Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Concentrate Overview

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The Oklahoma medical marijuana marketplace is set to open up within the coming months, faster than many programs across the country have been implemented in the past. Although initially, the program will limit sales of cannabis to edibles, this is expecting to change in time to expand the program into cannabis smokable products as well. Through these medicalization efforts, medical marijuana patients in Oklahoma should finally have legal access to some of the new and vibrant variety of further refined, smokeable, and concentrated cannabis goods. This includes old school methods of extraction such as bubble hash which was popularized in the ’70s with many varieties coming out of Morocco and other regions in the middle east and north Africa. Furthermore, consumers in more developed markets have grown fond of the solvent extracts which include the popular wax and shatter varieties we see in the marketplace today in parts of the country.

There are many different types of exciting concentrates in the world of cannabis today. With that, we will take a closer look at each type and discuss the benefits to consumers that come with each variety.

Kief – The Oklahoma medical cannabis market will surely offer kief sooner than later as this is a staple extract and a simple one to produce. Many consumers can recognize this from collection at the bottom of their grinders as they go through their stash. Kief is the frosty trichomes of a cannabis nugget which have fallen off to produce an extract which ranges from 30% to 60% potency, about double that of a traditional flower.

Bubble Hash – Bubble hash is one of the oldest methods of extraction which only requires the use of water and ice to create this magical smokable treat. Popularized many decades ago with potency levels coming in a bit higher than kief usually around 45% to 75%.

Butane Honey Oil – A broad title which may appear within an Oklahoma dispensary in the future to describe a variety of hash which has been process with the solvent butane. This is often referred to as BHO instead of butane honey oil. Although that’s a bit intimidating, the science behind butane production remains confident that such solvents are removed prior to the consumption of this particular extract. These extracts can pop in potency as high as 60% to 90%.

Wax – Perhaps the most common type of extract seen in medical marijuana markets today is wax. This is a derivative of the BHO extraction method where the lipids of the plant are left intact to create a product which often times looks like something from your ear, hence its name wax. This product can range in potency from 60% to 85% depending on the genetics and extraction artists managing the run.

Shatter – Another extremely common type of extract seen in medical cannabis markets across the country. Shatter is simply a more refined version of wax, which has had the lipids removed from the material to create a crystal-like structure for this product. This is usually slightly more potent than wax, with potency ranging from 70% to 95%.

CO2 Oil – The honey-like consistency of CO2 oil is often perfect for adding a bit of flair to a joint or packed bowl. This product is also able to be dabbed on a nail with an oil rig. It’s produced with carbon dioxide and often times a secondary solvent such as hexane to produce either cut or uncut CO2 oil. It’s a popular choice to health conscious cannabis consumers since uncut CO2 oil does not use anything other than carbon dioxide for the extraction technique. Potency is very similar to that of butane honey oil.

Live Resin – A newly popularized form of extraction which aims to preserve the tasty terpenes and other flavonoids found in the cannabis plant through a freezing process immediately after a plant is harvested. This can be a tricky process and leads to a very small yield from the frozen wet plant to the final extract product but also an extremely tasty smoke. Potency can be upwards of 90% plus with live resins.

– Another new product which has been popularized since the medical marijuana wave took over the country in the last decade. This product is created with fresh buds which are pressed with extremely high levels of heat and pressure to drain out the resin glands found in the cannabis flower. This is then scraped together to create of the most flavorful and purest form of cannabis extract in our opinion.

Crystals & Sauce – A new type of extraction which creates a wonderful product at the end with pure THC crystals and then a terpene dominant sauce that pairs together wonderfully. It may be a moment for the Oklahoma cannabis market to offer crystals and sauce but it will be a surefire hit once it’s available from processors in the Sooner state.

Distillate – A variety of extract which uses advanced scientific methods to create a nearly pure form of cannabinoids. This is the most common type of product found in vape pens as it’s liquid form is easy for burning through electric vaporizers. Distillate can have terpenes added back into it to create a memorable and flavorful experience for consumers.

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