How CBD Can Help with More than Physical Ailments

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The benefits of CBD have long been unknown, hidden under the veil of cannabis prohibition for decades now. Even though the substance was regularly used as a tool within a doctors toolkit, as the photo below can show. This bottle was mass-produced for doctors to utilize with their patients across the country prior to the prohibition of cannabis. The naturally occurring CBD or cannabidiol, the substance has not until recently found itself again among popular consumption. Luckily as we see medical marijuana in Oklahoma taking off, we are also seeing the popularization of CBD.

While many have touted the benefits of CBD for treating physical ailments, there has been a plethora of research into how CBD may help with more than physical pain. CBD may help with mental ailments as well. The substance has been reported to help with a variety of mental illnesses such as depression, PTSD, anxiety and even improving sleep. Today we will look at how CBD may help improve more than physical ailments and dive into the other benefits of the cannabidiol substance. We hope through this you will grow to appreciate the non-psychoactive, cousin of THC, the compound that is CBD.

Old school cannabis medicine from early 1900’s, late 1800’s used by professional doctors of the time.

Before diving in, we should note that CBD is not regulated by the FDA since cannabis remains federally illegal. With that in mind, there still is much research to be done on this topic and we do not claim any of these case studies to be a fact for other people may or may not have the same effect. Nonetheless, it may be something that you find works for you and therefore is worth exploring. With so many success stories coming from CBD usage, it’s hard to ignore them but just keep the fact in mind that none of the CBD sectors is regulated heavily by the federal government. Nonetheless, let’s take a look at some of the anecdotal reports of CBD benefits.


Something that has taken the modern world by storm is depression. Despite how connected we are in the modern age and despite the connectedness of our world today, people still seem to be suffering high amounts of depression. With this in mind, there have been positive reports about CBD and its ability to perhaps help those suffering from depression. While there are many causes for someone to be depressed, many in the medical community believe it is based upon an imbalanced chemical makeup within the brain. CBD may help reinforce the connections throughout our brain and therefore helps people with depression. While there certainly needs to be more research completed on the topic, Project CBD has an extensive library of information about relevant CBD and Depression articles published. While a chemical imbalance in the brain may cause depression, we certainly need to see more research be completed on this topic to know exactly how CBD may help with depression. Further, it certainly is no substitute for speaking directly to a doctor before venturing down the path of CBD.


Another mental illness which seems to be on the rise in modern times, anxiety. The concept to those not familiar with anxiety may not be easy to understand but for folks who have had the unlucky nature to be in an anxious situation or simply have an anxiety attack, they truly are something awful. Luckily, there have been reports that CBD may help calm an anxious mind which may be the root of many folk’s anxieties to being with. Further, there has been a decent amount of research completed on the topic of CBD and anxiety suggesting it may be a great solution for some patients. Furthermore, the calming effects of CBD may help with panic attacks which can be on par to an anxiety attack. This calming nature of the compound seems to be the natural way CBD benefits many of the people dealing with these mental ailments.


Another troubling trend in America’s health and the health of those around the world has been increasingly common ailment known as post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. The National Center for Biotechnology Information claims that nearly 10% of the entire population will deal with PTSD at some point and time in their life. With so many members of the military especially suffering from PTSD, this has become a leading charge for those around the nation who do not have access to legalized medical marijuana to claim the need for it. It does seem that CBD may help with the symptoms caused by PTSD. While more research needs to be completed, again Project CBD has a wonderful list of studies about how CBD may have a positive impact on THC. Furthermore, I have personally talked to soldiers and veterans who claim the wonders of cannabis to help with their PTSD cannot be understated. While it certainly needs more research, if the veterans say they prefer it, then we really should pause to give them the proper consideration after their service to their country.

Workout Recovery

CBD for Workout

Another interesting effect CBD may have is for those looking to recover faster in a post-workout environment. On the other hand, many athletes are turning to the substance not to help with a post-workout ailment but to give them a competitive edge in training for their sport. Furthermore, there are reports that long endurance runners enjoy the benefits of CBD which can relax the body and work as an anti-pain and anti-inflammatory compound within a person’s body. According to Hemplucid, CBD may help with the painful recovery process because of its anti-inflammatory nature. Since a vigorous workout will put a lot of stress on your body, much of which is caused by inflammation while you are working out, then CBD may help reduce this inflammation and help decrease healing times. This then should allow trainers to get back into the gym or training session for their sport faster and assumably making them a better overall athlete.

Sleep Management

CBD for sleep management

The CBD compound has been reported to help patients sleep longer and on a more regular basis. With the benefits of sleep becoming more known throughout the world, it’s wonderful to know there are tools out there to help ensure you are getting enough sleep. Some sleep scientists describe the lack of sleep in the modern world as one of the biggest threats to society’s well-being. Studies further suggest getting the correct amount of sleep each night can help make people healthier, happier, and safer. Yet, the demands of the modern world with our hyper-connected digital devices can sometimes make getting enough sleep a challenge. Luckily, CBD may work as a mild sleep-inducing compound through its calming effects on consumers.

In closing, it is good to remember the benefits of CBD may be profound even for those with no ailments to treat. We say this with a mild dose of speculation, looking into the future, the overall effects of the substance may be compared to that of fish oil. While we still have a ton to learn about CBD and how it affects different people fighting against physical or mental illness, there seems to be a great deal of anecdotal evidence to suggest it has powerful holistic qualities. We are thrilled to see the great state of Oklahoma working to expand the CBD industry and are happy such a wonderful compound has been made readily available for the patients accessing Oklahoma medical marijuana.

As always, if you ever have any questions about CBD or cannabis in general, we with The Peak Dispensary are always happy to help where we can. Stop by the store and ask a member of our staff for assistance anytime!

Until next time friends, stay well!

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