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The Oklahoma medical marijuana industry continues to grow and expand we are seeing more research come out about the cannabis plant. As more research comes out, we are seeing more myths being busted regarding the medicinal nature of this wonderful plant. With that said, we felt today would be a great time to update the Cannabis Myths common in the Oklahoma medical market. We have covered the topic of Cannabis myths with the piece “7 Cannabis Myths Debunked”. While this post provided some great general myth, it had a focus which was with a broader approach and we hope today to present a variety of new and interesting cannabis myths.

So today we will cover seven more myths which have been proven to be incorrect. First, we will look at the concept of cannabis leading to cancer, hey Miss which is proven to not only be inaccurate but perhaps the exact opposite of what new research is suggesting. Further, we will look at the concept of cannabis consumers being mutually exclusive with heavy consumers of cannabis which would play into another mess we look at of how Oklahoma medical marijuana may be a stepping stone should we go on vacation and not medicinal in value.

We will then dive into two other meds which suggest that medical marijuana can be dangerous to patients. To the opposite now we also limit in potential uses of medical marijuana after new research shows that the concept of cannabis helping with the opioid crisis is also a myth. And finally, we close with an interesting myth that Professional Medical organizations do not support the use of medical marijuana. 

With that being said, let us dive right in.

Cannabis Use Leads to Cancer

This myth, perhaps the oldest on the list, has not only proven to be untrue but may even be completely opposite of what new scientific research is suggesting. Scientists have started to discover that my playing with few different strains available and therefore there different combinations precise chemical compounds such as cannabinoids or terpenes can actually slow or kill the growth of cancer cells in a test tube. These recent studies suggest the myth of cannabis leading to cancer to be untrue. Further to that point, he said he suggested cannabis they actually have the potential to fight back, slow the growth of tumors, and actually kill cancerous cells.

Most Cannabis Consumers are Heavy Users

Cannabis Munchies

Cannabis consumers often get a bad reputation for being lazy and junk food, hungry people. This may be in part due to the myth that many consumers are frequent users. Studies actually show that like most trends or industries there’s about 10 to 15% of cannabis consumers that would be considered having consumers with multiple uses per day. this trend seems to be right in tune with most others that show there are around 10 to 15% of people that fall within the same category. Perhaps this particular has been portrayed through pop culture enough times to gain some momentum. It also makes sense that very smallest portion of consumers yet most frequent, tend to be louder and prouder about the usage. Regardless of the origins of this myth,  it has been shown to be nothing more than a myth.

Medical Marijuana, an Excuse for Access to Cannabis

Access to medicine should be a universal human right. That being said, it sadly does not seem to be the case in the 21st century. Despite trends that suggest otherwise, medical marijuana does not seem to be a simple excuse for cannabis can consumers to get access to the plant. There have been far too many case studies and personal stories to suggest the contrary to be true. Furthermore, many of these case studies have been reinforced with scientific evidence and accredited research. Yet we have singing almost every state, now at the count of 9 across the country, except one, start with medical marijuana prior to legalizing adult use. 

Medical Marijuana is Dangerous

Danger myth

There is simply no lethal dosage of cannabis which someone could reasonably consume. This proves to many degrees that cannabis is one of the safest types of medication since many medications have a relatively low lethal dosage. While this could not be further from the truth, cannabis can present harmful effects in a person’s life. For example, there have been many case studies that are showing cannabis can lead to poor brain development when consumed in adolescence. Furthermore, even adults have shown to become addicted to cannabis plant meeting to problems in their lives. While some will argue that anything can become an addiction there are physical effects of cannabis which can encourage addiction. Nonetheless, we do not feel even these claims of potential hardship with cannabis can justify calling the plant dangerous any more than we would call coffee dangerous.

Cannabis Can Lead to Overdose

This myth has been around for a long time and also perhaps has been the myth which has been rebuked for the longest as well. The myth that cannabis can lead to overdose is a scary thought. However, this myth is simply not true. As aforementioned there is no reasonable amount of cannabis one could consume to have a lethal dosage. Current estimates suggest someone would have to consume twice their body weight in cannabis within an hour to hit a lethal dosage status. Even with edibles and concentrates being made today, there is simply no way someone could manage to overdose. 

Despite the fact that your body weight doubled would need to be consumed in a rapid amount of time for you to have a toxic level of cannabis in your system, there has been a human case which was accredited to cannabis consumption or overdose. This particular case involving individual which who was high on cannabis edibles and is thought to have had a psychotic episode that held them to jump through a window to their death. Well, this is a bit morbid it is disturbing to think that cannabis consumption could have led to this behavior. A more likely explanation could be found in the fact that cannabis can lead to psychosis if someone is likely to experience symptoms. Regardless of the basis of this case, it is a sad story to hear. Further, it should be a reminder for new consumers to cannabis to start low, take it slow, and be within a familiar and safe environment.

Legalizing Medical Marijuana Slows Opioid Addiction

This is a sadder fact which must pervade the myth that cannabis can help with the opioid addiction crisis seen across America. With some states, such as our home state Oklahoma have successfully won lawsuits against the drug companies behind this crisis, it does not appear that medical marijuana can help to slow its progress. There were preliminary signs that’s suggested medical marijuana may lead to fewer people being addicted to opioids. The study on this particular topic looked at the number of states with cannabis legalized and compared that to the number of individuals reported to be dealing with opioid addiction. In 2015 when the study was completed for the first time it did indeed show a correlation between the legalization of cannabis and a lower number of opioid-related addictions. However, when the study was repeated a couple of years later the opposite correlation was shown suggesting that there are bigger factors at play We on these two variables. 

Major Medical & Health Organizations Don’t Support Medical Marijuana

A final myth we will look at today involves the concept that major medical and health organizations across the world do not support medical. According to NORML, this is far from the truth. To this point, some of the most important organizations such as the United States federal government still do not recognize the cannabis plant as medicine. Nonetheless, there are a good number of world medical organizations and health groups which open my support medical marijuana. For example, the American Medical Association and American Academy of Family Physicians support the safety and effectiveness of the cannabis plant.

In closing, it sure can be interesting to dive into the world of myths to give us a better understanding of how someone outside the Oklahoma medical marijuana community may view you this new space. With that in mind, we hope that these myths provide you with a better understanding of how others see medical marijuana. We believe that as these views on cannabis change, especially for those who do not use medical marijuana, we will continue to see positive changes come to the young cannabis sector. Hopefully, these changes will bring further positive impact on other Oklahoma medical marijuana patients. 

As always if you have any questions feel free to stop by one of our many locations and The Peak staff will be happy to help where we can! Until next time, stay well!

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