Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Approved Conditions Continued

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The world of medical marijuana has taken the Sooner state by storm. As we discussed in our previous post about the Oklahoma medical marijuana qualifying conditions, which you can read here, there are a plethora of medical uses for the cannabis plant. In that post, we discussed the potential benefits cannabis could bring to the ailments of cancer, glaucoma, PTSD, HIV, arthritis, and chronic pain. Today we will dive into a few other approved conditions which appear on the Oklahoma medical marijuana approved conditions lists. These include ailments such as nausea or epilepsy and include other ailments you may not readily associate with medical marijuana. With that in mind, we hope to help you establish a better understanding of the Oklahoma medical marijuana approved conditions after reading through our post today!

It should be noted with that in mind, Oklahoma has taken a very patient-focused approach to their medical marijuana laws. The state of Oklahoma set up the medical marijuana approval process to be between a patient and their doctor. The state-approved voter initiative states, “Doctors shall recommend licenses using the same judgment they would for prescriptions.”  With that said, it’s important to understand this aspect before we dive deeper into our conversation today. Furthermore, we believe there are going to be cases which a doctor approves a patient for access to the Oklahoma medical marijuana sector which may not occur on any list but is used at the doctor’s professional discretion. With that said, let’s dive right in!

Oklahoma Approved Medical Marijuana Conditions

Severe nausea – Medical marijuana has been shown time and time again to help patients deal with nausea. This particularly nasty ailment can leave patients feeling weak and unable to hold down any nutrients. With that in mind, the famous munchies inducing effects of medical marijuana can play a wonderfully positive role in the life of a patient suffering from nausea.

Epilepsy – Another ailment which has been shown to be impacted with medical marijuana is epilepsy. This dangerous condition can leave patients feeling helpless when they have an episode. Thus, the benefits of having a decreased number of seizures being something that some patients have found when switching to medical marijuana. This may even be the case for lower THC strains of cannabis such as Charlotte’s Web which famously helped young Charlotte stop having so many seizures but also being non-psychoactive at the same time.

Terminal illness – Dealing with a terminal illness can be an extremely challenging time for someone. With that in mind, there have been cases where patients report their final days being more sustainable with the help of medical marijuana. This particular case offers a good context for the broader set of medical marijuana approved conditions, which is as mentioned before, a decision to be made by each doctor and patient on their own without exact criteria to follow. If a physician and patient agree, a terminal illness may be a good time for medical marijuana to help ease the patient in their final days.

Muscle spasms  – Another common ailment which medical marijuana has been reported to assist with are muscle spasms. These painful experiences can happen for a variety of reasons and luckily there have been some patients who reported relief from using medical marijuana. With that in mind, the exact cause of the spasms will have to be determined to truly know if the Oklahoma medical marijuana route is a good one for each individual case. Nonetheless, it is great to see this as an option on the table for patients dealing with muscle spasms.

All and all, there should be an important conversation which takes place between you and your doctor if you are considering medical marijuana. Luckily, the Oklahoma medical marijuana laws have been approved in a manner where this conversation can take place on a case by case basis with patients and their caregivers. With that said, we hope this post gave you some insight into what common ailments are reported by patients to be helpful when dealing with these ailments. Finally, if you ever have any questions, we with The Peak Dispensary are happy to help where we can. Feel free to stop by a location and ask our staff!

Until next time friends, stay well!

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