Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Equivalence and the Art of Mastering Edibles

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As more patients continue to join the booming Oklahoma medical marijuana community, the need for awareness on the intricacies of cannabis will be required. Luckily, we with The Peak Dispensary would be thrilled to help educate the community about Oklahoma edibles. To understand a cannabis edible, it is important to know that edibles differ greatly from consuming flower. For example, medical marijuana edible doses can be a bit less straightforward and require more planning than consuming flower. Generally speaking, edibles require more patience when consuming because the effects of an edible will take up to a couple of hours to completely activate. After we review some of the best practices with cannabis edibles, we will also look into some of the more popular edible available here in the great Sooner state. With that said, let us dive right in!

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana equivalence for flower & edibles

While the state of Oklahoma has not formally released information about medical marijuana edibles and how they equate to cannabis flower, there luckily are many other resources to look to. For example, the state of Colorado, where medical marijuana has become a cornerstone to the local economy years ago, released a guide to cannabis equivalency to better serve medical marijuana patients and cannabis consumers. Furthermore, many within the cannabis industry have stepped up to the plate to better define equivalency for cannabis across the many different applications of this versatile plant. With that said, the image below does a great job of showcasing about how much of an edible can compare to flower or concentrates. Though it should be noted, the below image does not have personal dosages, instead, we will translate these numbers into more bite-sized pieces below as well. Hopefully, that’s apparent with the ounce starting point but we wanted to say so explicitly.

Edible dosages

Edible dosages can be a bit tricky and require some testing for each individual to understand what dosage works best for them. Further to that point, make sure to always start low with edibles! You can always eat more, though you should wait at least two hours before  With that said, the numbers above should be seen as a general rule of thumb more so than something that will affect everyone the same. In general, though, a single gram of flower is equal to approximately 30 mg of THC in an edible. While most folks only consume ⅓ or ¼ of a gram of flower, the normal edible dosage is therefore set at 10 mg. While the tolerance of a user has a lot to do with this, creating specifics for each individual person- this is a great general rule to go by.  

An interesting note on the topic of cannabis equivalency between flower and edibles, edibles are processed by our body to produce a different version of THC than when cannabis is smoked or vaporized. The edible version of THC is produced by the liver to enter our system, versus through the lungs and via combustion while smoking cannabis. The liver produces a compound which is 10-15 times stronger than what we get through cannabis smoke. This may seem like a huge difference and it truly is. With that in mind, this is the main reason edibles are sold by the milligram and medical marijuana flower by the gram.

Medical Marijuana Edibles require patience

Another important note to stress is the time delay with cannabis edibles. While we certainly have mentioned this before, this point is key to be driven home! Remember, smoking or vaporizer cannabis flower can take effect in minutes. Whereas an edible may be delayed as much as two or three hours before it goes into full effect. Everyone’s body is different and this will depend upon a host of factors such as your metabolism or how recently you ate food. With that said, remember to start low and go slow when consuming medical marijuana edibles.

Other tips for Medical Marijuana Edibles

Medical marijuana edibles and alcohol should not be mixed

It really is a great idea to not mix your edible experience with alcohol. This can lead to a host of different problems ranging from overconsumption of either substance or getting the spins due to the edible and alcohol combination. It is, therefore, best to avoid mixing alcohol and edibles even if you are a toker who enjoys a glass of wine with their medical marijuana smoked. The effects of edibles are quite a bit different from that of smoking cannabis flower, so we put this tip as number one.

Keep munchies handy

Keep munchies nearby before eating a cannabis edible

Second, make sure you are keeping nonmedicated snacks nearby. Medical marijuana edibles seem to cause the munchies with a higher frequency than traditional cannabis smoke. You should consider the old adage, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” Ha, while this may be a bit too serious for medical marijuana edibles, it does apply to this rule.  Make sure before you enjoy any infused snacks to grab some chips, veggies, or something to munch on once the edibles kick in to make sure you do not end up only having an infused snack around when the munchies do start to kick in!

Get your chores done first

Third, focus on safety before you consume any medical marijuana-infused treats. This can include making sure you have gotten all your chores done first so you are not tempted to drive after you eat an edible. Even if you don’t quite feel the effects of an infused treat yet, you should not drive a vehicle because you can never know with certainty when a medical marijuana edible will kick in. To this point, it would be the worst-case scenario and highly dangerous if you were to operate a motorized vehicle while the edibles start to kick in! Another point regarding being safe with medical marijuana in Oklahoma is to keep it away from children and pets. While child-proof packaging may be a step in the right direction, it is best to simply keep your edibles in a hard to reach spot so little hands cannot get to them! Further, don’t rely on the table to store your edibles since pets and little ones can get on top of things you wouldn’t believe. Instead, keep them in a closet or better yet, in a locked cabinet

CBD can help ease an edible

Fourth, edibles can be a bit overwhelming for some people when they are first getting into them. This is why we cannot stress enough starting with a low dosage, even if you are a heavy cannabis consumer. If you want to be extra safe, you can keep some CBD nearby when you take your edible. Due to the fact that THC and CBD both are cannabinoids, they occupy the same sensors within our bodies and brains. Through this process, CBD can actually help you if you start to feel overwhelmed by the edible. This trick can be a wonderful solution for those who are starting out with edibles and find even a single 10 mg dosage to be a little bit too much for their liking. Keep some CBD handy and this should help make the experience more enjoyable.

Be sure to remain calm when enjoying a medical marijuana edible.

Finally, we come to our fifth point, listen to your body and remain calm. When you are taking a medical marijuana edible, it is important you stay in tune with your own body. Are you feeling comfortable? While enjoying an edible is different from consuming flower, they do have enough similarities that you could compare them to one another. This general rule of thumb should help ensure you have an enjoyable and relieving time when consuming medical marijuana-infused treats.

In closing, remember to take into consideration the different dosages for medical marijuana edibles. Also, as we have said many times, always be sure to take edibles slow and at low dosages! This tip cannot be stressed enough, even for heavy medical marijuana consumers.  Furthermore, follow our five tips outlined above and you should be set for a wonderful cannabis-infused treat experience. Finally, as always, we with The Peak Dispensary are always happy to answer any questions you have, so feel free to ask next time you visit one of our locations. Until then, take care!

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