Oklahoma Medical Marijuana in the Workplace and Our Pets

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With the world of Oklahoma medical marijuana taking over the Sooner state, we have seen many different rippled effects come from the newly medicalized plant. First, taking a substance which has been prohibited for decades and still is by the federal government should come as no surprise for having a ripple effect.

With this in mind today, we will dive into how Oklahoma medical marijuana can affect you at your workplace. Further, we will look into the question if an employer can punish you for being an Oklahoma medical marijuana patient. Then we will transition gears towards our pets and how our beloved animals have been impacted by Oklahoma’s medical marijuana regulatory change. We will dive into the more troubling issue of cannabis being accidentally consumed by our pets, what to do if that happens, and how to prevent it. With that said, let us dive right in!

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana in the Workplace

Workplace and Oklahoma Cannabis
Workplace and Oklahoma Cannabis

Can an employer punish you for having a medical marijuana card in Oklahoma? This challenging question varies from state to state but in the Sooner state, the short answer is no. There are some minor loops holes where an employer may penalize their staff for having THC in their system. These cases are fairly rare but they do exist. The state allows an employer to punish an employee for THC in their system only if, “imminently lose a monetary- or licensing-related benefit under federal law.” This should be seen as great news for Oklahoma medical marijuana patients. For most jobs there are protections for your medical marijuana consumption unless the company you are working for has a federal contract, you could see repercussions for consuming cannabis. Due to the continued prohibition of cannabis at the federal level, this should come as no surprise though. The federal government will need to change cannabis regulations to completely resolve this issue but luckily there are some state protections here in Oklahoma. While the issue of workplace safety certainly should be a priority, we are thrilled to see our great state of Oklahoma ensuring patient rights for medical marijuana are protected.

Pets Affected by Oklahoma Medical Marijuana

Cannabis and our pets
Cannabis and our pets

According to a local news source, veterinarians are frustrated with the rise in dogs with amounts of THC in their system. While the use of Oklahoma medical marijuana can greatly help patients, our pets simply cannot handle the plant in the same manner as we can. Furthermore, the weight difference between pets and humans plays a large role in this, with even a minor dosage potentially have a drastic effect on a dog.

According to the news report, dogs suffering from cannabis consumption can have symptoms which include vomiting, changes in heart rate, seizures, and changes to their mental state. While the vet said they are not out to report anyone or get anyone in trouble if they seek assistance when their pet accidentally consumes cannabis but it is a troubling trend. A great way to avoid this is to keep your medical marijuana inside the child-proof containers and away from lower cabinets in your house. Remember as well, while medical marijuana is considered a non-lethal drug with no real threat for overdosing, that is not the case when our pets consume the substance. If you do find yourself with a pet who has accidentally consumed cannabis then contact your vet for assistance immediately.

In closing, the rippled effects of the Oklahoma medical marijuana legalization effort have slowly been starting to appear. How Oklahoma medical marijuana affects your career is one example of this which luckily the state has a fairly reasonable regulatory approach too. Furthermore, we are seeing more and more pets suffering from mistaken cannabis consumption which should be a sounding alarm for people to better keep their stash hidden and away from their pets. With this in mind, if you do find yourself with a pet you believe consumed cannabis by mistake, we do recommend you call your vet! All and all though, if you are responsible it should not be an issue.

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