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Danksgiving Edible Guide: Cooking with Cannabis

The wonders of cannabis edibles provide a longer and often more intense high compared to traditional cannabis flower. With this, edibles can be made at home quickly and easily depending upon your favorite type of infused treat. With the holiday season here, specifically Thanksgiving, there is no better time to start cooking with cannabis. It can be added to almost any type of food under the sun to make anything from canna-gravy to a sweet cannabis pie that will be sure to launch your holiday guests to another planet. If visiting another planet is not the goal for your edible endeavor, we will make sure to cover a dosing guide below. With that in mind, it should be noted with edibles there can be a wide variety of potencies cooked into your treats. So, make sure to consume homemade edibles with extra caution and be ready to relax for more than a few hours while the edible is affecting your system. With that, Thanksgiving is a great time to dabble with cannabis cooking. Maybe you’re going for a Danksgiving type occasion with many different cannabis-infused foods available! Or perhaps you would like to simply have a dessert with a higher punch, either way, stay tuned and we’ll cover some of the more important aspects to cooking with cannabis.

Infusing Steps

The infusion process, one of the most important steps to making edibles, should not be taken lightly. It is vital to take your time while waiting for the infusion to take place. Cannabis needs time to infuse with butter, oil, or another fat-heavy product such as cream. Further, it is important you have a fat-heavy product such as butter since cannabis is not water-soluble and will only activate in food if it is attached to a fatty molecule. With this in mind, it can explain why cannabis butter is a popular choice for edibles. Yet, it is theorized that cannabis-infused in coconut oil provides the most bang for your buck since there are more fatty molecules in coconut oil than butter. If you do decide to go with a traditional butter infusion make sure you get real butter and not any margarine.


For the absolute best results, you can use tincture purchased from your favorite Oklahoma dispensary which has been tested for potency and therefore when you add it to your food, you’ll know the precise dosage. This will allow you to add a drop at a time to your favorite dish and create an infused treat with exact milligrams of THC known. If you are making edibles with dry flower or concentrate, it is are to understand the math behind dosing. This can be done with a simple math formula. For example, with flower, you would take the percent potency (such as 20% THC) and then convert this to milligrams. So, for one gram of flower that’s 1,000 mg and 20% of that is THC. So, you get 200 mg from one gram of 20% THC. Now, the extraction process will not take 100% of this 200 mg into the butter or oil but it is a great general rule for finding the end potency of your edibles. With concentrates, the same can be done, it is simply a higher potency and therefore less is more when cooking with concentrates. It’s also very important when using concentrates to make sure you get the shatter or wax spread evenly throughout your butter or oil so that it is not extremely potent in one part of the edible and not potent at all in other parts. Consistency is key.

Butter & Oil Infusion

We’ve personally cooked cannabis into the gravy at Danksgiving. We also made normal, as to let the guests decide how much or how little edible they want to have with their dinner. Another fun way to make an edible is to infuse the cannabis directly in with the baking process. This can be done with butter, oil, and even dried cannabis flower. Butter and oil are the easiest methods to infuse cannabis into a food. For a cannabutter, our go-to method is a crockpot on a low setting and then letting it sit for 4 to 8 hours. Then strain the cannabis flower out of the butter. A pro tip on this process, if you add a little water to the melted butter and cannabis mixture, then put it in the fridge, the cannabutter will naturally float to the top of the container and make for an easily separated cannabis plant material from your final product. Finally, this 200 mg cannabis edible recipe is known as firecrackers in which dry flower is sprinkled on top of peanut butter crackers and baked in the oven for a short period of time. This activates the cannabis flower and infuses it directly into the peanut butter making an easy to cook edible snack!

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