Oklahoma School Declines Money from Local Dispensary

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The world of Oklahoma medical marijuana continues to evolve and bring new interesting challenges for the cannabis community to deal with.

With that in mind, the businesses and organizations across the Sooner State are adjusting to the relatively newly established cannabis operations. This has led to an interesting interaction between a local school district and an Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary.

Furthermore, the businesses that help make up the Oklahoma medical marijuana market are starting to push back against the federal government’s continued prohibition of the cannabis plant. This impacts local cannabis businesses because they do not have regular access to banking services due to the federal prohibition of the cannabis plant.

With that in mind, let us dive right in!

Local School District Denies Donation from Oklahoma Dispensary

Local School District Denies Dispensary Donation

According to Fox 59, a local school district refused monetary donations from an Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary. The school district noted it felt that a donation from a local Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary business would simply be too risky. With that in mind, the Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary chain that wanted to donate said, “Giving to schools seems like an obvious choice.” While helping the youth of Oklahoma is indeed a worthy goal, the reality is that it could be misconstrued as inappropriate for the school to accept cannabis money knowingly. 

The school district’s superintendent released a statement to Channel 4 News stating, “The Ponca City Schools appreciates the generous offer made from Flippin Farms; however, accepting donations from a medical marijuana dispensary is uncharted territory for Oklahoma school districts in relation to federal funding sources.” With little precedent to support this decision, it makes sense as to why the school district would decline the money. That said, hopefully, this is a norm that can change within the growing Oklahoma medical marijuana market. It would be a wonderful norm to start to allow the Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary businesses and other cannabis operations in the Sooner state to donate to causes such local school districts. While the logistics of public relations may get in the way for this for now, hopefully, that will change, a topic we will discuss next.

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Continues to Fight Banks

Cannabis banking continues to be held back

The Sooner State, along with the many other states that have legalized medical marijuana in America, continues to struggle to get banking access. As reported last week, a local credit union recently shut down its cannabis client’s bank accounts. With this trend being a national one, it seems the federal government will need to intervene with new regulations to open proper banking access to cannabis companies across Oklahoma. With that in mind, it may be some time before we see changes that allow a business, such as an Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary, from being able to access banking services properly. Nonetheless, the cannabis community as a whole continues to forge forward towards achieving this goal of banking normality. 

All and all, the Oklahoma medical marijuana market continues to march forward upon its path of legitimacy. While there will be more setbacks to come for an Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary, the industry as a whole certainly will be able to rise above these setbacks. The balance between this new medical marijuana and other local businesses will have to be found. Hopefully, as the medical marijuana movement at the national level continues to progress, it will also help with local issues. Too many degrees, as the federal government ends prohibition, it should help change the conversation around the cannabis plant for the positive. Hopefully, changes from the federal government around the prohibition of cannabis will be changing sooner than later, although it may take a few more years before the federal government puts all the proper changes in place. We hope to see it happen since so many states have legalized medical marijuana and adult use of cannabis across the United States. 

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