Marijuana Dispensary Etiquette: The Top Tips For Your First Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Dispensary Trip

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When you are going to the cannabis dispensary, there are several Oklahoma Cannabis Dispensaries that you can try out. The many choices of dispensaries mean that you may be confused on which one to go to. Should you go to that OKC dispensary, or should you head to the other Oklahoma City dispensary?

Now that you have sifted through the numerous cannabis dispensaries, some basic etiquettes are expected of you. The way dining etiquettes are being followed is the same way you should consider following the basic medical marijuana dispensary etiquettes.

If you are heading to a dispensary for the first time, there is an excellent chance that you may feel nervous. We have put together some tips that you should consider using for your first trip to ensure that you bask in comfort. 

Go with your Government Issued ID and Cash

Government Issued ID such as Drivers License or Passport

You should bring your ID when you visit Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary. Be sure to use your government-issued ID card. Dispensaries demand this, and to ensure that your trip to the dispensary is not cut short, always come with your government-issued ID. The way bars don’t allow those with an ID card, showing that they are above 21 years old drink is the same way a reputable Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary would kick you out of the door if you do not possess a legitimate ID on you.

Many dispensaries are known to accept only cash. This is not far from the fact that a lot of credit card firms do not want to have anything to do with the cannabis industry. Don’t forget to go with some cash too. Some dispensaries may take credit cards, but it is still essential that you possess cash. You may never know if their cash policy has changed or their machine chose that day to misbehave.

Visit Their Website And Check Out Their Menu

The Peak, an Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Dispensary offers online ordering for some store locations!

Let’s paint a scenario. For those that visit a fast-food restaurant, you may become confused with the numerous things on their menu, especially when you didn’t check them out earlier on. You may be confusing, trying to choose one because the options are all great, or they are something that you have never tried. This may annoy those on the line behind you because you are holding the lineup. To save yourself from this in a medical marijuana dispensary, go online, and look at their menu. 

A lot of dispensaries have a website that has menus of their strains online. Look at the list and decide on which strain you are craving for. When you have chosen a strain, it won’t be a bad idea to call the dispensary ahead of time and ask them if that particular strain is still available. No one likes to head to a fast-food restaurant and find out what their favorite meal is discontinued. It can be annoying. Do not put yourself through the same stress when it comes to your favorite strains. 

Do you know that some Oklahoma City Dispensaries will allow you to order your favorite strains online? Online ordering is great for someone that doesn’t fancy the idea of heading down to a Lawton dispensary. You can order from the comfort of your home and then pick it up from your favorite dispensary, The Peak Dispensary.

Don’t Consume the Cannabis In Public

When you have bought something you like or need, there is a chance that you may want to use it there and then. When we buy a new jar of cannabis and are heading out of the dispensary, there is an excellent probability that you will want to take it for a test run. Do not do the same thing for marijuana as you would something from another store. As much as marijuana usage is not banned at home, do not think that it extends to usage in public. The way some laws prohibit public consumption of alcohol is the sake way regulations prohibit the public use of marijuana.

Wait until you get home before you use it. This way, you can enjoy its usage without being scared of being on the wrong side of the law.

Keep Your Phone Away

Try to avoid using your cell phone while shopping.

A typical Norman dispensary does not allow customers to take pictures within their premises. To ensure that you do not get kicked out, you should consider following the simple rule. Sometimes, we may get tempted to take pictures of whatever we are, especially when we have our phones nearby. This is one reason you should tuck your phone in your bag or pocket to avoid getting tempted. 

If you are using your phone in the dispensary, the attendant nearby may feel that you are discreetly taking pictures, when you are merely chatting or texting. Their eyes may be on you throughout your stay in the dispensary, which may turn out to be uncomfortable for you. Save yourself the stress and put your phone inside your back.Besides, your attention should be focused on the strain that your budtender is giving you, and not somewhere else.

Tip for Good Service

When you finish with the bar or a restaurant, there is an excellent chance that you tip after enjoying a great drink or food, as well as outstanding customer service. You should do the same with the bartender. On a similar note, it is a good idea to appreciate the staff for taking out time to talk about the numerous strains and clarify whatever issue that you may be facing. 

When you are in good terms with your budtender, there is a great chance that he or she will be able to keep aside your favorite strain when they are about to finish for you. This ensures that you never run out of your favorite marijuana strain. If you make small purchases, two dollars tip won’t be a bad idea. If your purchases are bigger, five dollars or more may even be more appreciated by the team. 

Try and Not Be Arrogant

When someone is heading to a cannabis dispensary for the first time, there is a great chance that he or she may be nervous. When people are worried, they tend to overcompensate by being rude to cloak their nervousness. The truth is that everyone was once a novice when it came to marijuana strain, so calm down. A good Oklahoma City dispensary will have friendly budtenders that can teach you the ropes of the numerous strains, and which one may be great for you. All you need to do is ask politely.

Do not think that the questions you feel like asking maybe stupid. There is no stupid question. Don’t try and be rude to your budtender to hide this.Do you know that some regular users of cannabis still ask questions when they head to a dispensary? They discuss with the budtenders to listen to what they have to say concerning some things before they make a purchase.Budtenders can be compared to your customer care agent. They are there to make the experience better. Be polite to them, and you will extract a lot of details from them concerning the different strains and other issues.

Don’t Be Scared Of Asking Questions. 

Always ask questions if you have any!

Like earlier said, everyone was once a greenhorn when it came to marijuana issues and dispensaries. No one was born with the knowledge of marijuana. We all learned. Can we borrow the philosophical term, and say that we were all born, ‘tabla rasa’ like a clean slate? We all had to ask different questions before we could learn. Don’t think it is dumb to ask questions, no matter how simple you may think they are. If you do not know the difference between indica and Sativa, ask. You can also use the internet to find out more about the different strains of marijuana. Many dispensaries have websites that list the strains of cannabis that they sell. You can go through them if you don’t fancy asking questions. 

Different products have different functions. Users can let the budtender know why you want from a marijuana product so that they can tell you the right one for the purpose. If you have problems with sleeping, some strains work better than others in getting the job done. It doesn’t matter if you are a maestro in marijuana issues; the truth remains that the marijuana industry changes a lot. It is an evolving world, and what you may have known in the past may not be what is obtainable now. New strains always come up, and further information exists too.

Don’t think you are too well-versed to learn more; you may be shocked by the new things that you could discover that could significantly heighten your experience. Who wouldn’t want that feeling?

In closing, remember if you ever have a question about Oklahoma medical marijuana, feel free to stop by one of the many Peak Dispensary locations. Our team is happy to help where we can.

Until next time, stay well!

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