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The advent of a world with Oklahoma medical marijuana opens up a ton of interesting facts to learn, educational series, and knowledge to be found and shared with cannabis enthusiasts. Today with legalization spreading across the country and the Oklahoma medical marijuana industry blazing along since its inception last year, it is a good time to be a medical marijuana patient. With that in mind, there are now a plethora of different online resources which are available for Oklahoma medical marijuana patients. Many of these tools help empower patients to access a shop near them and quickly find the best shop for them in the crowded Oklahoma medical marijuana market. We will dive into a few of the online resources available to Oklahoma medical marijuana patients starting with Weed Advisor and also diving into Weedmaps, Leafly, and a genetics website called WikiLeaf. Genetics will always remain a personal favorite for learning more about cannabis and the interesting plant that it is. With that said, let’s dive right in friends!

Weed Advisor

The Weed Advisor website can help you find a dispensary near your location and offers an impressive list of resources for Oklahoma medical marijuana. The Weed Advisor website also offers cannabis delivery, yet this service is only available within operational markets for cannabis delivery, such as in Canada. The site can be great for an Oklahoma medical marijuana patient with an interesting e-news program centered around the cannabis sector. Finally, the Weed Advisor website also offers users access to education and learning tools which can help them become more familiar with the medical marijuana plant. The site offers an interesting list of stories with topics such as, “Does Cannabis Improve Parenting? Thousands of Mothers Say ‘Yes’” and simple educational articles such as, “What Are Edibles?” Learn more online at


Another location service which offers consumers access to the closest dispensary near them. This tool is available within the Oklahoma medical marijuana and can, as the name suggests, help patients find a map of cannabis companies in their area. The Weedmaps website offers a plethora of features for consumers to enjoy as well. This includes access to deals for Oklahoma medical marijuana, educational resources, and learning exercises which are there to help medical patients like yourself.


Leafly, another one of the most popular cannabis websites and apps available exists to empower cannabis consumers. Leafly has done a wonderful job of creating their iconic colorful strain plaques which describe the flavor, an effect, and provides interesting insights for thousands of cannabis strains. We believe this particular resource may provide some of the most beneficial aspects for any Oklahoma medical marijuana patient as they seek to find the perfect strain of cannabis for your specific ailment. With that in mind, Leafly also offers a dispensary finding tool, educational resources, news, and even coupons for consumers to take advantage of.


Last but certainly not least comes WikiLeaf. This online resource offers consumers an intriguing overview of the different types of cannabis available around the world. Similar to Leafly, the service can help patients find the best cannabis strain for their specific ailment. The strain reviews come complete with user reviews, a common list of ailments relieved by this strain, origin stories, the common effects of the particular strain, and finally, average THC testing results seen by a particular strain. All and all, it can be quite fascinating to discover a new strain of cannabis or learn about a particular strain you saw at The Peak Dispensary but had not heard of before.

We should expect to see more online resources coming available to Oklahoma medical marijuana patients in the future. As the cannabis industry grows internationally, larger and larger companies are deploying technologically fueled solutions to empower cannabis users. These four tools including WeedAdvisor, Weedmaps, Leafly, and WikiLeaf should provide any Oklahoma medical marijuana patient with ample reading material, educational tools, and dispensary finding tools they will ever need.

As always friends, if you ever have any questions, we with The Peak Dispensary are happy to help where we can.

Until next time friends, stay well!

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