Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Dispensary Billboard & Cannabis Waste Program

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As Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensaries become more commonplace, we are seeing the new addition to the local economy seep into other aspects of life. This includes more real estate being purchased, more jobs being created, and all other aspects that come along with additionals businesses operating. With that in mind, today we will look at two interesting local stories about Oklahoma medical marijuana.

As the Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary and other cannabis businesses become more of a norm, they are taking advantage of marketing avenues. This includes having billboards. To this point, one local community reacts to a new Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary billboard which arose in their neighborhood. 

Furthermore, the state has released information about a new program to allow for the processing of cannabis waste products, such as leaves and roots from the growing process. This can be seen as another aspect in which Oklahoma medical marijuana has seeped into. It also presents an interesting new business which will be started to help support the burgeoning Oklahoma medical marijuana industry.

With that said, let us dive right in to take a closer look at this week’s Oklahoma medical marijuana news! 

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Dispensary Billboard

The world of medical marijuana has brought another interesting trend with Oklahoma seeing its first billboard. According to the Tulsa World, there has been a new medical marijuana billboard which has arisen. The billboard for an Oklahoma medical marijuana business has rustled some families who do not want their children to see advertisements for such businesses. The story in the Tulsa World article which describes the experience of a Texas family who was driving through the Sooner state and felt uncomfortable by the questions the billboard raised with their children.

That being said, the billboard does thread a fine line which businesses advertising their products of medical marijuana carefully and thoughtfully. There must be a way for Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensaries to reach patients. With that said, there must be an effort to curve advertising to minors and restricting it where reasonably possible. That is the fine line which must be taken into consideration when advertising medical marijuana. Luckily, studies show that teenage and underage usage of cannabis has actually dropped when the plant is properly regulated such as what we have with Oklahoma medical marijuana. In closing, if you are on your way to The Peak Dispensary in Pauls Valley, also known as The Valley Dispensary, you may see the billboard along the I-35 corridor.

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Waste Disposal

The Oklahoma medical marijuana industry continues to bring new changes to the state and introducing new jobs with new businesses. As reported from Tahlequah Daily Press, there will be ten licenses which the state of Oklahoma will issue for Oklahoma medical marijuana waste disposal companies. These companies will pick up and process by-products of the cannabis growing such as leaves, roots, and soil. The businesses were signed into law as a bill passed in the 2019 Oklahoma legislative. All and all, it will be good to see the Oklahoma medical marijuana industry progress further along as a cornerstone to the local Oklahoma economy.

In closing, we believe there will be continued changes and interesting dynamics presented by the Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensaries. We should expect to see more interesting challenges for the new Oklahoma medical marijuana industry to face and overcome. Hopefully, the industry continues to rise above these challenges as more aspects of medical marijuana continues to unfold across the state of Oklahoma. Luckily, we are also seeing easily positive aspects such as that with the creation of cannabis waste disposal businesses. That being said, we should also expect more new jobs and innovations to come from this budding industry.

In closing, thank you for stopping by to read the blog. If you ever have any questions about Oklahoma medical marijuana, we with The Peak Dispensary are always happy to help where we can.

Until next time, stay well!

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