Oklahoma Cannabis: What’s it like to grow cannabis in Oklahoma?

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Growing cannabis within the Sooner state certainly offers more benefits than hardships compared to other medical marijuana markets in the country. Luckily, Oklahoma offers residents wonderfully fertile land which has helped make the midwest famous for the farming center of the country. Furthermore, the fertile land here is far more abundant than in other parts of the country where mountainous environments stifle the ability to grow.  With that said, the cannabis sector certainly can play into these geographical benefits while considering growing cannabis in Oklahoma. What’s it truly like to grow cannabis in Oklahoma?

Today we will dive deeper into that question to help provide some context as to what the benefits and challenges can be specific to the Oklahoma cannabis grows. We will look at the benefits of having an indoor versus outdoor for your cannabis grow. Furthermore, we will have a brief conversation about the process of selecting genetics and the benefits associated with different strains of cannabis. Furthermore, we will have a brief conversation about the importance of a properly planned and executed harvest and post-harvest when it comes to cultivating high-quality cannabis. With that said, let us dive right in!

Growing Cannabis in Oklahoma

One of the main benefits of growing cannabis in Oklahoma certainly must be the weather. While the summers get hot and the winter’s cold, it’s fairly relative to other extremes on both ends of the spectrum. With that in mind, the growing season within the Sooner State truly is perfect for the cannabis plant. The warm season of summer may bring some stress to cannabis plants which are not accumulated to such temperatures. Nonetheless, the only other large variable you will want to keep track of is the watering of your cannabis grow area. If you are able to handle the hot sun and ensure proper watering for your cannabis plants, you should be in a position to keep them very happy.  

Interestingly the cannabis plant is technically a weed and it is readily grown in many locations which other plants simply would not survive. The hardy nature of the plant gives it a versatile degree to be planted in many different and harsher environments than one would readily expect. This should help provide growers with more versatile growing locations, hopefully, growers can plan this to their advantage and select locations that will protect plants against being overexposed to heat or underexposed to water. All and all though, the deck is truly stacked in favor of those looking to grow cannabis in Oklahoma. We would readily say that the benefits here of cultivating cannabis fair outweigh the challenges.

Indoor or Outdoor?

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The correct answer is A for outdoor and B for indoors!

If you do find yourself struggling to find a properly shaded, yet sunny spot for your cannabis plants to grow, there is another option- grow indoors! The indoor cannabis grows of the world seem to be able to produce higher-quality cannabis than outdoor cannabis grows. This is mostly because of the ability for an indoor grow to closely control nearly all the variables inside their cannabis grow. Furthermore, the ability to control more of these variables makes for a very stable environment and one that is ideal for the cultivation of the cannabis plant. That being said, there are higher costs associated with recreating nature and therefore you usually see outdoor-grown cannabis being offered cheaper than the indoor counterparts. For an outdoor grow, on the other hand, growers are at the will of mother nature, which can be rather unpredictable.

Nonetheless, there can be huge benefits to growing outdoor for your cannabis though, such as it is vastly cheaper than growing inside. There are large costs associated with recreating the power of the sun and the electrical needs of indoor cannabis grow can be quite large. Furthermore, there are logistical challenges to growing inside which do not cause as big of a deal when in the great outdoors. These can include watering the plants, managing moisture levels, and ensuring pests are not a problem. Overall, recreating the outdoor environment for your indoor plants, in general, can be challenging. These challenges though come with the potential for big rewards. In closing, the best aspect of growing outside is the truly amazing power of nature which fuels the plants. This pushes the plants to be huge compared to indoor counterparts and not restricted by the size of their pots. All and all,  providing both types of growing methods with huge pros and cons over the other.

Selecting Genetics

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The wonderful world of cannabis has a plethora of different genetic selections available to growers. These come with different pros and cons, just like with the growing of cannabis in or outdoors. With that said, there certainly are different strains of cannabis which prefer to be in one environment than the other. Interestingly enough, the huge variety in the cannabis plant also means that different plants can favor different levels of water, soil consistencies, amount of sunlight, heat, and just about any other growing variable you can think of. The very adaptive nature of the cannabis plant gives the inclination to call it a weed in the days of prohibition. Yet, it is somewhat true since the plant is highly adaptable to surviving in a plethora of different environments.

While we will not dive into the specific genetics which is ideal for growing cannabis in Oklahoma specifically we will say this should be determined based on your growing environment. The first selection of indoors or outdoors for your cannabis grow will be key to selecting the genetics to use. Some plants can not stand the harsher environment which outdoor growing brings. While others seem to thrive in it. With this in mind, look for genetics which suits your specific growing environment. Consider some of the core growing variables such as water, moisture levels, soil type, and the nutrients you will be feeding the plants. Then make the decision to find an ideal strain for your specific growing environment.

Harvest and Post-Harvest

One of the most important parts of the growing cycle comes with the harvest and post-harvest activities. Cutting down, drying, and curing the cannabis plant can be almost as important as the grow itself. Furthermore, you do not want to mess up a grow which has taken at least three months to complete with a poorly planned and executed harvest which can cut down on quality and yields of your final cannabis product. It is best practice to harvest the plants in a manner that allows them to dry properly and start the curing process. With that said, the drier air here in Oklahoma allows for a shorter drying time than found in a more humid environment.

The curing of the cannabis buds is part of the reason they get their lovely stinky smell as a dried nugget. The curing process is one of the most vital aspects of the growing process for medical marijuana. With that in mind, it is also one of the main parts of the grow which people may be tempted to rush to hurry through so they can have their final product after months of growing. This temptation should be avoided though as there is a huge benefit to a properly cured cannabis bud versus one which did not cure properly. The process helps the plant open up after being harvested which is vital to help enhance many of the vital aspects most loved by cannabis plants, their scent, flavor, and even the effect can be impacted by the curing process. With that said, do not ever skip the cure!

In closing, it is a true blessing to be able to have the ability to grow cannabis in Oklahoma. As the Sooner State sees more and more cannabis businesses and consumers come online over the coming years, there should be a large focus on the ease of cultivation in Oklahoma. The region is perfect for cannabis cultivation on a large scale. Furthermore, we hope to see the Oklahoma cannabis sector and those who are bold enough to grow cannabis in Oklahoma will benefit when the national government finally changes courses with cannabis. Oklahoma is poised to become a hotbed for those interested in growing cannabis. This may be true for hemp as well! With that in mind, we are thrilled to be apart of the Oklahoma medical marijuana sector and appreciate your support.

As always, if you ever have any questions, feel free to stop by The Peak Dispensary location closest to you and our staff is happy to help where we can.

Until next time friends, Stay well.

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