Terpene Overview and the 5 Common Terpenes

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Terpene Overview and the 5 Common Terpenes

What is a Terpene?
These distinct essential oil-like compounds provide many different plant species their flavor and scent. A terpene is another naturally occurring molecules found within the cannabis plant. Without terpenes, there would not be nearly as much diversity in the cannabis plant. In fact, it’d be rather boring for most fruits, flowers, and cannabis varieties without terpenes. This is because the flavor or scent in a plant truly can make a difference, much of which is powered by terpenes. For example, a lemon smells lemony because of its terpenes. Specifically, a lemon will have a ton of limonene terpenes in it which produces its well-known flavor. Further, these compounds have been extracted from plants and used for decades in products such as perfumes, lotions, food additives, air fresheners, and the list goes on. They have offered humans a fun and exciting pallet of flavors to explore such as fruity, piney, peppery, earthy, floral, tropical, or spicey. Soon you should be able to access these wonderful cannabis terpenes from your favorite local Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary. Let’s take a closer look.    

How do Terpenes affect cannabis?

Terpenes are truly a ton of fun as you learn more about them since they can impact your cannabis experience greatly. The huge variety you find within different strains of cannabis can be accredited to the terpenes. This is why some cannabis plants have a fruity and pungent smell while others produce a light musky odor or even a skunk scent. Most of this diversity is due directly to the types of terpenes that are found within these different strains. The naturally occurring terps (slang for terpenes) also can affect a user’s high with each terpene having a slightly unique effect. Further, just as cannabinoids such as CBD can have medicinal value, so can terpenes. These little odorous compounds also tend to provide a host of different medical applications. Let’s dive into the top five cannabis terpenes you can find at your local Oklahoma dispensary.

Top 5 Most Common Cannabis Terpenes:

1. Myrcene

This terp packs a powerful earthy yet tropical smell. It’s traditionally found in nature in hops and mangoes. This terpene can provide a lethargic or “couch-locky” feeling when consumed. It may also be responsible for the legend that eating a mango while consuming cannabis increases the effects of the high. This terpene has been proven to be an analgesic (pain relieving), a muscle relaxant, and antibiotic. Commonly found in OG Kush varieties of cannabis, this terpene is usually associated with indica strains.

2. Limonene

The limonene terpene packs a powerful lemony scent as noted above. This terp is also found in basil, limes, and oranges. The terpene is often associated with an uplifting or energetic feeling when consumed. The medical benefits of limonene can include being anti-anxiety, antidepressant, and provide a boost to your immune system. You can find this terpene in lemon skunk, super lemon haze, and durban poison.

3. Terpinolene

The terpinolene terpene brings a piney or floral aroma commonly associated with a pine tree or fresh flower. This terp is found in conifers, apples, and lilacs. It is often associated with a mild calming effect when consumed. The medical benefits of terpinolene can include being antioxidant, sedative, antibacterial and antifungal. If you’d like to try this pleasant flavor, next time you’re at your favorite Oklahoma dispensary, The Peak OK, be sure to ask if they have any strains with this terp such as Jean-Guy, Jack Herer, or Afghani.

4. Linalool

Another flowery aroma is produced from linalool giving it a mellow and pleasant scent. The mellow scent has been known to help reduce stress. With that, this terp is often found in flowers such as lavender. The mellow terp can help reduce anxiety, act as a sedative, and has antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-epileptic effects in terms of medical value. It can be found in strains such as OG Shark, Lavender, and Amnesia Haze.

5. Alpha-Pinene

Rounding out the list of cannabis terpenes is alpha-pinene. As the name suggests, this terp smells like a pine tree. Throughout nature, you can also find this terp in other conifer trees and the herb, rosemary. The forest terpene can help increase alertness and may even assist with short-term memory loss. These may not seem as typical cannabis effects, but cannabis sativa is a great example of these types of effects. These different effects relay over to the medical applications of alpha-pinene as well. Studies suggest respiratory ailments may be assisted through the consumption of pinene. Further, the compound is also anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial. In closing, a fun fact about alpha-pinene is the existence of beta-pinene. Perhaps we’ll cover its cousin terpene which does have a slightly different feel in a future post.

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