Medical Marijuana School Regulations & Keeping Cannabis Safe from Children

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Keep your medical marijuana away from children should be a top priority.

As the new medical marijuana program in Oklahoma continues to roll out, more and more regulatory holes are being filled and new laws created. State regulators are back in the capital with the aim to introduce legislation which could slow down the robustly expanding Oklahoma medical marijuana market. Further, as the state attempts to add cannabis-related regulations, cities are creating their own guidelines for the new sector. Clarification has been added regarding the usage of cannabis by teachers in Oklahoma’s largest city with the Oklahoma public school district recently releasing their thoughts on the Oklahoma medical marijuana industry. Furthermore, with the slightly more serious tone this week, we felt this is a great time to go over some security and safety procedures we recommend for keeping your medical marijuana away from children. Let’s take a closer look at what should be a top priority for all cannabis consuming parents out there, their children staying away from their medical cannabis.

State Regulations Proposed

As the cities across Oklahoma become accustomed to new marijuana policies, we are seeing a wide variety of reactions. Some state legislatures have introduced legislation in an attempt to curtail the expanding Oklahoma medical marijuana industry. The law would allow cities and counties across Oklahoma to vote on their own medical marijuana regulations and deploy these rules as they see fit. Some in the booming Oklahoma medical cannabis industry argue this law could stifle existing stores which have already seen large amounts of investment money pour into them to complete the expensive grows, processing facilities, and storefronts with proper safety and security regulations required with cannabis. We should expect to see more cannabis regulations come from the state as the less than a year old Oklahoma medical marijuana market continues on the path to maturity. Hopefully, the state passes smart regulation which we get a great example of on the next section.

Public School Cannabis Policy Update

The state’s largest city has seen a positive update from the local school board. Oklahoma City’s public school board announced last week that they would not take action against employees who had a medical marijuana license. The school board did announce that cannabis products should not ever be on school property and we feel this is a common-sense regulation to help keep cannabis away from school children. All and all though, it should also be seen as a positive step in the direction of the legitimacy of the Oklahoma medical marijuana market. Finally, we should expect more local government entities weigh in on the emerging markets for Oklahoma cannabis.

Medical Marijuana and Children

Finally, we end this week’s news with a short note on the importance of keeping cannabis safely away from children. It is always a good idea to keep your medical marijuana under lock and key, especially if you do have kids in the household. Another good practice if your child is older is simply to have a conversation with them about medical marijuana. It’s important to stress to children and young adults that consuming marijuana can be safe but harmful to brain development for younger users. With this in mind, it’s simply best if they can wait until their brain develops complete and they are of legal age to consume medical marijuana themselves should a doctor prescribe it directly to them. All and all, having this conversation may be difficult and will be up to each parent to decide what is best for their particular child but should be considered especially with older children or teenagers in the household.

Another good practice is to consume cannabis away from children. Keeping more than just the smoke away from children’s eyes and nose can include taking edibles, having a packed bowl to go “disappear with” while you consume, or simply having an off-limits part of your house where there’s a window safely open to vent the cannabis smoke. The out of sight and out of mind policy which can be deployed with this type of thinking is the core of the solution. Many parents who have yet to try medical marijuana throughout Oklahoma may be surprised how easy it can be, with mild diligence, to hide their medicine usage from their children with small precautions.  

If you ever have questions about this sensitive topic feel free to let us know and we at the Peak Dispensary are always happy to help where we can!

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