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The Oklahoma medical marijuana industry continues to move forward with exciting progress. This week within the world of Oklahoma medical marijuana news we look at two interesting stories affecting the local cannabis community. Both of which bring a bit of positive news to the young Sooner cannabis community. 

First, we will look at a new requirement by the state of Oklahoma for medical marijuana to be tested. This will help ensure patients across the Oklahoma medical marijuana community will get a quality product, proven with test results. While it may lead to increased costs for businesses,  the benefit to patients should be seen as well worth this extra cost.

In other Oklahoma medical marijuana news, a local Mayor in Blackwell, Oklahoma had to forfeit his dispensary license. The local Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary owner was forced to give up his business license after the passage and implementation of the Unity Bill.

With that said, let us dive in and take a deeper look!

Mandatory Testing Required for MMJ in Oklahoma

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana testing

According to KFOR local news outlet, the state of Oklahoma will require medical marijuana businesses to test their cannabis products prior to selling to patients across the Sooner state. Due to the sometimes intensive growing practices used to increase the cannabis plant’s yields, testing for heavy metals and other pesticides is a vital process in ensuring the safety of cannabis medicine. With that said, patients should rest assured that while testing only recently became a required process by the State of Oklahoma state legislature- many businesses were testing their medical marijuana before it was required. This practice should be seen as an easy choice for any business looking to serve patients with the best care.

That being said, there are costs which are associated with testing cannabis products. You may notice that facilities where testing was not a norm prior to the new state regulations, lead to a price increase for medical marijuana products now that testing is required. The costs though are nothing terribly expensive when taken into account with the costs of growing cannabis, to begin with. According to one state operator quoted in the story, “We’re talking about $40 a pound,” Wendy Hampton, CEO at Express Toxicology Services, said. A complete test requires a 10-pound batch, so the total cost is about $400.” With that in mind, the state now requires this process which will include some additional costs for businesses. All and all though, these extra costs should be taken on as the industry works to service patients looking to use cannabis as a form of medicine.

Mayor Forced to Surrender Business License After Unity Bill

Business License Surrendered After Unity Bill Passed

In another interesting local news story, KFOR reports that a Blackwell, Oklahoma mayor will have to give up his medical marijuana commercial license after the passage of the Unity Bill by the state. The Unity Bill, passed by the Oklahoma state legislature earlier this year went into effect recently. With the passage of this bill, the state implemented new requirements and restrictions which barred public officials from owning a medical marijuana business license. This came into play when local authorities realized that the Mayor of Blackwell, Oklahoma recently purchased a medical marijuana cultivation license which is in violation of the new law since he operates as a public official. 

Finally, remember that the young Oklahoma medical marijuana industry should continue to see more changes as the industry grows and matures. With that in mind, the state implementing new rules which help to protect patients will always be something we applaud here at The Peak Dispensary. Furthermore, we are glad to see that the State of Oklahoma has worked to seal up loose ends within the new industry. The passage of bills that help to resolve conflicts of industry such as public officials holding an Oklahoma medical marijuana business license should be applauded as well. All and all, we are thrilled to share this positive week of news with Oklahoma medical marijuana patients across the state.

In closing, remember the team with The Peak Dispensary is always happy to help where we can. Stop by one of our many dispensary locations, and a member of our staff is pleased to help where they can.

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