Medical Marijuana for Oklahoma and Out of State Residents

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The Oklahoma medical marijuana marketplace has become one of the most open and inclusive programs any state has offered in the country. The regulations behind the Oklahoma medical marijuana market embody the Sooner state’s small-government mentality. These regulations have paved the way for a robust medical marijuana program to explode in popularity. Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensaries have benefited greatly from this robust system.  With this, the state has opened up access to the Oklahoma medical marijuana market to out of state patients who may need temporary access to medical cannabis. With this exciting change, we should expect to see even more patients enroll in the medical marijuana program available now. Furthermore, the state of Oklahoma has shown some fantastic statistics with the start of the new year. The state has approved over 800 dispensary licenses since the program was voted into effect in June of 2018 and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Out of State Residents Access Oklahoma Medical Marijuana

The medical marijuana authority allows for out of state residents to apply for a temporary medical marijuana card. This is not a standard practice in medical marijuana programs across the country, with many states restricting access to residents of those states exclusively. Oklahoma has taken a more open approach to this with the availability of temporary medical marijuana cards. These temporary cards give any patient in the country visiting Oklahoma access to shop within an Oklahoma dispensary for thirty days. Patients will also be able to legally consume and grow medical marijuana while within the state and with an active medical marijuana card. Furthermore, the temporary license will only be valid for thirty days and will have to be renewed each month for the patient to retain access to medical marijuana. Potential patients will not be able to access the temporary medical marijuana program in Oklahoma though unless their home state has already issued the patient a medical marijuana license. This means for patients coming from Arkansas, where the 6,400 patients are pending for their medical marijuana license, will not be eligible to access the Oklahoma medical marijuana market. Patients coming from states without medical marijuana will not be eligible for this as they would not be able to provide proof of their medical marijuana status. Other applications items will include proof of identity and a small $100 fee for an application to the temporary MMJ card holding program.

2018 Medical Marijuana Program by the Numbers

So far the state of Oklahoma has done a wonderful job with the distribution of both medical marijuana business licenses, patient cards issued, and caregivers able to operate in the state. Since deploying the medical marijuana program in Oklahoma, the state has seen a boom from excited medical marijuana patients and business owners alike. With this, the state has issued over 27,000 licenses out of the total of 34,000 pending applications. All of which has materialized in the last six months since medical marijuana was legalized by popular vote in Oklahoma. The state of Oklahoma’s exciting numbers shows how quickly the Oklahoma medical marijuana program is moving along just over six months after it was voted into law. The state has further broken these license application numbers down which include 2,720 business licenses, over 24,000 patients, and just over 150 caregivers. These exciting numbers show proof the state’s rollout of medical marijuana is moving along at lightning speed, a great sign for any medical marijuana patient in the Sooner state.

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