New Products Coming to Oklahoma Medical Marijuana with Transdermals and Sublingual

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Medical Marijuana Transdermal Lotion

The Oklahoma medical marijuana markets continue to thrive in the new year. With less than a year since the implementation of Oklahoma medical marijuana, patients across the state have been lucky to see so much progress take place. Many states can take one to two years to deploy a new medical marijuana program and thankfully these long waits have not been the case in Oklahoma. With that in mind, the marketplace should expect to see a variety of new products start to be developed and sold to Oklahoma medical marijuana patients. With an announcement of a new company entering the young marketplace, Oklahoma medical marijuana patients should expect to see an exciting new delivery technology for their cannabis. These products may include transdermal lotions and creams or sublingual products which are absorbed through the gumline or nasal system. Both of these products can be a fantastic alternative for medical marijuana patients looking to find relief without smoking or eating cannabis. All and all, it is an exciting time to be a medical marijuana patient in Oklahoma as 2019 shapes up to bring a more consumer-friendly variety of medical marijuana products.

Nanosphere Announcement

The “game-changing Nanosphere technology” which is patented and produced by NanoSphere Health Sciences Inc. will soon be entering the Oklahoma medical marijuana market. This exciting introduction will help Oklahoma medical marijuana patients have a wider variety of products to choose from. NanoSphere is entering through a partnership with a local company and will be able to introduce their innovative products to the young Oklahoma medical marijuana market. 4Evergreen, a licensed Oklahoma cultivation, processing, and dispensary within the Sooner state will be the exclusive partner for producing the NanoSphere technology. The NanoSphere technology has been developed to be “the world’s first patented and clinically-proven delivery system for cannabis. The NanoSphere Delivery System™ allows producers to nano-encapsulate cannabinoid molecules in lipid membranes for transportation through the skin and mucosa in the nose and mouth into the bloodstream within minutes” The company advertises a host of benefits to their patented delivery method including being fast acting, higher bioavailability, precision-metered dosing, and eliminating adverse side effects of normal cannabis consumption. Let’s take a deeper look at the overall differences between cannabis products which do offer transdermal and sublingual applications of the cannabis plant’s medicinal value.

Medical Marijuana Transdermals and Sublinguals

The world of medical marijuana has become far more scientific with more and more markets open for medical and adult-use cannabis consumption. This has greatly benefited consumers who can now select from a huge variety of cannabis products with a mature marijuana market operating. This includes cannabis-infused transdermal products such as patches and lotions. Different from a sublingual product which is absorbed through the gums or nose to be quickly absorbed by the bloodstream. Sublingual applications can include nasal sprays, tinctures, and dissolvable tabs.

Both of these products have helped patients who suffer from nausea or are averse to the smoking of their medicine. Popular brands include Mary’s Medicinals and NanoSphere, the latter of which should be available in a dispensary near you soon! These products can provide a huge benefit to medical marijuana patients. They are great as long lasting to deliver the medicine over a sustained period of time discreetly. Furthermore, they can introduce cannabis to the system without smoking or eating it, which often can be a hurdle for patients sufferieng from some ailments. Finally, these applications of cannabis seem to be more readily accepted as general medicine than smoking will ever be.

With that said, it may be a few more months before products become available which offer a transdermal benefit but it is something that should be available in a matter of time. As the Oklahoma medical marijuana industry continues to propel forward, we do expect to see a larger variety of cannabis products available. This should luckily benefit patients and we will be working hard to make sure to have the best products available! We know it will be an exciting time to be an Oklahoma medical marijuana patient and look forward to bringing you the best service possible in the Sooner state and beyond. As always, we with The Peak Dispensary are always here to help. If you ever have a question please feel free to ask and we are happy to help where we can!

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