Taxes and Patient’s Rights with Oklahoma Medical Marijuana

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As the Oklahoma medical marijuana industry continues to grow, we are seeing a variety of new standards set. 

Many of these standards are setting positive changes in place for the Sooner state such as the additional tax revenue the Oklahoma medical marijuana market continues to bring in. Furthermore, we are seeing patients find more solid ground with their given rights as a medical marijuana patient in Oklahoma.  

To these points, we are happy to share Oklahoma medical marijuana tax numbers from another successfully month within this wonderful sector. The sale of medical marijuana in Oklahoma continues to be a source of good revenue for the Sooner state. Hopefully, this increased revenue for the state will continue to empower positive changes within our great state.

Furthermore, we will look at the expanding topic of Oklahoma medical marijuana patient’s rights today. There recently was a case involving a patient who wanted to stop the release of their medical marijuana information. Since then they have filed for an injunction to stop Oklahoma law enforcement from accessing their medical records. 

With that said, let us dive right in!

Continued Revue from Oklahoma Medical Marijuana

The world of Oklahoma medical marijuana continues to bring positive changes to the Sooner state. In the month of July for example, the state of Oklahoma saw $2.5 million dollars in tax revenue submitted on behalf of the cannabis sector. This wonderful number can help the state reinvest this money back into programs that benefit the people of Oklahoma. The month of July continued to push this monthly revenue number higher for the state which has seen more money each month compared to the proceeding month the program operated. This has been an on-going trend nearly the entire life of the Oklahoma medical marijuana program which was started in November of 2017.

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Patient’s Rights Tested

The limits of Oklahoma medical marijuana patient’s rights are being tested with a lawsuit which was recently filed. According to The Oklahoman, The lawsuit was filed by a patient in Tusla County in response to a move by the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority or (OMMA). The state agency recently released which type of information they would be sharing about Oklahoma medical marijuana patients with state law enforcement agencies. Yet, patients should be entitled to their privacy when it comes to their medical records. Luckily, Oklahoma medical marijuana patients and patient’s rights organizations are pushing this to the court, the concept that sharing the medical records of medical marijuana patients would be a violation of their privacy rights will now be decided by the judicial system.

These changes from the OMMA have come from the passage of new legislation which aims to rework the Oklahoma medical marijuana industry. According to The Oklahoman, the part of the legislation in question here comes from “Section 4C of SB 1030, which says ‘The State Department of Health shall make available all information displayed on medical marijuana licenses, as well as whether or not the license is valid, to law enforcement electronically through the Oklahoma Law Enforcement Telecommunications System.’” It would seem there will be a legal battle over the implementation of this portion of the Oklahoma medical marijuana laws passed earlier in 2019. 

In closing, it will be interesting to watch the state continue to bring in more money from the expanding Oklahoma medical marijuana program. Furthermore, we hope to continue to help this process as we work hard to operate an Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary to the highest of standards! We also hope to continue to see patients across the great state of Oklahoma fight for their personal liberties when it comes to their medical marijuana. 

As always, if you ever have any questions we encourage you to stop by one of The Peak locations and our staff is happy to help where we can. Until next time, stay well!

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