Oklahoma Cannabis Industry: Nurse Approvals and Open-Carry Laws for Medical Marijuana Patients

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The world of Oklahoma medical marijuana continues to change at almost as fast of a pace as it was implemented in 2018. With this, many of the changes should be seen as positive expansions of the nascent Oklahoma medical marijuana industry. That said, today we will review a couple of changes which have recently been passed into law or are being considered to becoming a formal regulatory change. These changes include nurses potentially being able to recommend medical marijuana for patients. As well as, a regulatory change which went into effect last month and brought the 2nd amendment in more alignment for those with access to Oklahoma medical marijuana.

As the industry continues to change, we with the Peak Dispensary will do our best to continue to cover this constantly changing industry. With that in mind, we will dive into the news of nurses and 2nd amendment rights when it comes to medical marijuana recommendations and conformity with the law, respectively.

Nurse Practitioners May Soon be able to Recommend Medical Marijuana

Nurse Practitioners May Recommend Medical Marijuana with Passage of New Laws.

The world of medical marijuana may get another new boost of confidence from the State of Oklahoma’s state legislature. The governing body may soon change Oklahoma medical marijuana regulations with the addition of nurse practitioners being able to recommend medical marijuana. This proposal has cruised through the subcommittee in charge of bringing it to the entire house floor for open debate. According to Tulsa World, the actual change will be as following, “Senate Bill 162, by Sen. Rob Standridge, R-Norman, would change current law, which says anyone issuing licenses must be “an Oklahoma board-certified physician,” to any physician “licensed by and in good standing” with the state medical or osteopathic oversight agencies.” This minor change to how medical marijuana cards are issued to patients and who can approve of such should help increase the number of patients that have access to compassionate care within the Oklahoma medical marijuana sector. With that in mind, it’s great to see the state government taking steps to properly implement the will of the people in Oklahoma who heavily voted in favor of medical marijuana nearly a year ago.

Open-Carry Laws for Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Patients

Medical marijuana patients can now also have a conceal and carry permit in the state of Oklahoma

The world of medical marijuana brings with it a variety of peculiar overlaps with other regulations. With that in mind, medical marijuana patients who value their second amendment will be happy to hear that having a medical marijuana permit will not affect their rights to owning a firearm or having a conceal and carry license. Although at the start of the Oklahoma medical marijuana program, there was a conflict with medical marijuana and gun ownership.

Luckily, this past March, the state legislature passed regulatory changes which will bring the coveted 2nd amendment for many within the Sooner state in alignment with those who need access to medical marijuana. With this, we think it’s a great change for the state to offer medical marijuana patients. The bottom line is that Oklahoma medical marijuana patients should have the same rights as anyone else within the state.

All and all, we should assume more changes will come to the young Oklahoma medical marijuana industry. With nurses and 2nd amendment rights in the spotlight as of the start of Spring 2019, surely the specifics will change. We can only hope that the changes will bring positive regulatory items, something that we have generally seen be the case for the last year since the program was voted for by the people in Oklahoma.

In closing, if you ever have any questions feel free to stop by The Peak Dispensary and ask away. We are always happy to help where we can.

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