Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Brings High Demand and The Famous High Times Cannabis Cup Comes to OKC

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The Oklahoma medical marijuana industry continues to bring wonderful news to share. The industry has brought many new jobs to the Sooner state and helped generate a wealth of new tax revenue for the state to enjoy as well. To these points, the Oklahoma medical marijuana industry has been recorded as one of the fastest-growing sectors of cannabis in the entire country. This has been wonderful news to hear and something any Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary or the patient could have foreseen coming!

To showcase this point, the classic High Times Cannabis Cup has announced record entries to the Oklahoma version of their famous event. This event has been one of the premier cannabis events within the entire world for over 20 years now. With that in mind, the event has held cannabis competitions in California, Oregon, Colorado, and many other national venues such as in Amsterdam many years ago. We are thrilled to hear that it will be coming to bring its cannabis competition to the great Oklahoma medical marijuana industry this year!

With that in mind, we will take a closer look at the growing Oklahoma medical marijuana industry today and also provide a brief overview of the Oklahoma medical marijuana High Times Cannabis Cup event coming in 2019. With that said, let us dive right in!

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Sees Huge Growth

Oklahoma medical marijuana industry growth

According to MJBizDaily, the Oklahoma medical marijuana industry is one of the fastest-growing in the entire country. The Oklahoma medical marijuana market saw wonderful growth with over 600 patients adding to the growth each and every day according to the research from MJBizDaily. The report looked at 36 different markets which offer some form of legalized medical marijuana or adult-use cannabis sales in their state. The report noted that the Oklahoma medical marijuana industry has currently 4% of people in the Sooner state are apart of the Oklahoma medical marijuana industry as patients. We are thrilled to have been able to help serve so many Oklahomans since there seems to be a large percentage of our population here in the SOoner state enjoying the benefits of medical marijuana compared to other states across the country.

The High Times Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Event

The famous even, High Times released a press release saying they will be bringing their famous event to Oklahoma medical marijuana patients. The event will feature different Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensaries which can compete for the coveted award offered by High Times. The company announced this week that they received a record number of entries with 450 submissions from over 150 different brands. The submissions will compete among judges to select winners across a dozen different categories such as the best cannabis flower. The event is expected to bring thousands of Oklahoma medical marijuana patients to attend and help select winners across the many different cannabis categories. We hope that anyone who is able to attend this special cannabis event has a wonderfully safe and enjoyable time while doing so!

In closing, the Oklahoma medical marijuana industry continues to show wonderful progress. Hopefully, this is helping more than just the great patients such as the tax revenue generated at Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensaries across the state. With that in mind, we have seen the Oklahoma medical marijuana program has become one of the fastest-growing sectors in the entire country for cannabis! This wonderful progress is being complemented with events such as the famous Cannabis Cup coming to town for the great patients of Oklahoma medical marijuana to enjoy.

As always, if you ever have any questions about Oklahoma medical marijuana, we at The Peak would love to be of assistance. Feel free to stop by one of our many locations and ask a staff member for assistance.

Until next time, stay well friends!

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