Oklahoma. All and all your Valentine will surely love this cannabis-themed gift.

5. Cannabis Theme Movie

Nothing better than a funny movie. A classic like Cheech And Chong can be a wonderful gift for your special date on Valentine’s day. Cannabis certainly makes a funny movie a bit funnier and can be an entertaining way for the two of you to spend an evening together enjoying a gift with or without your own medical marijuana card. Cheech and chong are just one of the many classic stoner films available in the ever-expanding universe of cannabis culture. Plus, there are many more that are sure to come out over the years, so keep this idea in your back pocket as sweet and simple for your cannabis Valentine.

6. Stash Box

If you are still struggling to think of a gift for your cannabis consuming Valentine’s date, perhaps consider a stash box. This gift can be a great treat for a cannabis consumer who enjoys the higher things in life, including their medical marijuana. With that in mind, we found this particular option as a great choice for the connoisseurs of cannabis compared to your average cannabis consumer since it’s a bit of a novelty to have a variety of cannabis tools bundled neatly in a box for your convenient use. Nonetheless, this option does work great too as a hand-crafted gift. As a bonus, if you have kids this can be purchased with a lock and a great deterrent from keeping your children away from cannabis.

7. Two stem Pipe

Lady and the Tramp have nothing on this cannabis love-themed pipe. We even found a few exciting options with the two stem pipe in mind that would be perfect for you and your cannabis Valentine. This gift is certainly best if you both have your medical marijuana card so that you can use the two stem pipe together! Yet, maybe it is something you want to share with your significant other to showcase your dedication to their health and medical marijuana consumption despite not consuming yourself. Surely at some point, they will have an opportunity to share a bowl with a friend or another loved one who has their medical marijuana card and this will be the ideal time to show off their two stem pipe!

8. Medicated Dinner

A home-cooked meal will surely do the trick to express your love for your Valentine’s day date. Nothing could be more exciting than cannabis-themed dinner, which with access to an Oklahoma Medical Marijuana facility should be easier than ever to ‘take and bake’ than before. With this, even if you are not a cardholder yourself, a home-cooked meal is always a sure-fire way to express your love for another while putting in the time and energy it takes to cook. We find when baking an entire meal with cannabis it’s important to remember you should dose lightly. Another great option, only add dosage to half the gravy and let the person eating the meal how high they want to get!

9. A Cannabis Vacation

For a true treat, think about planning a cannabis-themed vacation for you and your Valentine. This could include a trip to a legal market such as Colorado or Nevada. It may just be in the starting phases of planning when you approach your significant other about it this Valentine’s day. Even starting the process of planning a vacation can bring great joy to you and your date. All and all, we think the best vacation should actually be a “stay-cation” where you do not travel anywhere but simply take time to appreciate each other’s company. Perhaps the “stay-cation” is a topic for another day though.

10. CBD Bath Bomb

This is a final but hugely popular gift for your cannabis Valentine’s and comes with a CBD Bath Bomb! These relaxing products can be utilized to power a wonderfully relaxing evening. The CBD in this bath bomb will surely bring your date a relaxing feeling and leave them feeling refreshed for any other fun gifts you have lined up for them.

All and all remember to find something your Valentine will cherish for the special day. It’s always great if you’re both medical marijuana patients and can purchase a product from your favorite Oklahoma medical marijuana center. Even if you are purchasing a cannabis-themed gift for someone without your own card, this list is a fantastic place to start! We with The Peak Dispensary hope you have a happy cannabis Valentine’s day this 2019!

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