New Regulations for Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Coming in August

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The world of Oklahoma medical marijuana continues to break norms and challenge pre-existing notions revolving around the cannabis plant. That being said, we feel as an Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary that some of these norms should be broken and replaced with accurate depictions of cannabis. With that in mind, we feel at The Peak we are breaking these norms down with quality service for the great Oklahoma medical marijuana patients that we serve. That being said, we want to dive further into the news about the Oklahoma medical marijuana industry which will be seeing some mild changes due to regulations that go into effect at the start of August. That being said, we hope this post will give you as an Oklahoma medical marijuana patient a good idea of how these regulatory changes will impact your Oklahoma cannabis experience. With that being said, let us dive right in. 

The state will start to implement new regulatory guidelines for the Oklahoma medical marijuana industry. According to Channel 4 News, “All changes will be implemented through August and November, and will be followed by permanent rule promulgation activities in 2020.” That being said, we will take a look at the inner workings of these changes, many of which will luckily only affect Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensaries more so than patients. One of these interesting changes will be the opening up of which type of doctors can prescribe Oklahoma medical marijuana. Furthermore, the state will also deploy, another great change which should positively impact Oklahoma medical marijuana patients will be a requirement for the state marijuana authority, OMMA to approve a medical marijuana application within 14 days of submission. This should help patients more easily access the Oklahoma medical marijuana program. 

Other changes which will have more of an impact on the Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensaries operating than it will affect patients include a variety of business regulatory changes. These include a new waste disposal requirement which is aimed to make it easier for businesses to properly destroy their cannabis waste. This change will allow Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensaries to burn or destroy their cannabis waste such as root balls and other non-vital plant matter in a more friendly manner. Furthermore, the change will exempt any properly licensed Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary from the controlled substance act while destroying medical marijuana waste products.  

Furthermore, there are another dozen changes which will be implemented across the Oklahoma medical marijuana industry. These include changes which will affect Oklahoma medical marijuana patients such as the development of a temporary Oklahoma medical marijuana license. Furthermore, other changes will come to the young Oklahoma medical marijuana which will impact both patients and dispensaries. 

Another interesting change which will be coming to the medical marijuana industry here in the sooner state, the OMMA will be establishing a communication channel to share medical marijuana information with law enforcement. This is an interesting point which hopefully will help avoid medical marijuana patients from being harassed by law enforcement while they are following the rule of law regarding Oklahoma medical marijuana. 

Finally, another wonderful change we want to highlight which will be implemented within the Oklahoma medical marijuana industry will be reduced fees for veterans. This is a thrilling change which we are happy to see being implemented across the Oklahoma medical marijuana industry.

You can read a complete list of changes coming to the Oklahoma medical marijuana industry online at KFOR news

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