Oklahoma Medical Marijuana: Facebook and Cannabis Dispute

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As the Oklahoma medical marijuana industry continues to grow, we are seeing challenges and solutions come about to this young sector. We are seeing the Oklahoma medical marijuana industry become more of a cornerstone to the state and nationally emerging cannabis movement. 

With the wonderful addition of Oklahoma medical marijuana, we are seeing the state take its place the cannabis industry as a whole. To that point, this week we will look at an Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary which has pushed accusations against the social media giant Facebook to court in regards to their cannabis advertising restrictions.

Further to this point, we will look at the overall struggle cannabis companies and Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensaries, who both can’t utilize a massive and normal marketing avenue to reach their customers. Unlike other more established industries, cannabis companies around allowed to market on Facebook, Google, and many other social media platforms.

With that being said, let us dive right in.

Facebook Sued by Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Dispensary

According to KFOR News, a group of local Oklahoma medical marijuana companies have opted to take the social media giant, Facebook to court over their restrictions on medical marijuana. The group includes seven different Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensaries who are hoping to find a resolution from Facebook, “claiming that the social media website is locking down their pages when they post about their businesses.” The group points to the Facebook terms which describe non-medical drugs as being restricted explicitly. Although this has been a practice by many of the major tech giants, the group suing give the social media giant a strong reason to reconsider their restrictions placed on medical marijuana companies. This could have a huge impact on Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensaries around the state and where they would be allowed to market.

The lawsuit claims damages for each of the participants in the lawsuit because they claim they use Facebook’s platform to attract customers to their business. Furthermore, the lawsuit notes how the Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary’s who are suing Facebook note how their company pages are still locked. The group of Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensaries in the lawsuit also note how they cannot contact anyone within the Facebook organization to help resolve the issue. Finally, the lawsuit specifically notes Mark Zuckerburg, famed Facebook CEO as someone to be held accountant for their business loss.

A National Problem for Cannabis Brands

Cannabis across America

One reality of cannabis being federally illegal is that cannabis companies are heavily restricted on how they can market their products. Many digital avenues where marketing takes place traditional are not available to cannabis companies. These include platforms such as Google and Facebook. While this can make operating an Oklahoma medical marijuana facility difficult, it is something that tall dispensaries deal with across the state. So, the same goes for a Noble dispensary as it does for a Norman dispensary or Lawton dispensary. All and all, it really is a national problem too which goes beyond just marketing. For example, a cannabis dispensary anywhere in the nation will have a hard time getting banking access for the same reason as they have trouble with marketing on Facebook.

All and all, the industry still needs to establish itself as a normal industry in the eyes of the federal government to truly allow for normal business services. Nonetheless, even with the federal government restricting the cannabis plant in 2019, we with The Peak are thrilled to be able to serve the medical marijuana patients in Oklahoma. Operating an Oklahoma medical marijuana center in Oklahoma has been a true blessing despite the challenges we with cannabis being illegal federally.

From The Peak staff, we hope you all stay well!

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