Police, Oklahoma Medical Marijuana, and Broader Legalization Studies

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This week we will look at couple interesting news stories which are happening across the Sooner state and broader country. With that in mind, we hope these stories will provide a better context for the Oklahoma medical marijuana community and those who benefit from Oklahoma dispensaries such as The Peak Dispensary! Today we will dive into the topic of a local police department which was accused of suppressing legal medical marijuana laws here within the Oklahoma medical marijuana community. Luckily these claims have been denied, which shows a good sign from the local police force in Owasso, Oklahoma. Another story we will look at this week is regarding national research which shows that the use of medical marijuana declines with the legalization of recreational cannabis. With that said, let us dive right into this week’s Oklahoma medical marijuana news.

Owasso PD Statement on Medical Marijuana

The police department in Owasso, Oklahoma was criticized for arresting someone with marijuana who had a valid Oklahoma medical marijuana license. The police department clarified via their social media accounts that they support the lawful right of medical patients. Furthermore, the police department said, according to a local news story from Tulsa World that the individual who was arrested with his medical marijuana card also had a few other factors which went into that arrest. These included individually packaged bags of marijuana, being over his legal limit of 42 grams, and being in possession of other illicit drugs. All of which would suggest he did indeed break the law. So the suspicions against police officers, after the long drug war, seems to be fairly reasonable. The police really have a job to uphold the law. It would also seem to be the case that these local police departments across the Sooner state are continuing to do that job, even with regards to legal Oklahoma medical marijuana.

National Research: Effects of Legalization on Medical Marijuana

Jumping into national news, research would suggest a decline in medical marijuana after the legalization of adults use cannabis. While the Oklahoma medical marijuana continues to thrive changes may be coming in eventually which could change the strong momentum the state of Oklahoma seen with their medical marijuana program. With that said, this news article looked into the impact of adult-use would have on Oklahoma medical marijuana. While this story focused on national news, it seems to be a trend that we’ve seen in enough new markets that it’s something to consider here in The Sooner State. With that in mind, research would suggest that not only does the price of medical marijuana increase after legalization it provides a few reasons as to why that may be the case. First, the state has an incentive to push adult-use cannabis which has higher tax rates and medical marijuana so they can get more in terms of tax collection. Furthermore, we need distributors, growers, processors, and other industry segments will switch over to adult-use cannabis creating a different supply and demand dynamic.

One patient quoted in the story noted that his price for medicine went from about $30 to nearly $100 with the legalization of adult-use cannabis in California in the last year. Other states such as Oregon have continued to wrestle with the concept of keeping medical marijuana prices low for patients that also trying to stifle the illicit trade in black-market switch drive when cannabis prices are low. Due to the fact that the federal government continues to prohibit the plant the prohibition creates artificial pricing standards across the country which greatly incentivize illicit activity. Trying to balance patients rights and stopping the illegal sale of cannabis can be a real challenge and maybe something States deal with until the federal government steps in to do something about existing cannabis prohibition at the federal level. In closing, we are just thrilled at the great people here in Oklahoma have allowed the Oklahoma medical marijuana industry to surge in popularity and bring in millions of dollars of tax revenue to the state.

In closing, we should expect to see or support or at the very least police officers across The Sooner State abiding by the Oklahoma medical marijuana laws. Furthermore, we believe that the medical marijuana industry should take priority over profits and we hope that such sentiment can be implemented if and when we see an Oklahoma cannabis program expand into adult usage. While these are both somewhat challenging topics to discuss, we hope that you did learn something and we thank you for reading about Oklahoma medical marijuana news.

Finally, as always, if you have any questions, we with The Peak Dispensary would be happy to help where we can. Please feel free to stop by one of our many locations and ask a staff member.

Until next time, stay well!

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