Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Shows Amazing First Year Results

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The Oklahoma medical marijuana community shows the power of regulating a valuable plant within our great midwestern state. With the one year anniversary to Oklahoma medical marijuana just recently passed, the state has released statistics for nearly the end of the year. To that point, we will review the record year which the Oklahoma medical marijuana community was able to cultivate here in the Sooner state. This includes a huge patient count which shows the success of the program in one easy metric. After we review the record year the Oklahoma medical marijuana market has seen, we will also take a moment to provide a short perspective on the first year. We hope to be able to give a wonderful take on the market as an Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary. That being said, let us dive right in!

A Record Year for Oklahoma medical Marijuana

KFOR local news reports that the Oklahoma medical marijuana industry is about to hit 150,000 patients enrolled. This huge number has provided an immense amount of healing to the people of Oklahoma. With 33 medical marijuana states operating across the United States, Oklahoma has skyrocketed to nearly the top the list with the most enrolled patients. This has empowered thousands of Oklahomans to access medical marijuana throughout our great state who can now be serviced by stores such as The Peak Dispensary in Edmond, Lawton, or any of our many locations. Furthermore, it has helped countless others in terms of the jobs which have been created with the advent of the Oklahoma medical marijuana market.

The Oklahoma medical marijuana industry continues to create new jobs

Further to the point of employment, this hyper-growth trend has also been replicated by the business licenses within the Oklahoma medical marijuana sector. The state changes in cannabis regulations have created thousands of jobs within the new Oklahoma medical marijuana industry. To this point, the Sooner state has seen nearly 1,500 business licenses which have been acquired to operate an Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary or other cannabis business. This license is required for any cannabis business such as an Oklahoma City dispensary as we have at The Peak. The licensing process may be harder to keep up with as time goes on and more regulations come into marijuana marketplace

Perspective from an Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Dispensary

We have to start with a warm thank you to all the patients who shop with The Peak! We do appreciate you and are thrilled to be able to help bring you the finest Oklahoma medical marijuana that we can! That being said, it has been a wonderful first year servicing Oklahoma medical marijuana patients. Operating an Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary has been a wonderful honor, one which we with The Peak have been thrilled to fulfill. 

In closing, we want to send another warm thank you to all the Oklahoma medical marijuana patients and staff members who have helped make The Peak succeed. We appreciate each and every one of you while we all work to make the Oklahoma medical marijuana industry a lasting place of healing. We are thrilled to have been apart of this community’s success and hope to be able to serve the Oklahoma medical marijuana industry for many days into the future!

As always, if you ever have questions about Oklahoma medical marijuana, stop by one of The Peak locations and ask our staff. We are always happy to help where we can! Thank you for stopping by to read The Peak blog. Until next time, stay well!

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