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The world of medical marijuana continues to change at a rapid pace. As more and more states start to implement programs similar to the Oklahoma medical marijuana program, we are seeing more research being completed on the cannabis plant. This is great news, as we continue to discover the positive and negative effects of this wonderful plant. Through these discoveries, we are able to then better serve patients, while also taking into account their specific ailments, lifestyle needs, and conditions. The scientific discoveries should better empower caregivers and Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensaries to better serve the needs of the patient. We hope to also bring a bit of knowledge to share regarding some of the more exciting and new scientific cannabis discoveries.

If you have ever been to an Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary, you may have found yourself overwhelmed with information. How the different types of strains, terpenes, and other cannabis specific intricacies impact you can be quite a bit confusing. Luckily this does not have to be the case for long, nor does it have to be the case with regard to the conditions you are trying to find relief with the Oklahoma medical marijuana program. With that said, we with The Peak Dispensary are always happy to help where we can to ensure you fully understand the cannabis plant as well as possible.

With that said, we will look at a few issues which relate to cannabis and children, such as how cannabis affects a pregnant woman, how cannabis can stunt adolescence growth, and finally on a more positive note, how teen usage of cannabis is actually dropping within states that have legalized the plant. Furthermore, we will look at the value of THC, which recently has been noted to provide more of an impact for healing ailments with cannabis than previously thought. Finally, we will look at the science behind how using a cannabis vaporizer can actually produce a stronger feeling than smoking the plant, especially in novice consumers. With that said, let us dive right into these exciting cannabis related scientific discoveries!

Cannabis usage with Pregnant Women

Cannabis and pregnancy

A new study, launched in May 2019 through the University of Washington will look at the precise nature in which cannabis consumption can affect a pregnant mother and her child. While there have been studies to a similar scope done in the past, this one will focus exclusively on cannabis consumption without variables from other factors such as alcohol consumption during pregnancy, which we know can have adverse effects on the baby. This study will be the first of its kind to look at how cannabis can impact a newborn baby by having women agree to bring their child in after birth for follow up examines and tracking of the new born’s health compared to women who did not consume cannabis during pregnancy. Many women cannot talk to their doctors about cannabis usage despite it having promising signs to help with pregnancy-related troubles such as the common morning sickness.

Cannabis and Adolescence Disrupts Neural Regulation

Cannabis and the brain

The cannabis plant has been known to disrupt the development of minors who consume the plant before their brain has fully developed. The study presented at the Society for Neuroscience noted that cannabis exposure for young adults could lead to brain development which is subpar to normal development. While this study did take place in rats also using a synthetic cannabinoid, we strongly believe that teenage usage of cannabis is harmful and should be avoided whenever possible. Another study completed by a group at the University of Illinois at Chicago found similar results that rats who have been given the same cannabinoid should fewer inhibitory neurons in the region of the prefrontal cortex. This region of the brain is supposed to help with stabilizing the neural circuits so the animal can remain in better control.

Teen Usage Drops with Legalization

A more positive research study completed by Washington State University that has been completed regarding cannabis notes that teenage usage of the cannabis plant actually drops with legalized cannabis. This counterintuitive trend may have something to do with the decreased cannabis stigma that comes with legalization, a stigma which revolting teenagers are attracted to. Furthermore, this could also be a sign that legalization allows for better education efforts to counteract teenage consumption of the cannabis plant. While we are big fans of the legalization of cannabis and medical marijuana, we also believe that teenagers should be restricted from accessing these medicines until they are of age to allow for proper brain development. Thus, this research presents wonderful news for the Oklahoma medical marijuana community, especially those patients with teenagers in the house.

THC therapeutic effect

Another interesting research report that has come out from the University of Mexico focused on the impact THC has regarding the therapeutic effects of the cannabis plant. This interesting study actually used mobile app data to analyze millions of cannabis consumers based on the products they used to relieve their symptoms. After looking at this large data pool the team determined that THC or tetrahydrocannabinol actually has the strongest correlation between the reported therapeutic effects a patient feels. Prior to this study, we did know that the Entourage effect had a big impact on cannabis has the ability to heal. Yet, the THC compound in more recent times has received mild criticism for its psychoactive nature. Hopefully, with this study, that stigma can start to fade away as we realize the true impact the THC compound can have within the cannabis plant.

Vaping Cannabis Stronger than Smoking

Another interesting story which will have a more pragmatic impact for Oklahoma medical marijuana patient is that vaporizing cannabis can produce more powerful effects than smoking the cannabis plant, especially for novice users. Through a small study at John Hopkins, medical researchers have shown results that smoking cannabis versus vaporizing the plant can be less effective for new users. While the study focused on some of the side effects of such as short-term anxiety paranoia memory loss or distractions while utilizing the cannabis plant it also provides insight into how vaporizing cannabis versus smoking cannabis can be quite different. You study also suggests that simply vaporizing cannabis can release greater amounts of THC, one of the main active ingredients in medical marijuana.

In closing, we should expect much more research to be completed as the medical marijuana industry continues to expand across the nation. You’re thrilled to see these studies being released and becoming more available so that Oklahoma medical marijuana patients can be better informed about their medicine.  While it is exciting to see that some of these trends are positive for the Cannabis industry and also is a good reminder that some constraints will always exist for medical marijuana including potential adverse effects for pregnant women and the harmful nature cannabis can have on adolescents. Nonetheless, it is very exciting to see these research studies coming out on a regular basis and providing us with better-educated solutions for the new Oklahoma medical marijuana industry.

As always if you have any questions about medical marijuana feel free to stop by any of The Peak Dispensary location and our team is always happy to help where we can.

Until next time friends, stay well!

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