The 7 Rules of Stoner Etiquette

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The taste of marijuana is amplified when a community setting is involved. The old saying, cannabis brings people together is certainly true, even with medical marijuana. Patients get to connect with new friends and cement the friendship which already exists. However, just like every other thing which takes place in social settings, with cannabis, some rules exist which are classified as stoner etiquette.

For stoners who have engaged in a social setting with cannabis for quite a long period of time, you likely already have a grasp of the rules and stoner etiquette is probably now second nature to you. Well, there is no stoner out there who was born with the experience. So, this article will acquaint those who are unfamiliar with stoner etiquette but love to consume cannabis within the norms when medicated with marijuana in any social setting. We plan to dive into some of the very basic norms which stoners are apt to have and experience within a particular circle. As mentioned above, many of these norms have become second nature to cannabis consumers and go with the natural flow of enjoying within a group environment.

With that said, here are 7 rules of stoner etiquette that you should be aware of. Let’s dive right in!

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1. Come With Some Stash

Sharing is caring. This statement has been classified as pure gold anywhere in the world, especially, with cannabis consumers because everyone loves to share with friends. The opposite can be said to of the folks that love to always love to smoke on the green but rarely have their own cannabis. No one likes the friend among patients who do not have cannabis to bring to the session. This particular rule should be used with particular caution since there are strict rules on sharing medical marijuana and it truly is best everyone brings their own medicine to consume when in the context of medical marijuana. Though there still can exist a social occasion among medical marijuana patients and it certainly has other benefits if another patient connects with someone who suffers from a similar ailment and together they can help one another find relieve with medical marijuana.

2. Never Tell Stories with the joint in your hand

There’s another fun saying about cannabis consumers. ‘Once you get a stoner talking, you can’t get them to stop.’ Ha! While this may be a joke, the tendency to keep going on and on with your story before you take your hit is very strong. However, you need to fight the urge. Keep your story until after you’ve taken your hit. This can help build anticipation in your story anyways.

Remember to keep it moving, no parking when smoking with others!

Some cannabis strains happen to make some people become talkative. If you notice that you experience this, what you have to do is be the first to take your hit, then, you start with your story. If you’ve got the bowl parked, nobody will be interested in hearing your story, especially if it is after a long day of work and it’s the first sesh of the evening. Further, you shouldn’t keep the joint burning while going on about a story. This is considered to be one of the sins of stoner etiquette. Don’t park it, instead keep it moving.

3. Puff-Puff Pass

If a joint or even a pipe is being used to smoke, all you need to do is take just a couple of hits and pass it along. The old saying, ‘Puff-puff-pass’ is the rule to go by. Though when using a pipe, a common practice is to take a single hit, even if ‘Puff-pass’ doesn’t have as nice of a ring to it. When we talk about the puff-puff-pass rule, this is simply about taking two hits on a joint before passing it along. Since a joint will keep burning regardless of if someone is smoking and enjoying it, so this practice can help ensure everyone is putting in due contribution to enjoying that burning doobie.

4. Do Not Swipe The Bud Of Someone Else

Don’t take what doesn’t belong to you!

One thing that you must avoid doing is taking the weed from someone else. This is one of the cardinal rules of stoner etiquette, really general etiquette. With regards to medical marijuana, it is important to make sure you have the proper sharing tactics in place which means everyone should bring their own medicine and simply share stories! On a serious note, it is never a good idea to swipe anything off a friend or associate. Keep the positive vibes high within your own personal cannabis community and make sure to remember what goes around comes around. If nothing else, it is always best to follow the golden rule and treat others, how you’d wish to be treated.

5. Get Rid Of Stems

Nobody wants to see a blunt that resembles a thicket of brush which is full of stems making holes and bumps. Remember to pick through to get rid of the pesky and sometimes ruinous stems if you are rolling a doobie! Nothing is worse than finishing the rolling process of a doobie and to realize there is a fattie stem poking out of the side, more than one of which can be the end of an otherwise properly twisted joint.

There are those that suggest you can smoke or vaporize a cannabis stem if it’s small enough. This is certainly true for those who have packed a bowl with a few stems holding their ground. Usually, if a stem can be snapped easily between the fingers, it is small enough to smoke. Though a stem will have lower amounts of cannabinoids compared to the nuggets, it will burn!

6. If The Bowl Is Cashed, Do Not Pass It

One of the most annoying things that you can do in a circle of cannabis smokers is to pass a cashed bowl. If you find out that the rotating bowl has been entirely cashed, there are two options that you can take. One is to get the bowl reloaded if you have your stash with you. Second, simply pass the bowl with a warning that it’s cashed, unless they want to take a ‘hero hit’ or a hit that may end up pulling through a bit extra hit. These hero hits will often involve roasting bowl with a lighter and can lead to a really big hit if the bowl is not actually ready to be cashed. Not everyone likes taking the hero hit though so it is always best to give a warning before passing it along!

7. Sharing is Caring

It is important that you make a contribution anytime you can. Your fellow smokers always take note of you when you do not ever get a bowl loaded. You can liken it to developing some good karma. When you form a habit of contributing when possible, other guys in the circle will be moved to share theirs together with you even if you do not have. Generally, people who love cannabis are very generous and will display this personality to you if they notice that you have a generous spirit too. It is called kind bud for certain reasons.

In closing, when you smoke marijuana in a community, it is something that is very much to be enjoyed for it’s relieving qualities. However, you will notice that there are lots of cannabis consumers who get a bit nervous and uncomfortable when it comes to knowing how to act when they are in a social setting. If you notice that you have someone who’s new to the game among the circle, never make the mistake of judging them. Rather, pass on the stoner etiquette. A friend in need is a friend indeed! Also, help them to understand that this is not some kind of fraternity but that this is a circle of friends where they can feel at home. The way you treat others will tell much about the kind of person you are. Respect the stoner etiquette and keep the herb feeling alive the next time that you find yourself in a circle of cannabis consumers.

As always, thank you for visiting. If you ever have any questions, we with The Peak Dispensary are happy to help where we can.

Until next time friends, Take care.

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