Cooking with Cannabis, 5 Easy Recipes

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The world of medical marijuana brings a whole new ingredient for you to experiment with in the kitchen. Most of the cannabis treats are exactly that, sweet treats. While our list does include lots of sweet treats, there are ways to create a healthy and holistic infused snack and we are always happy to help direct you in-store with the best approach to healthy edibles. We also feel cooking with cannabis can be a great treat but also a challenge for newcomers to edibles! We will dive into the top 5 easy recipes you can try at home but makes sure to read through our warning about the difference in edibles before diving in. With that said, we will also tell you a few tricks to help you discover the dosages of your at home cannabis-infused recipes. Let us dive in with this weeks guide to cooking with cannabis!

We certainly recommend starting with industry infused edibles so that you can fine-tune and understand your tolerance level. Edibles are a different world than smoking the cannabis plant. It should be noted before we dive in, cannabis edibles do have a stronger and longer lasting effect than smoking the plant. Much of this has to do with the fact that the body will digest the cannabis and produce a cannabinoid which is 10 to 15 times more psychoactive compared to the version we get by smoking cannabis. With this said, we also sell edibles by the milligram and the smokable version in grams for a good reason!

Cooking with Cannabis overview

Remember when you are cooking edibles at home, you should start slowly when enjoying them. Make sure you do not eat too much and if you do remain calm, hydrated, and lay down. With that said, start with a low dosage and go slow with edibles for the best results.

Edible Math

With that said, here is a good rule of thumb for measuring your edible dosages. If you use a half ounce of flower cannabis, tested at 20% THC then you have 14 grams at 20% THC. Then convert the weight to milligrams, 14,000 mg and take that by the percentage of THC. You will end up with approximately 2,800 mg of THC within a half ounce of cannabis flower! That’s quite a bit.

Now you will not be able to extract 100% of this but we usually estimate around 85-95% of it is extracted depending upon the time and cooking method. The next trick is to divide out the extract THC which in this example would be somewhere between 2,380 mg to 2,660 mg of THC. Then you would take these numbers. We recommend going conservative with the higher number so you do not over consume the cannabis-infused treats. This leaves us with 2,660 mg of THC with a recipe that brings 36 cookies, that would be approximately 74 mg of THC per cookie! So you may want to even thin some recipes down by starting with less cannabis input for the butter or oil. You could also split the oil or butter infused with cannabis with non-infused butter or oil to help split the milligrams in half for whatever recipe you choose to go with.

The Top 5 Cannabis Infused Recipes

Classic Brownies

We found an easy to follow along brownies recipe which only needs the following ingredients:

1/2 cup melted caanabutter or 1 stick.
1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa.
1 1/4 cup sugar.
2 large eggs.
1 teaspoon vanilla.
1/2 cup flour.
1/4 tsp salt.

You will first want to take the time to infuse your stick of butter by placing it in a crock pot along with the ground of cannabis flower you have. Personally, I set my crock pot on the low setting and let it run about 8 hours before straining the cannabis out of the butter and letting it dry. A good trick for this portion will be to mix in water to get the last bits of cannabis and butter out of the crockpot. Then let the buttery water mixture set in the fridge and the butter and water will naturally separate into different blocks for easy removal of your cannabis butter!

Then mix the ingredients above together and preheat the oven to 350 degrees. You’ll be able to find precise directions from the link here. After mixing the ingredients together, pour into an 8×8 pan and cook for approximately 20 to 22 minutes or until the center of the brownies are slightly set.

Peanut Butter Firecrackers

This particular cannabis infusion process does involve peanut butter so naturally should not be used if you have peanut allegories! With that said, it is a fast and easy way to make your own homemade edible treats. For this recipe, simply take a cracker and add a little peanut butter to the top of it. Then do the same to another crack and sprinkle some ground up cannabis flower onto the peanut butter. Then bake in the oven for around 25 minutes on 325 degrees. It works great if you take the time to wrap the peanut cracker sandwich in aluminum foil to catch any peanut butter than runs off during the baking process. While this edible does leave the actual cannabis flower intact while you eat it, it also touts the easiest preparation on the entire list!

Olive Oil

Another classic move for cannabis enthusiasts to make their own edibles will be infusion into olive oil. The great aspect with cannabis-infused olive oil is the fact it can be added to such a wide variety of different foods for you to enjoy. For the infusion process, simply take your favorite brand of olive oil and pour it into either a double boiler or a simple stove-top pot. Then slowly heat the oil and ground cannabis mixture together for a few hours (keeping it below 425 degrees as to not damage the precious THC or cannabis). After cooking and infusing the oil, we then recommend using cheesecloth to remove the oil from the cannabis. Then you are all set to enjoy infused oil for your favorite food pairings!

Green Baked Pie

This particular recipe certainly will turn eyes as the cannabis butter will turn the entire pie crush green with preparation with cannabis flower. This recipe will require butter and you will be using the infused canna-butter to create your pie crust. Then you can fill the pie with your favorite pie filling weather that is apple, cherry, chocolate, or something of the sort. Essentially, for this recipe, you will follow along with the traditional pie crust recipe and simply replace the butter with cannabutter. It is one of our favorites though as it truly pops when you pull it out of the oven and although it takes a bit longer to make than other recipes on the list, it certainly can be well worth it!

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Ahh, classic chocolate chip cookies certainly bring about the delight of enjoying them. This recipe again requires you to infuse your butter with cannabis prior to starting. With that said, you can find an easy chocolate chip cookie recipe here. This recipe may be perfect for those looking to start cooking their own edibles since you can make the cookies different sizes depending on how big of a dosage you would like. We are a huge fan of how the chocolate chips cover the taste of the cannabis butter in this recipe as well!

We love cooking with cannabis!  As mentioned above, if you are brand new to the wonderful world of cannabis edibles then we highly recommend you start with industry tested and produced edibles first. Make sure you understand that the math presented will get you close to your final milligrams but may vary as we noted.

Finally, remember that edibles have a strong and long lasting effect! We encourage you to ask us about edible dosing if you ever have any questions. We with The Peak Dispensary are always happy to help where we can!

Until next time, Stay well!

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