Moving Toward Licensed Testing Facilities and Expansion of Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Patient Rights

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The Oklahoma medical cannabis industry continues to make quick progress and define patient rights as local cannabis analysis facilities prepare to apply for Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority testing licenses. Further to that point, cannabis patients define and expand their rights by winning legal battles.

While medical marijuana testing recently became law, the state is still working on the licensing process for testing labs. The analysis process ensures the safety and quality of products sold to Oklahoma medical marijuana patients, such as to prevent any contamination introduced during the cannabis growing process.

In other Oklahoma medical marijuana news, an employee of an Oklahoma based plastics manufacturing firm has won an Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals case, helping to define the rights of patients in the state. When he sustained an injury while working in a plastics production facility, a man named Dillon Rose has received worker’s compensation after winning a legal battle that followed his claim. This is certainly a major step in the right direction for medical marijuana patient’s rights.

Let’s dive in and take a look at the details for this week’s Oklahoma medical marijuana news!

Preparing for License Applications, What it Means For The Patient

First, let’s take a closer look at the progress being made towards Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensaries obtaining products tested by licensed facilities. Currently, there are no facilities licensed by the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority. According to Tulsaworld, the program is not set to open applications until Nov. 1st. 

However, the agency has released some guidelines to follow, so that businesses hoping to get the green light for testing can start operating. Labs should include tests for heavy metals, mold, bacteria, yeast, solvents, and pesticides. It is also important that they determine the potency of the sample’s various medicinal components when submitted. The new law further stipulates that harvest “batches” cannot weigh more than 10 pounds, must be a “uniform strain,” be collected, and cured under identical conditions at the same time and from the same location. This strenuous procedure will give you, as a medical marijuana patient more information, and confidence in the purity of your medicine when you go to an Oklahoma medical cannabis dispensary near you!

Patient-Worker Rights Expand with Favorable Court Rulings

In other news, the rights of medical cannabis patients have made an important step forward. In a landmark case, Rose v. Berry Plastics Corp. a medical marijuana patient named Dillon Rose, who tested positive for marijuana metabolites in a post-accident drug screening has won an appeals court ruling, giving him access to worker’s compensation benefits to help him in his recovery from his workplace injury. 

In an article, JDSuprda gives the exciting story of Dillon Rose. That said, we must stress that it is dangerous and illegal to operate machinery, drive, or pilot while under the influence of medicinal cannabis. The story of Mr. Rose is that he smoked his medication the night before going to sleep, woke up and drove about 45 minutes in the dark to work, operated his machine safely for about 2 hours before he took a break. Shortly after returning to work from his break he was injured attempting to help clear a jam in another machine that was being operated by a co-worker. 

After his claim was initially denied, Mr. Rose advocated for himself through legal avenues. He went on record stating that he was not under the influence of his medication at the time of the accident and his testimony was uncontested. It is important to note that it had been about 10 hours since he last used cannabis. Co-workers and supervisors supported his claims, saying that he did not appear to be impaired in any way. After an appeal, he has won the case and has the right to receive benefits under his worker’s compensation insurance.

In Oklahoma, medical marijuana laws are new and the industry is seeing a lot of fast-paced changes. Things certainly seem to be heading in the right direction. We can be optimistic that the state will continue to uphold and expand the rights of patients in further court rulings. It is also encouraging to see the state improve the experience of medical cannabis patients through standardization and regulatory protections. As we move forward in our goal to provide the best medicine for all Sooners, we will keep you updated and informed.

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