Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Rules Cause Some Confusions & A Review of the Unity Bill

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As the new Oklahoma medical marijuana industry continues to grow and mature, we see changes that were once merely legislative suggestions, now going into full effect as laws. To this point, the Unity Bill went into full force last week, which provides several new changes to the Oklahoma medical marijuana market. This will bring a few different benefits to Oklahoma medical marijuana patients across the state too. 

Another impact of the Unity Bill going in to effect, Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensaries face new regulations that have stirred some confusion among business operators. Tulsa World News reports that seems to be a trend seen across the Oklahoma medical marijuana market with many dispensaries reporting confusions. Luckily, the disorder will not affect patients having access to their medicine. 

With that said, let us dive right in! 

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Rules Cause Some Businesses Confusion

Confusion among Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary certificate required by the new state law.

The New on 6 reported this week that Oklahoma medical marijuana businesses were having trouble with a few new state regulations. According to the news outlet, some companies face confusion over the new requirements for licensing. The problem reported across the state from industry experts and lawyers has been the state has not responded to requests for clarification on a new license, known as a certificate of compliance. Since regulations and licensing are regular parts of the cannabis industry, this type of confusion can be reasonably expected as the state works to regulate an industry from the ground up. 

It would seem the responsibility will be with local governments, such as cities or counties across the state to issue guidance on how an Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary can get the certificate of compliance. The certificate will be another license businesses such as an Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary will have to get every year to operate in the Sooner State. The state does outline how the renewal process will work. Therefore, one the confusion regarding the initial licensing process is cleared up it should be an easy process for business moving forward.

Review of the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Unity Bill

The Unity bill will provide patients with more rights.

The Tulsa World news outlet reports how new benefits go into full effect for medical marijuana patients across the state. This bill will empower patients across the Sooner State. Oklahoma medical marijuana patients can now rest assured their 2nd amendment rights will not be tampered with if they have an active license. Furthermore, the bill will prevent local authorities from restricting patients from shopping and using products from an Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary. Most of the drawback to the law will be regulations which affect businesses more so than patients, but some will also affect patients.

The bill will also establish requirements for employees who work in industries that are deemed safety-sensitive. Safety-sensitive jobs will include positions such as firefighters or others, such as heavy machine operators. Another restriction will be that a doctor cannot prescribe cannabis to a patient within the same location as an Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary. These restrictions may affect some patients, but most shouldn’t see a difference with their experience within the Oklahoma medical marijuana industry, as long as their job is not affected.

In closing, we are sure the confusion caused by these new regulations will be sorted out in proper time. Luckily, it will not affect patients and will only impact an Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensaries and their licensing staff. Furthermore, the passage of the Unity Bill and the law going into full effect last week will provide patients with a lot of benefits. These benefits for Oklahoma medical marijuana patients outweigh any extra licensing trouble stores may see. Finally, remember to expect more changes as this nascent sector becomes more of a cornerstone to Oklahoma communities.

Finally, remember that if you ever have any questions about Oklahoma medical marijuana, The Peak Dispensary is happy to help where we can. 

Until next time friends, stay well!

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