Oklahoma health board approves cannabis edibles rules

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There has been some great news for the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana patients seeking edibles, new rules have been proposed by state regulators. With the governor’s signature, these rules will officially go into place which will allow medical marijuana infused foods and edibles to be manufactured and sold to card-carrying patients soon. Governor Mary Fallin will soon consider food safety rules which will govern edibles within the new Oklahoma Medical Marijuana market. Many advocates suggest these rules will help bring more clarity to the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana edible marketplace. The new proposed rules should benefit both cannabis-infuser product makers as well as patients by bringing clarification to the laws revolving around edibles. Let’s take a closer look at what these rules mandate, which have recently been passed by regulators. Furthermore, we will also take a speculative look into the future of Oklahoma Medical Marijuana edibles. Finally, on an exciting note medical marijuana edibles should be available soon!

Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Edible Regulations

Many of the edible companies coming to the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana market should have products available very soon. These infused products may be available in a Peak Dispensary near you as early as February 2019 but will depend entirely on edible companies ability to become operational after the new rules are passed. A couple of good rules to come from the rulemaking process included the requirement for product testing on edibles, as well as clear labels which designate how much THC is in a particular product. Furthermore, the rules follow a similar tone to the existing food regulations on the books in the state of Oklahoma. With this, edible companies should be able to start producing products as soon as the Governor signs the rules into law. An interesting requirement will be for edible companies to print the phone number to Poison Control in case of accidental ingestion, an interesting approach to mitigate unsuspecting people, especially children, from accessing edibles. Finally, there are official weight limits for edibles. A patient holding a valid medical marijuana card in Oklahoma will be allowed to carry up to 72 grams of infused products with them such as edibles. These restrictions are in tune with the state’s limits of three ounces of flower and one ounce of concentrate a medical patient is allowed to carry.

What will the new medical marijuana edibles look like?

We can expect the medical marijuana edible market in Oklahoma to look similar to other states with operational medical marijuana programs. The most popular food item often is something sugary and sweet. This includes cookies, browinees, hard candies, gummies, and even gum these days. We should also expect a handful of products which will be for the healthy minded individuals who prefer to avoid sweets even within their infused products. With that said, the final line up of edibles will depend upon the companies which are licensed in the state of Oklahoma produce. We should expect to see a great variety of sugary sweets, as is the trend in nearly every other medical marijuana marketplace today across the country. Furthermore, other fun products such as tinctures, topicals, and transdermals should become more readily available after the passage of these regulations. Often, especially with regards to a tincture or a liquid form of THC, these products are regulated in a similar manner to food to ensure consumer safety. We at The Peak Dispensary at very excited to start carrying edibles. We will keep patients up to speed as these regulatory changes become a reality for patients like you in store! Expect to hear more news about edible availability in store at the start 2019!

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