Oklahoma Medical Marijuana 1-Year Anniversary & Other Cannabis News

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The wonderful world of Oklahoma medical marijuana has brought many new and exciting things to the state. With that said we are thrilled to see the medical marijuana industry here to hit its 1-year anniversary this week. Although it feels like just yesterday since we started here at The Peak, we do suppose that time flies when you’re having fun! That being said, we will go over a brief highlight of the first year in which the Oklahoma medical marijuana market operated. Furthermore, we are thrilled to be announcing sales which will take place during the actual anniversary of the Oklahoma medical marijuana laws. Speaking of – if you did not get an email notification of the sale, you should signup to join our mailing list next time you are in the shop! We only send out a handful of emails a month and they usually include wonderful information about sales and other promotions! 

While sharing the celebration announcement, there also is some minor and slightly more serious news to report this week. To that note, a brief news story from today includes a report from local news station KFOR regarding police training for cannabis detection. So, we will review the impaired driving laws regarding Oklahoma medical marijuana. Also, while looking at an article about how police officers are taking their time to be properly trained to identify impaired drivers, we feel this would be a good thing to review together. That being said, let us dive right in!

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana 1-Year Anniversary 

As the Oklahoma medical marijuana market approaches its 1-year anniversary, we want to take a moment to share what a wonderful year it has been. We appreciate all the patients who have visited us at The Peak and everyone who works so hard to make this whole wonderful Oklahoma medical marijuana community to continue to move forward. It has been a great journey and fun experience to watch the Oklahoma medical marijuana community grow and blossom into something which can bring so much healing. We hope that year two brings just as much of a blessing as we continue to grow as a community and increasingly older industry.

Oklahoma Officers Study Impaired Driving Laws

On a different note, more news related, the Oklahoma regulations on impaired driving from cannabis remain similar to that of DUI charges. With that in mind, we do not recommend that patients operate a motor vehicle after consuming their medical marijuana. This can lead to slower reaction times. Although it often has reported that cannabis consumers self-report being better a driving while high, studies suggest they are not a better driver when high. It really is not safe no matter the amount of cannabis you consume on a regular basis. Be smart and safe when utilizing Oklahoma medical marijuana.

With that in mind, KFOR news reported how the Oklahoma police department is brushing up on their marijuana detection skills. As the medical marijuana industry becomes more of a norm within the community, we should expect to see more oversight coming from law enforcement and other government regulators. That being said, we do want the community to remain safe and studies do suggest driving while impaired on cannabis is not a good idea! With that said, make sure to get a ride next time you need to visit an Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary while you are medicated. 

In closing, we hope you have had a wonderful first year of legalized Oklahoma medical marijuana! While we wrapped up a minor news story this week, we really want this to be a time of celebration and happiness for the 1-year anniversary of Oklahoma medical marijuana. Make sure you stop by The Peak nearest you and register to our mailing list to hear about The Peak sales first hand! Until next time friends, stay well!

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