Oklahoma Regulators Begin Inspections & Expanding Who Prescribes Oklahoma Medical Marijuana

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The state of Oklahoma medical marijuana programs continues to expand and provide exciting new challenges to be overcome by businesses, patients, and medical professionals alike. With these exciting changes taking place on a regular basis, we are excited to share another weekly news update with you today! First, we will dive into a new bill which will allow Osteopathic experts to prescribe medical marijuana to their patients. This will empower a new set of medical experts across the Sooner state to implement medical marijuana for their patients as they see fit. Then we will dive into a new announcement which the state made this week which will affect us as an Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary. They will be starting inspection for medical cannabis dispensaries here in Oklahoma, which really should benefit Oklahoma medical marijuana patients. With that said, let us dive right in!

The State Expands Who Can Prescribe Oklahoma Medical Marijuana

The state has expanded who can prescribe access to within Oklahoma’s medical marijuana sector. The bill which was passed last month will authorize Osteopathic experts to issue medical marijuana cards. An Osteopathic expert is a specialized professional focus on the body as a whole and how each different part can impact your health and well being. This change came into effect with the passage of SB 162, according to Weed News. With this exciting update to the Oklahoma medical marijuana laws, we should all within the Oklahoma medical marijuana community untie to celebrate this minor achievement. With the passage of SB 162, the state will open up a whole new group of medical experts to be able to better serve their patients. Hopefully, this brings a new light to patients who may benefit from medical marijuana in the Sooner state but are not yet familiar with the many different intricacies involved with Oklahoma medical marijuana. All and all, it should be seen as a positive sign for the young Oklahoma medical marijuana industry.

Oklahoma Regulators to Begin Inspections on Medical Cannabis Dispensaries

The state of Oklahoma medical marijuana regulators will begin inspecting businesses. Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensaries should be prepared for this as there has been a long grace period for food manufacturers in particular. While this may create extra work for stores to comply with the inspections, it certainly should be seen as a powerful sign for our young industry. The state has noted that food inspections for CBD will also be included in these inspections, noting that the grace period for businesses to get their food licenses has passed. With this, the Oklahoma law allows for a variety of edibles, all of which will be subject to the regulations of the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority and the Department of Health. Hopefully, as well, it will benefit patients who will now know from an outside third party which dispensaries can past the inspections with flying colors. We with the Peak Dispensary remain committed to providing a clean and efficient process to serve you the best of what Oklahoma medical marijuana has to offer!

In closing, we are thrilled to see these changes coming to the Oklahoma medical marijuana community. These changes should help expand the medical marijuana sector for patients and help ensure stores and businesses are providing honest and proper service behind closed doors. Something that should be taken extra seriously since the focus is on the medicinal applications of marijuana. While there will indeed be an extra amount of work for Oklahoma medical marijuana businesses, it should help weed out bad players and make the industry stronger in the long run. All and all we welcome any change to the Oklahoma medical marijuana industry which makes us better and more durable to the continued federal prohibition of the cannabis plant. We also believe patients should be put first and are happy to note that both of these changes should benefit patients more than anyone else in the community.

As always, we with The Peak Dispensary are here if you have any questions about Oklahoma medical marijuana. Until next time, stay well!

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