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With Oklahoma medical marijuana becoming more prominent, we find that there are many interesting facts regarding cannabis which may interest Oklahoma medical marijuana patients. The topic of today’s blog will be interesting cannabis facts!

We will look at theories of the historical context surrounding cannabis. this will include stories about cannabis and how it relates to Easter island, World War Two, and Shakespeare. 

We will also look at some modern trends in cannabis which provide interesting facts. These include legalizing cannabis although being more prominent leads to lower teenage usage of cannabis, something which should come to relief for Oklahoma medical marijuana parents with children in the household. 

With that said, we hope that you enjoy reading our blog as an Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Dispensary! Let us dive right in. 

Hemp Rope Used for Easter Islander?

Easter Island and Hemp

An interesting theory presented by Live Science that the famous ruins at Easter island may have been in fact build with a large helping hand from the hemp plant. Oklahoma medical marijuana patients may find it interesting to know that there’s a strong theory to suggest the face statues that makeup Easter island was pulled and positioned with hemp rope. This theory makes perfect sense because we have found other ancient signs of hemp usage throughout the world. Furthermore, the hemp plant does provide one of the strongest fibers which would be necessary for pulling such large Stones as those found on Easter Island. Who would have guessed that this famous set of statues was built in part with the help of the cannabis plant? 

Hemp for Victory 

Did you know that the hemp plant also played a large role in helping the United States win in World War II? There was actually a government campaign called hemp for the victory which pushed for plans to be growing hemp across the country more vigorously to help with the World War II Allies winning effort. You can find quite a bit of interesting promotional posters from the time supporting this hemp campaign.

Pets & Cannabis 

Cannabis has been shown to be quite prevalent with our pets. There have been dozens of different products that have been crafted and tailored directly to help with different animal ailments. High amounts of CBD have been shown to be the most prominent with the animals we love so dearly in our lives. This wonderful compound of the cannabis plant should be well known to those who are Oklahoma medical marijuana patients. For those who are not, CBD is a non-psychoactive form of cannabis which helps with nearly a dozen different types of therapeutic applications. These include being anti-inflammatory which can help with all sorts of different types of pain and decreasing nausea just to mention a couple of the dozen therapeutic effects CBD can have. Thus, making CBD great for our pets since its non-psychoactive especially.b

Cannabis is Getting Stronger 

There has been a trend, hopefully, a noticeable trend for those who are active Oklahoma medical marijuana patients and are shopping at Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensaries, that Cannabis has been getting better over the years. Even with medical marijuana in Oklahoma only being around for a year, we’d like to think every harvest turns out a little bit better than the last. On a national level, there seems to be a definite trend towards cannabis becoming stronger which is noticeable by anyone who has been a long-time consumer of cannabis. For the more scientific studies are now suggesting this trend to be true which is good news for Oklahoma medical marijuana patients you should be able to get more bang for their buck in the future out of their medicine.

Allergic to Cannabis 

Cannabis can make some people feel like they’re having an allergic reaction. It is quite a sight to see, especially for those who consume the cannabis plant but still break out if they are near a grinder being used to grind cannabis flower. Some of us, just like any other plant, some people can be allergic to it and they certainly are. 

Stoner Shakspeare 

Reports suggest that the famous poet and writer, Shakespeare may have been a cannabis consumer. The scientist has discovered that there was Cannabis resin within one of Shakespeare’s pipes. This suggests that indeed famous playwright was it, cannabis consumer. Perhaps this is the reason he was able to create so many wonderful masterpieces within the world of literature.

Cannabis Among Many Famous Seed Vaults

Cannabis has been reported as being among many famous seed vault collections around the world. This includes the seed vault put together by billionaire Bill Gates in case of a world-ending event. That being said, with the many different applications of the cannabis plant, keeping it in a seed vault would make sense. As an Oklahoma medical marijuana patient, you may be aware of the many different applications of cannabis including to act as a medicine, food and even provide industrial uses. All and all, making cannabis a multifunctional tool in a seed bank should we ever need.

George Washington Grew Hemp 

Perhaps a more famous cannabis fact, one of the founding fathers grew cannabis. Back in colonial times, many farmers would use hemp as a centerpiece to their farm’s crop. Hemp provided food with the seed and resources with its many different industrial uses. Furthermore, with sea travel being more prominent back then, many of the industrial uses of hemp could be better used on a daily basis. One example of this would be hemp being used as rope, a staple to any successful sea voyage in the 1700s. 

Less Teenage Consumption Where Cannabis Legalized 

There are recent studies to suggest cannabis consumption drops when legalized in a market. This may be true due to the regulated nature of cannabis which comes with a legal market. An illegal drug dealer will not be very likely to check someone’s ID but a licensed store will. This leads to less underage consumption and really is a surprising benefit of medical marijuana. 

Canvas is Similar in Name to Cannabis for a reason

A Factretriever story about cannabis shared an interesting note about the cannabis plant which has historical roots. The interesting origin story of canvas includes being made of hemp paper, aka a cannabis by-product. That being said, it should come as no surprise that cannabis helped in the terminology used for naming a popular paper type, canvas.

Bob Marley was Buried with a Cannabis Bud

Another Factretriever Story about cannabis is that Bob Marley, the famous Jamaican singer was buried with cannabis flower. The famous musician was also said to be buried with a Bible which references a green pasture, perhaps another nod to Marley’s famous love of cannabis. These items also were buried alongside a guitar which helped propel Mr. Marley to be an international singing sensation.

DMHP, A Synthetic Version of Cannabis 

Back in the 1940s, the US government developed a type of cannabis which was synthetic. This drug came out when the military was testing a variety of different ways to utilize drugs for military operations. This included famous trials of LSD treasures only thought to be some type of truth serum alongside cannabis. I’ll cannabis certainly is not a truth serum it made lower inhibition slightly opening up a military test to see if it had any truth serum properties. 

Marijuana as Medicine

Prior to the recent surge in Oklahoma medical marijuana, cannabis was regulated as medicine from 1850 to 1943 by the United States Pharmacopoeia as a useful medicine for nausea and pain. This trend started far before the legalization of medical marijuana in California during the ’90s.

First American Flag Made of Hemp

Betsy Ross’s first crafting of the American Flag was with hemp. Another interesting fact which came about during colonial times, Betsy Ross used a fiber which was common during that time, known as hemp. As discussed previously, many farmers grew this crop, making it readily available for people to use and linens and other fabrics. 

American Declaration of Independence was written on Hemp 

Finally, something we’re extremely proud to share in our final interesting cannabis facts overview, the Declaration of Independence was originally written on hemp paper. This speaks volumes to the readily available interior of the plant and all of its products which it could produce. 

In closing, we hope you enjoyed reading about the interesting facts on the cannabis plant from The Peak, your friendly Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary. If you ever have any questions as always feel free to stop by one of our shops which make up the mini locations we have in our Oklahoma medical marijuana dispensary network and ask his staff member. We are always happy to help where we can! 

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