Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Continues Path of Maturity

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Continuing on the Path Forward

Oklahoma medical marijuana continues to pave the way as an excellent example of implementing a new cannabis regulatory program at the state level. The benefits brought to the citizens, patients, and businesses such as an Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary have been fantastic. With that in mind, we are thrilled to share more progress forward the Sooner State has taken with regard to cannabis.

First, today is a story about an exciting report regarding a new license issued to an Oklahoma medical marijuana testing facility. This should be the first step towards federal re-scheduling of the cannabis plant. Furthermore, it is a fascinating development to see this license be granted to the Oklahoma medical marijuana community.

Second, we have a more troubling story that has gripped the Oklahoma medical marijuana regulatory agency. Despite being alarmed, the incident occurred earlier this week, and luckily no one was injured. Furthermore, the event involved social media which helped spur the situation into the police taking action.

With that in mind, let us dive in and take a closer look at this week’s news within the Oklahoma medical marijuana sector!

A2LA Accredits First Lab for Oklahoma Marijuana

Oklahoma medical marijuana testing facility accredited

Starting on a positive note, the A2LA selected a cannabis lab in Oklahoma for its accreditation process. According to the Cannabis Industry Journal, this will be the first licensed Oklahoma medical marijuana lab to exists in the Sooner State. The license has been certified to “support safe consumption of cannabis,” which is an admirable goal for Oklahoma cannabis labs to have. Hopefully, this is the first of many testing labs across the state which will be approved and accredited as the industry matures.

The accreditation comes from the American Association for Laboratory Accreditations, A2LA for short. The agency is well known for its certification process, which should help provide an excellent baseline as the state itself works on official guidelines for testing requirements. Currently, the state of Oklahoma is still in the process of developing the testing regulations. That being said, the A2LA accreditation should be seen as a wonderful step in the right direction.

OSBI Investigates Threats to Head of Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Agency

Social media causing problems for Oklahoma medical marijuana industry officials.

According to the local news outlet, KOBO, there has been an OSBI investigation started due to threats made against the head of the Oklahoma marijuana regulatory agency. Social media fueled the incident and eventually led to the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation to get involved. In recent days, online posts have surfaced depicting the agency head in troubling circumstances which depict violence. The response from the state agents investigating has been a quiet one surrounding the case. Hopefully, it’s a case of an online joke being taken too far. 

As the Oklahoma medical marijuana industry matures, we should see more exciting steps of progress such as this testing facility being accredited. In an ideal world, the progress would continue on a positive path only. In reality, the path is a bit bumpier as we see from the threats made against the agency operator. Overall, hopefully, the industry can bring more positive influences into the world with the above example, instead of the lower story.

In closing, it is exciting to see the Oklahoma medical marijuana industry continues to develop further. As the industry grows, it is wonderful to see positive signs of progression, such as the testing license issued in the state. Furthermore, the industry and specifically, individuals within the Oklahoma medical marijuana sector continue to solve problems and issues such as the one with the threat made. Hopefully, no one is hurt, and any real culprit is caught quickly. All and all, it does show the resiliency of this newly legalized Oklahoma medical marijuana market. 

Finally, as always, thank you for reading this week’s Oklahoma cannabis news from The Peak Dispensary! If you ever have any questions about Oklahoma medical marijuana, stop by one of our many locations and a member of our staff would be happy to help where they can. 

Until next time, stay well!

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