The Entourage Effect & How It Affects Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Patients

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One fascinating phenomenon about the cannabis plant is the fact that it is made up of so many different parts which work together to create. These many different parts work together to become greater than each individual part. Scientifically this is known as the entourage effect. 

Today we will take a closer look at the individual cannabinoids which are predominantly found within the cannabis plant. This includes popular cannabinoids such as THC and CBD. Other parts of the cannabis plant can offer great medicinal benefits to Oklahoma medical marijuana patients such as lesser-known cannabinoids such as CBN and THCA. 

We will also take a closer look at how an Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary can offer patients more inclusive products. With that in mind, we will examine how the entourage effect plays an essential role in making cannabis such a powerful treatment option for such a wide variety of patients.

With that in mind, let us dive right in!

The Benefits of Individual Cannabinoids

Benefits of Individual Cannabinoids

The cannabis plant offers the world a complex plant-based solution for a wide variety of ailments. Each individual component of the plant plays an important role in this medicinal effect provided to patients. That said, some illnesses may benefit from different types of cannabinoids being more available within their Oklahoma medical marijuana products. With that in mind, we will take a closer look at some popular cannabinoids and some not so popular ones, in hopes that it empowers patients next time they visit The Peak, an Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary.


Perhaps the most renowned cannabinoid is the psychoactive component known as Tetrahydrocannabinol. Commonly referred to as THC, this compound offers cannabis patients the ability to what is traditionally associated as the high one feels while medicating with cannabis. THC does offer a host of medicinal value though. Patients looking for pain relief may find that THC is the most effective for any compound at relieving their discomfort due to the compounds analgesic effect.



Another powerful compound found within many types of Oklahoma medical marijuana is known as Cannabidiol or CBD. This compound comes in a close second as the most popular product found within the cannabis plant. With a boom in popularity over the last decade, we have discovered CBD can impact a vast variety of medical ailments. According to Health Line, while there may be a few side-effects from the CBD compound, there are nearly half a dozen examples of how the CBD compound can help patients across the Oklahoma medical marijuana industry.


Another interesting cannabinoid comes from Cannabinol or CBN for short. This compound offers Oklahoma medical marijuana patients a unique benefit of helping patients sleep or being an antibiotic, among many other effects. According to Psychology Today, research shows nearly a dozen health benefits of CBN including being a pain-relieving compound, being an anti-inflammatory compound, an appetite stimulant, and may even help fight against cancer. With that in mind, CBN can bring an excellent variety of benefits to those shopping in an Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary.


THCA is another form of the common cannabinoid Tetrahydrocannabinol which offers different effects than the parent compound. According to Leafly, the THCA compound has shown to have neuroprotective properties which may help treat neurodegenerative diseases such as Huntington’s or Parkinson’s disease. That said, more research still needs to be completed on this particular effect of the THCA compound. The THCA compound does offer other benefits to Oklahoma medical marijuana patients such as being anti-inflammatory, antiemetic (helps with nausea and appetite loss) and anti-proliferative as noted in prostate cancer studies.


Another derivative of the popular cannabinoid Tetrahydrocannabinol comes from THCV. According to Apothecarium, THCV may also help with stimulating proper bone health. Another benefit from the THCV compound comes from an unexpected place. Despite the prevalent stigma of cannabis, providing the munchies, this cannabinoid helps with suppressing your appetite. To this point, the THCV compound may be particularly beneficial to patients who are dealing with diabetes as it could help aid in the regulation of blood sugar levels. That said, we still need to research this less common cannabinoid more before we know precisely how it can help patients within the Oklahoma medical marijuana market.


While there are nearly a hundred different cannabinoids within the cannabis plant, the final compound we will highlight today is the CBG compound. According to Cresco Labs, CBG can help by fighting inflammation, pain, nausea, and may slow the proliferation of cancer cells. There have been a variety of studies done on the CBG compound to suggest these medicinal effects available to patients. That said, hopefully, as time goes on, we will see more research studies completed to understand CBG better.

The Power of The Entourage Effect for Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Patients

Cannabis Entourage Effect

One of the most exciting aspects of the medical marijuana plant is the plant’s ability to be more than the sum of its parts. This effect helps make the cannabis plant such a versatile medicine for patients across the Oklahoma medical marijuana industry. That said, this is known as the entourage effect within the scientific world. To better example, it, think of a musical symphony as a representation of the cannabis plant. It includes many different instruments, which all have an excellent sound on their own, but as a symphony, they genuinely shine into something more! 

This is how the cannabis plant helps Oklahoma medical marijuana patients as it can bring together many different healing elements into something greater than each component by itself could be. With that in mind, the entourage effect may be the reasonable alternatives to the cannabis plant, which are manufactured in a lab are not as useful for patients. While it may benefit some to have a single cannabinoid, which seems to be the case with CBD, it does not seem to be an effective treatment for all ailments. With that in mind, remember to keep the power of the entourage effect in mind next time you are shopping at The Peak, an Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary. 

Different Combinations of Cannabinoids & Their Effects

The world of medical marijuana offers sophisticated solutions to complex ailments and medical problems. Patients shopping within an Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary may find that different combinations of cannabinoids work more or less effectively for their needs. For example, an Oklahoma medical marijuana product with 50% THC and 50% CBD will not be as psychoactive as a product with 100% THC and may also provide a different type of relief for patients. This can be true of many different combinations of the most impactful cannabinoids. That said, patients may find that a strong THC product works best in the evening versus a higher CBD product that works best in the mornings. That said, be willing to try new products and talk to your healthcare provider to see which combination of cannabinoids they recommend for your specific needs.

In closing, remember that there are many different parts of the cannabis plant, which all play an essential role in the plant’s medicinal value. Popular cannabinoids such as THC and CBD do seem to get all the limelight within the world of pop culture. With this in mind, remember that the lesser-known cannabinoids may be able to help you with your particular needs for Oklahoma medical marijuana. Also, keep in mind the power of the entourage effect when purchasing your medicine. Finally, trying different combinations of cannabinoids, such as a 50% CBD to 50% THC product may also be of great value to help you find the perfect solution for your Oklahoma medical marijuana needs.

Finally, if you ever have any questions about Oklahoma medical marijuana, we encourage you to visit one of The Peak Dispensary locations. Our staff is always happy to help where we can! 

Until next time friends, stay well!

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