Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Statistics & Patient with Cannabis Seeds Seized Finds Justice

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The Oklahoma medical marijuana industry continues to establish new norms, while also bringing in millions of dollars worth of revenue for businesses. Recently the state reported sales statistics for Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary sales. These numbers show the great progress this program has made in less than a year. Also, we will be looking at an interesting story in which a patient made a purchase of cannabis seeds from an Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary and the seeds were confiscated from them. This all happened on the popular police show, Live PD. With that said, let us dive right into these exciting stories.

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Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Sees Nearly 130 Thousand Patients

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The month of May brought nearly 25 million dollars in from medical marijuana sales, with a registered patient count over 125,000 individuals. According to KOCO 9 News, Medical Marijuana sales in May topped nearly $25 million. The state has also reported numbers that show 129,000 patients have already registered for the Oklahoma medical marijuana program. With these exciting numbers both small businesses, Oklahoma medical marijuana patients, and even the state seem to be benefiting from regulated cannabis.

These numbers show just how far-reaching the program has become and all of which has taken just more than a year. The growth in Oklahoma medical marijuana patients seems to make sense because of the changing public perception around cannabis. This has largely been due to the Oklahoma medical marijuana community and speaks volumes of the cannabis plant’s healing power. As the industry moves forward and works so that we continue to see these positive sides of growth within the newly legalized cannabis medical markets. Since The Peak offers locations across Oklahoma such as with our Tulsa dispensary and Oklahoma City dispensary, among many locations such as Lawton, Norman, Moore, and Noble- we are thrilled to see the growth of patients, dispensaries, and revenue for the state being generated by Oklahoma medical marijuana shops.

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Patient Seeds Confiscated on LivePD

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During the broadcasting of the popular police TV show Live PD, a member of the Oklahoma medical marijuana community was pulled over. The medical patient had cannabis seeds with him at the time, which were confiscated from him by the police. The issue has already drawn the attention of State officials that noted the Oklahoma medical marijuana laws are fairly new and therefore their remains enforcement discrepancies.

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A police officer criticizes the patient’s storage of the seeds. This was stated by the officer during the live broadcast, with him saying the seeds did not have proper packaging. Cannabis packaging is only required by Oklahoma dispensaries to use, not patients specifically. The officer failed to note that patients are not required to abide by such packaging regulations. This point was further illustrated by state officials the following morning after the airing of this Live PD episode. While the patient should be able to get access back to his legal medical marijuana seeds, it certainly does present an undue burden for this patient who happened to be pulled over by a police officer taking a more aggressive approach to the newly passed Oklahoma medical marijuana laws.

In closing, we are thrilled to see the continued progress of the young Oklahoma medical marijuana industry with positive sales numbers and patient counts which continue to be a growing trend. While these are certainly positives, there are still some roadblocks- or perhaps better phrased as minor hurdles we as the Oklahoma medical marijuana community need to face and overcome. These include educating our police officers to be better informed about the actual regulatory requirements for medical marijuana in Oklahoma. As well as establishing an easier method for patients to get their medicine back when it is unjustly confiscated. Although the latter point may be a difficult one to get past we do believe it should be a cornerstone of Oklahoma law enforcement to ensure they are following the rule of law themselves.

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