Summertime Activities for Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Patients

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With June 21st being the official start of summer, we with The Peak felt it was a great time to a brief look at each of our many store locations. We hope you will learn about a new location with this brief highlight of our Oklahoma cannabis dispensary locations sprinkled throughout the state. Further, we want to highlight a handful of the best summertime activities here in the Sooner state. For a fun overview of summertime activities such as local amusement parks and other exciting events to enjoy this summer, continue reading below. With that said, let us dive right in!

Summertime for Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Patients

While the summertime may bring the heat to Oklahoma, it also brings a great time to relax with friends and family. With that in mind, we will look at a handful of fun summertime activities Oklahoma medical marijuana patients can enjoy! These will include trips to fairly regular activities such as going to a swimming pool, movie theatre or play. To mix things up, we also will look at the fun which can be had at an amusement park and an outdoor water park!

Cool Down with a Swimming Pool

A great way to break the summer heat hit the swimming pool. Pools offer an easy to enjoy the environment and can be great for a relaxing afternoon. This simple solution can often be forgotten but surely can provide a fun afternoon. This can even be fun with a small pool from the grocery store and a couple of water balloons! Either way is certainly going to help you beat the summer heat.

Enjoy the Amusement Park

Another great way to enjoy the summer is at the amusement park. Six flags has a roller-coaster packed park just off I-35, north of Oklahoma City. The Frontier City location is sure to bring some thrills to any thrillseeker looking to enjoy roller coasters and other rides. Tickets can run around $40 per visit but can certainly lead to an entire day worth of exciting rides and events within the theme park.

Movie Theatre or Play

The theatre can bring a nice change of pace to your day’s plans. Oklahoma City has a wonderful program through the Civic Center, featuring plays such as Hamilton. If you are into a more modern approach the movie theatre offers a convenient and easy solution to change the pace for an afternoon. With quite a few classic remakes in theatres currently, such as Aladdin, The Lion King, Men-in-Black 3, an X-men movie, John Wick sequel, and a few new titles as well- there is sure to be a good selection for you and your family.

Swim Off the Heat at the Outdoor Water Park

White Waterbay offers the fun of an outdoor water park. Located in OKC, this Six Flags park is sure to be a fun and exciting adventure. The park offers a variety of water rides and events to help you enjoy a hot summer afternoon. If you are looking for an adventure, slides, and a water wonderland, this is the spot you will want to check out this summer!

The Peak Medical Marijuana Dispensary Locations

For customer’s convenience, The Peak offers a variety of different locations. Our company proudly serves medical marijuana patients throughout the state. To this point, we will briefly run through our locations today before looking at some fun summertime activities. If you already have a favorite location for The Peak medical marijuana dispensary, we encourage you to jump below to the section highlighting fun summer activities.

Oklahoma City Dispensary

The Peak proudly offers a location in our state capital. Based conveniently in central OKC, The Peak Plaza Dispensary here offers a great variety of cannabis products. Medical marijuana patients in our state’s capital can easily access this store with parking close by. Our staff at The Peak Oklahoma City Dispensary would be thrilled to see you in for a visit this summer. Find us on Google!

Noble Dispensary

We proudly serve the city of Noble, Oklahoma with our medical marijuana dispensary. Located just off of the main street, The Peak Noble location offers medical marijuana to patients living outside of the city. Although only a half-hour or so from Oklahoma City, The Peak Noble location offers patients access to medical marijuana without the traffic of the city. For those living in rural parts of the metro area or looking for a Norman Dispensary, this location in Noble would love to see you in for a visit. Find us on Google!

Edmond Dispensary

Another convenient location comes from our Edmon medical marijuana dispensaries, just north of OKC. This location can help you avoid the congestion of the city! Our Edmond dispensary offers the same professional service you can expect from any of our locations servicing the great Oklahoma medical marijuana community. Again, only a short distance from Oklahoma City, if you find yourself near Edmon, stop by this location and say hello. Find us on Google!

McAlester Dispensary

We are thrilled to offer a handful of locations outside of the metro area, one being in McAlester, Oklahoma. This location conveniently located in eastern Oklahoma proudly serves the city of McAlester and the surrounding area with professional medical marijuana products. Next time you’re near McAlester, stop by our location to say hello. Find us on Google!

Lawton Dispensary

We proudly also service the western part of Oklahoma with a medical marijuana dispensary location in Lawton. Located a bit southwest of Oklahoma City, the Lawton dispensary within The Peak family brings the same professional service as our other locations. With that said, if you find yourself in Lawton, Oklahoma looking for a medical marijuana dispensary, stop by The Peak Lawton! Find us on Google!

In closing this week, we hope you have a wonderful start to your summer! We hope that you are able to find some exciting activities to enjoy this summer and do so while staying cool. Whether you enjoy a day at the pool, enjoying the theatre, or heading off to an amusement park, there are lots of options to cool down this summer! Furthermore, we from all The Peak locations would be thrilled to see you in for a visit to any of our shops. We hope you learned about a new Peak location after ready today. Until next time friends, stay well!

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