Cannabis Expo & New Rulings Shows Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Industry Progressing Quickly

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The Oklahoma medical marijuana industry continues to steamroll forward. With this steady growth, there have been promising signs the cannabis industry is not only legitimate here in the Sooner State but also becoming a powerful force for innovation and economic growth as well. Furthermore, we are starting to see the state take an active role in the progression of Oklahoma medical marijuana laws. As they do so, there are new minor regulations that are being changed. On a separate note, we will dive into a recent Oklahoma medical marijuana convention which took place earlier this month. With that said, we will then discuss a court ruling which may have a slight impact on the Oklahoma medical marijuana business end of things. With that said, let’s dive right in!

CannaCon Comes to Oklahoma

The cannabis-focused trade show launched this week and took off with great turnout from the Oklahoma cannabis industry. The event marks a point in the Oklahoma medical marijuana industry where the legitimate nature of the business is attracting top talent and helping create a robust amount of economic activity for the state. The CannaCon executive, Nick Smart directly was quoted as saying, “I think your state is by far and away one of the most progressive at getting people licensed, at getting people ready to start making money in this industry,”. The event is two days long and has an estimated 7,000 attendees. The event focuses mainly on equipment, software, compliance, marketing, and many other ancillary services focused on the medical marijuana industry. With that in mind, there is no actual cannabis at this event. Instead, the CannaCon team puts a great foot forward to keep it a business and professionally focused event. This professional mindset has helped the industry grow with impressively monthly figures from all perspectives. We are thrilled to see the industry growing and thankful to be able to share in these exciting times with you as it is wonderful to be an Oklahoma medical marijuana patient and business.

Judge Rules on Cannabis-Related Lawsuit in Yukon, Oklahoma

The Judge ruled in the case with a partial win for each side of the argument. According to KFOR News, the Canadian County judge ruled that a portion of a new cannabis-related bill passed, such as requiring home growers to notify the city was invalid. The judge did hold up in favor of the city though, stating they were able to ban commercial medical marijuana operations such as growing, storing cannabis, or processing it with valid licensing from the State of Oklahoma medical marijuana authority.

We are thrilled to see the medical marijuana industry here in Oklahoma doing so well. With the industry still being very new, we should expect changes from the political system slowly coming into play. We with The Peak Dispensary will continue to do our best to cover the news in the state. Furthermore, we want to share our happiness with the industry having a convention in town! This is an exciting step towards legitimacy

As the Oklahoma medical marijuana market continues to grow, we with The Peak Dispensary are happy to be able to serve the great patients of Oklahoma. As always, if you ever have any questions, feel free to stop by one of our locations and let us know! We are always happy to help where we can.

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